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++ Asianize Minialbum Debut!! ++

Guest Sou

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Dragon -- sou.
Please check it out!! I think it came out very well. ^^ Please visit this link and you'll find the media player in the music section!!

Songlist and credits :: 01. Internal Bleeding Strawberry [[originally by Olivia]] mixed by sou. comments :: I thought that this would be a really good opening track, because of the ambience it gives. It's also more experimental than most of the songs on here. 02. Dragon [[originally by ZWEI]] mixed by sou. mastered by h.master comments :: The title track of the minialbum-- i think this song shows a lot of power and rawness. Originally, this was a request from fantasii, and the song grew on me a lot. ^^ 03. hontou ni gokurousan [[originally by Inugami Circus Dan]] mixed by h.master comments :: Originally, this song was very bare with one vocal track, and it worked very well like that, but I took the opportunity to work through harmonies on it. ^^ This is the start of the rock going on a more traditional bent; inugami, by nature, is an angura-kei band whose vocals are incredibly influenced by enka. I almost forgot! this was originally requested by MaJa~~ <3<3 04. kurumayasan [[originally a cover by Tokyo Jihen]] mixed by sou. comments :: An enka cover done by a jazz influenced band. ^^ It's a little stranger than most of the songs on here, but it fits very well with the musical progression of the album. 05. Infection [[originally by Chihiro Onitsuka]] mixed by h.master comments :: This song still makes me cry... >>;; Site layout and album covers were designed by me as well. ^^ Thanks to brian for programming the streaming program. ^^ I hope you all enjoy this! I put a lot of hard work into it, and I'm proud of how it came out. Enjoy, ne!! Comments are appreciated!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read/listen.

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Guest luvjunjin0819

SOU!! <3333333333333333

I love the layout...u did a killer job!! and the songs *dies*! "Infection" is my absolute fave! <333

CONGRATS on this Mini-album!

I love love love it....and ur voice!! heheeheh!!

Take care,

Tab ;)

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Guest juki_love

lemme save a spot first!!!~~~~




your album is so professional!!! i love it !!

i don't have a favourite coz i like them alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love the album covers~ so beautiful ++

i seriously have nothing to say +__+ speechless

*faints over and over again after listening to your songs continuously*

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Guest sikkony

Extremely professional mixing and singing :) You never seem pitchy or off note and I love the 'R' words. Do you mix yourself? Insane singing. I like. Too bad in your section where it says "Gallery", when I clicked on it it was "coming soon"! What kind of artist skimps on gallery? :P

EDIT: Actually I never really sat down and listen to you much but I gotta say WOW lol. You're in your own league. I like infection the most too, but it could be because it's one of those slower more emotional ballad songs, and those really catch me well.

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Guest hmaster

Internal Bleeding Strawberry - A great song selection for an album introduction. The guitars, extreme vocal layering, excellent bass set it off nicely. I like how most of the vox are submerged here...and Sou's high passages float right out of the whole line...Very engaging introduction.

There should have been more a silence before the lead-in to the next track, so that the sound could be given the chance to die down properly...my ears were still recovering from IBS when it suddenly launched into

Dragon - Ah...the track which had 'problems' so could not be processed with my stuff. I'm actually very glad I didn't work on the production of this one, because Sou's use of the plug-ins available really set off the vocals nicely. However I still felt her backing vocals could have had a bit more drive in them. But that's a case of personal preference. A reasonable job on mastering allowed for the loud in your face rock sound, without damaging speakers.

Excellent use of the skills available lead to this...an exceptionally presented title track with clear presence, displaying why Sou really is in a class of her own.

Hontou ni - The first full hentaiworksproduction on this minialbum, displaying why h.master is undisputably one of the best on the consoles at soompi.com. Here Sou's vocals remain clear even though her verses were not loud, and she sat comfortably right in the middle of mix. More reverb should have been added, but quality and processing power were restricted at time of mixdown.

Sou's use of harmonisation was hell on the mixing engineer and his DAW, but in the end the extra routines generated turned hontou ni into a supporting song worthy of it's own right.

Kurumayasan - An extended interlude of sorts, Sou is correct when mentioning musical progression of the album. While reminiscent of the original piece, Sou manages to do what few else have done - Inject herself in, and make this song as hers, rather than just yet another re-work of a piece. Only shame the whistling she didn't do herself. This is one piece which flows very well from the overdriven rock guitars of the previous pieces to

Infection - The song which managed to make the vocalist, her studio engineer, and the studio engineer's best friend cry on first listen. A complete style change to the four songs previous, and shows off Sou's musical versatility. Perfect choice to offset the previous songs, and a very well rounded closer.


An inspirational five track mini-album highlighting exceptionally well the talent of this artist. This is easily an archetype for all aspiring singers to follow, and Sou has set the benchmark for singers everywhere on the art of music-making. It doesn't take a big time studio, with massive boards and expensive equipment to make music.

Nitty Gritty

Vocalist - Behringer XM8500

Other information withheld at this time.

Extremely professional mixing and singing :) Do you mix yourself?

read the credits dude :D it's nice to know my work is appreciated though.

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Whoa! You know that font you used for the covers, it's my fave! I use it all the time ^_^ The pixel one I mean. Great, you can sing and design and I'm sure lots more, aren't you multi talented :D

Intro track...very interesting. The effects are so cool

DRAGON - Wow...This is amazing. The intro, I love it. Your effects are so cool. It does show a lot of power and I love it. So much energy.

Hontou ni Gokurousan - That "hontou ni hountou ni hontou ni" thing gets stuck in my head XD It's so awesome, it's really interesting. I dunno how to describe it. The "gokurousan" near the end sounds different, like it's different to the singing.

Kurumayasan - This one was a bit strange to me, I didn't like it as much as the others. You still did incredibly well though. So ignore my comments on this one ^^0

Infection - I swear tears will well in my eyes soon...

Sou, can I be your fanclub president? You are one of, if not the best singers I've ever heard. I love your mini album and I'll be waiting to see CDs with your name on the cover in shops ^_^

Oh and h.master, really good mixing ;)

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Guest _MaJa_1234

OMG!!!! SOU! -dies- you gah .. <3 <3. You should skip the copyrights and publish this album XD. I can't comment on individual songs because the whole album was great. Hontou ni Hontou ni gokurousan was my fave hehe thanks for doing the song. EDIT- Sorry i'm re-listening b/c i love it: Infection

great stuff................!

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Guest babiixru

YESSSS YOU SANG IT. damn if i had to try to differentiate between the original dragon song and yours i wouldn't be able to tell which one was the real version. and i say this not because i'm saying you sound like her, it's just the singing seems so PERFECT and the mixing is so amazing. your version sends up chills up my spineee. you are indeed in a league of your ownnn. btw i love the jewels on your left eyeee! and your album cover is absolutely beautiful. MUHAHAHA yesss haha *puts on repeat*

WOW! your voice sounds slightly different and gives off a whole new vibe in infection. i wish you would sing ballad-y songs more often you soundd amazing haha gj dear <3 :wub:

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Solly :: I'm glad I'm getting you addicted! It's a good thing to be addicted to, ne~~!!

Johnny :: Thank you so much. ^^

babiixru :: I'm really glad you liked it. xDD I'd recorded this about a month ago, and i'd been itching to release dragon, so when you requested it, it was like "okay, that does it" *laughs* xDD <3<3 I'll try to do more ballady stuff, but I don't really know many songs like that. ;o; maybe another request is in order. *laughs* xDD

Kimbo :: You got it, dude. <3 ^^ I still need to work those lyrics out for you. >_<

Brian :: Pssh. Kurumayasan was a showoff artistic enka development thing on there, and you know that. *laughs*

Maja :: We need to collab again, missy. D:< I have an idea for a cali//gari song collab, and i haven't been able to find one for you sorrrro, but i'll keep looking. xDDD I'm happy you liked hontou ni gokurousan. It was so much fun to do. xDD

Rai Rai :: uh. I don't have a fanclub, so if you form one, sure? *laughs* xDD I dunno~~ <3

David :: kaasan <3s you. 8D

sikkony :: just for you, I'll update my gallery tomorrow. <3<3 xDD I mix myself half the time, and the other half of the time, david (or h.master) does. All the credits are listed, so if you're curious, check out who mixed what. ^^

Juki :: I'm soooo happy you like it ne~~ ^o^!!! ahaha, don't listen on repeat too much~ I might break your ears. +_+

Tab :: You still whup me something serious, darling. <3<3

Thank you, everyone, so much for listening!!! ^o^!!!

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Guest animagelet

internal bleeding strawberry - the high notes are soo pleasant to my ears.. even though i'm really not a fan of rock music, I think I can listen to this over and over. =]

Dragon - :3 I'm gonna comment on this againn. Ohohoo. this song is so catchy. the power and the background voices are so wonderful. so intense. wow. it's like listening to a song that has been perfected and released on cd. <3

hontou ni gokurousan - [fans selff furiously] this is toooo hot. You spiced up the songg. I love the harmonizationss >] and i love the traditional feel ~~~~

kurumayasan - i love the nasally partssss woohoooo. really adds to the song. your voice is soo lovely o.o;; omg i'm speechlesss. you also sing your songs w/ so much emotionn.

infection - oh goshh. you sound SO incredible here. i think your voice here can seriously evoke tears. i can feel the tension buildingg from the english parts to the choruss. i love the power of your voice. mindblowinggg ----- swoosh TT_TT

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