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Shin Min A 신민아


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Hello Everyone....been MIA from this thread after Soompi crashed....was busy helping to rebuild one of the threads. Thanks to Miss Bouakman ...for starting the thread and the regular great contributors ...Banana_Milk, Suzziee, Ripgal and many others....Happy to see you gals again!

It is nice to see so many Shin Minah's admirers slowly but surely building up her fans base. She's reputedly one of the most talented actress...and I read with sadness some unpleasant remarks made on her.

I am keen to watch SMA's new drama with BI and as usual I will not visit the thread until I've started watching it....I don't really like to read any summaries or comments...Prefer to watch it with an open mind..free from influences and I'm sure I will enjoy it more!

See ya ladies!! :)

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this thread is too quiet..

i like SMA a lot.. n i think she deserves 2 be recognised as one of the many talented actresses out there. altho she's young.. she has been thru a lot n made it big!!!

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Guest renni72

ripgal - I agree with you!

For a young lady, she has certainly come a long way.

I am really enjoying her acting in Ijuksa. I felt that she played ES's role very well. it's not an easy role to handle - she has to display such a wide range of emotions - happy (the soccer scene), sad (so many parts of this), confused (whenever she thought of BG initially), troubled, angry (usually with LKW :P ), gutsy and courageous (when she wanted to protect BG)......

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Guest kalinda

I haven't seen SMA's other projects, but I LOVEEEEE :wub: :wub: her in IJUKSA.. love it to tidbits... I could feel her emotions as ES .. I could cry watch her cry and stuff and how she portrays ES, really make me want them (BG/ES) to be TOGETHER real bad!....

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Guest c3cilia

i love mina..the first time i watch her in PUNCH with junjinmo....she's so cute..just love her...

and then after learning the fact that she's in with Bi..omg..my dream came true..so yeah she's so talentive..kekek...

here's a few of the pic that i have in my folders..:)







credit: naver

*she's so pretty and so tall..

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