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Shin Min A 신민아


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Guest s3rene

Are those pictures recent??...she looks so young in them!

I think those pics are from her Madeleine days, a few years ago. She has matured a lot more now but still cute anyway.

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Guest jhing

OMG!! I want to watch Madeleine now!! :lol:

coreana_ira! - thanks so much for the pics of In Sung and Minah! Am getting giddy just looking at them! Thanks again! Post more if you find more pics of them, ok? hehe Thanks in advance!

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Guest jhing

Does anyone know if the filming of her new movie Murim-yeodaesaeng is finished? :D

I'm so happy and excited for Minah! She's got a great director. :D

Anyways, just wanted to post this article here.

<Minah interview part only>

(Sad Movie) Press Screening Report <October 12, 2005>

Comments and Interviews

Press: Your feelings after watching the film.

Shin Min-Ah: It's the first time I watch the film. The director really did a good jub,

he made a fun movie.

Press: You play characters with handicaps in both this film and ??? ??

(The Beast and The Beauty).

Shin: I went to a deaf-mute school, and learned sign language. While there, I

thought a lot of deaf-mute had a really bright and strong personality, and great

willpower. It felt like an interesting experience to go through, even though I often

felt awkward. For that reason, the movie has a lot of voiceocers while I use sign


Credit by...<http://www.twitchfilm.net/archives/003811.html>

c/o popcornfor2.com

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Guest NightLight

NightLight!!!! Hello there!!! Nice to see u here! yay!! :lol:

Hope u post more often. :D

Yeah! Sure :D

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Guest ungie

hi!! everyone

I'm min-ah 's Thai Fan.

I think that we can exchange some pics and news about shin min ah.

Nice 2 meet u all :P

here's some pics from kbs-ijuksa's official website







You can join Minah's Thailand fanclub

click here

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Guest janejz

Hi janejz! Thanks so much for the pics! Loved them esp. the ones of her and Kang Dong Won. :D She looks so fresh and so pretty in those jeans and white shirt. :D

about her not being with Sidus anymore, I don't really know about that. I hope whichever management company she's with now now will take great care of her. :D

thanks for your worm welcome jhing!!

i wonder who's SMA's new management co.!! i do hope too that they will take good care of her.. :)

actually, min ah will come to Thailand to promote the Sad Movie but she had cancelled the trip to Thailand, so sad :tears:

i really hope that she'd come to Thailand someday :unsure:


Hi!! NightLight & ungie :D finally, see you guy in here :lol:

thanks for those nice pics coreana ira and ungie (nign) :)

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Guest s3rene

Wow all those pics of Shin Min Ah are really pretty and I have not seen some of them before. :) Thanks for sharing everyone; I am also thrilled that she is getting more fans from other Asian countries. Hope to make this thread expand bigger in the future.

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Guest chocolavie

one of my favourite korean actress

and seem that this thread is more alive now

thanks to the ppl who constantly post up her pix :D

she's BEAUTIFUL and sooooo sweet and cute!

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Guest NightLight

:blink: Wow!!! international fanclub Yeah!! Good :w00t:

Poster movie the beast and the beauty Thai version :lol:


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