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Shin Min A 신민아


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Stage Name: Shin Min A/신민아/申敏儿

Real Name: Yang Min A/양민아/梁敏儿

Birthday: 05/04/1984

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Blood Type: O

Height: 168cm

Family: Parents, older sister and younger brother

Languages: Korean and English

Education: Dong Guk University (Theatre Major)

Debut as Model: 1998 (Exclusive Model for Kiki Magazine)

Debut as Actress: 2001 (Volcano High) 



Sad Way – S#arp - 1998

Your Scent - Sonya - 1999

Request - Lee Seung Hwan - 1999

Eyes Wish to Travel - Leon Lai - 1999

Love and Memory - G.O.D - 1999

The Day You Left - G.O.D - 1999

Do You Know - Jo Sung Mo - 2000

I Need You - G.O.D - 2001

I Love You - Cha Tae Hyun - 2001

Sad Love - G.O.D* (2001

Babo - G.O.D * (2001)

You Don't Know - G.O.D * (2001)

With Coffee - Brown Eyes (2001)

Summer - Peppertones (2008)

My Happy Day - Shin Min A (2008)

Miracle Blue - Shin Min A/Loveholic (2009)

Losing My Mind - Lee Seung Gi (2010)

Fox Rain - Lee Sun Hee (2010

I Love You from Now On - Lee Seung Gi (2010) 

She is Too Pretty for Me - Kim Jo Han (2011)

One Day - Lee Jun Ki (2012)

You are Love - K.Will (2012) 



Beautiful Days [SBS] as Lee Min Ji - 2001

Punch [SBS] as Jang Yoo Bin - 2003

A Love to Kill [KBS] as Cha Eun Suk - 2005

Mawang/The Devil [KBS] as Seo Hae In - 2007

My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho [SBS] as Gu Mi Ho - 2010

Arang and the Magistrate [MBC] as Arang - 2012

Oh My Venus [KBS] as Kang Joo Eun - 2015 



Volcano High as Yoo Chae Yi - 2001

Madeleine as Lee Hee Jin- 2002

A Bittersweet Life as Hee Soo - 2005

Sad Movie as Su Eun - 2005

Beauty and Beast as Hae Ju - 2005

My Mighty Princess as So Hwi - 2007

Go Go 70s as Mimi - 2008

Kitchen as Ahn Mo Rae - 2008

I Like it This Way/Sisters on the Road as Myung Eun - 2008

Million as Jo Yoo Jin - 2009

The X as Mia - 2013

Gyeongju as Gong Yoon Hee - 2014

My Love My Bride as Mi Young - 2014



Ya Shim Man Man [SBS] - 2005

Entertainment Relay Guerilla Date [KBS] - 2007

Come to Play - Phobia of Variety Shows (090803) [MBC]- 2009

Strong Heart - Gumiho Special Part 1 (100803) [SBS] - 2010

Strong Heart - Gumiho Special Part 2 (100810) [SBS] - 2010

Academy Night [TBS] - 2011

Entertainment Relay (140907) [MBC] - 2014

Entertainment Relay (141004) [KBS] - 2014

Running Man 215 (141005) [SBS] - 2014

Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook (141219) [KBS] - 2014 



Mina's French Diary [O'live] - 2008

LGXNote Summer Days - 2008 

S-Body: Season 1 [MNET] - 2009

O'live Show 3: Top Celebrity [O'live] - 2009

S-Body: Season 2 [MNET] - 2010

Live in Raemian - 2010

Giordano Movie: Friends & Love [Onstyle] - 2011 [Part 1]





Miracle Blue - Shin Min A/Loveholics [Digital Single] - 2009




My Happy Day (Note Your Life) - 2008

Go Go 70s - 2008

One Year Later (Kitchen) - 2009

Sha La La (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) - 2010 

I Can Give You Everything (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) - 2010

Black Moon (Arang and the Magistrate) - 2012



Miracle Blue (CK Jeans) - 2009

Being Myself (SKT) - 2010



My Happy Day(Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter) - 2008

Sha La La (Shin Min A's First Fanmeeting) - 2010

Trot Song (Shin Min A's First Fanmeeting) - 2010

Another Sad Song (Shin Min A's First Fanmeeting) - 2010

I Love You from Now On (SBS Drama Awards) - 2010







O Hui

Angelinus Cafe




Chum Churum



Mise En Scene



Zanellato / Hera / Joinus / Kwang Dong Oksusu Cha / Samsung Raemian / LG Xnote / LG Optimus 3D Cube / SK Telecom / Rag & Bone D.I.Y Project / Maxim T.O.P Coffee / LG 3D TV / Hankook Tire / SI Clothing / KB Card / Lirikos / O’live / Calvin Klein Jeans / Vivien Lingerie / Lotte Duty Free / Jinro Soju / Orbis / Sony Cyber Shot / Baskin Robbins / Aura Hair Salon / Pizza Hut / TBJ / Giverny / Nescafe / Viki Clothing / The Day / Patzzi / Chokchokhan (Cookies) / Miero Fiber / Wella Hair Dye / B&F facial cream / Hansol Telecom / O2 Flavored Water / Sport Replay / DOP / RUJeans / Zippy Ziggy / Kiki Magazine



Mina's French Diary/프렌치 다이어리 - 2009




Naver's Happy Energy Campaign: providing formula milk to infants in India[2009]

Pink Ribbon Marathon [2009]

Elle's Share Happiness Campaign [2009]

Pink Ribbon Marathon [2010]

Goodwill Ambassador for Korea's First Multi-Cultural School [2010]

Donated 50 million won towards Multi-Cultural School building

Naver's Happy Energy Campaign: Multi-Cultural School [2011]

Lirikos' Save the Sea Campaign [2011]

Pink Ribbon Marathon [2011]

Naver's Happy Energy Campaign: Korea Ice Hockey Association for the Disabled [2012]

Pink Ribbon Marathon [2012]

Good Friends [2010 - present]

Pink Ribbon Marathon [2013] 

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [2014]

Donated 50 million won to Seoul National University's Children Hospital [2015]



Cinema Angels Project [2007]

Good Downloader Campaign [2009]

Goodwill Ambassador for Korean's First Multi-Cultural School [2010 - Current]

Ambassador for Knowledge Channel E's UCC Compeition [2011]

Cinema Angels Project [2012] 



First Place - Kiki Magazine Exclusive Model Competition [1998]

Best Newcomer [Punch] - SBS Drama Awards [2003]

Timeless Beauty Award - Dior [2006]

Best Supporting Actress [Go Go 70s] - South Korean College Students Film Festival Awards [2008]

Best Actress [Go Go 70s] - MaxMovie Awards [2009]

Best Actress [Go Go 70s] - Icheon Chunsa Film Festival Awards [2009]

Female Cyon New Chocolate Fashionista - O'live Style Icon Awards [2009]

Hot Fashionista - MNET'S 20 Choice [2009]

CF Model Award for 2009 - TVCF Awards [2010]

Model of the Year - Korean Advertisers Association [2010]

Style Icon Actress - O'live Style Icon Awards [2010]

Best Couple [My Girlfriend is a Gumiho] - SBS Drama Awards [2010]

Top 10 Stars - SBS Drama Awards [2010]

Drama Special, Actress [My Girlfriend is a Gumiho] - SBS Drama Awards [2010]

CF Model Award for 2010 - TVCF Awards [2011]

Beauty Icon of the Year - Cosmo Beauty Awards [2011]

Best Couple [Arang and the Magistrate] - MBC Drama Awards [2012]

InStyle Fashionista - 51st Baeksang Awards [2015]

Excellence Actress in a mini-series [Oh My Venus] - KBS Drama Awards [2015]

Best Couple [Oh My Venus] - KBS Drama Awards [2015]



Youngest recipient of Best Actress at MaxMovie Awards [2009]

Judge for 8th Mise en Scene Short Film Festival [2009]

2009 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 - 28th

Esquire's Sexiest Women Alive - Korea, South [2010]

From our colleagues in Korea: "She's starred in many TV shows and films. She's considered one of Korea's hottest fashion icons. Korea is under Shin Min-A's spell right now."

2010 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 - 15th

Received Citation for Model Taxpayer from Tax Office (Yongsan, Seoul) for 45th Taxpayer's Day [2011]

Giordano's basic tees (launched in March) named Min A after her [2011]

Featured in March issue of New York Times Magazine and May Issue of Vogue (US)

Designed an eco-bag for Amore Pacific in 2012

Mina's Official Site [Link]

Mina's Official Facebook [Link]
Mina's Official Me2day [Link]
Mina Jjang Cafe [Link]
Mina@DC Gallery [Link]
Mina@Baidu [Link]
Mina's International Fans Blog [Link]
Mina@Hancinema [Link]
Mina@Popcorn [Link]
Mina's Fanclub on Soompi [Link]
Mina's Fan Group on Facebook [Link]


신민아@Wikipedia, shinmina.co.kr



12/04 Lafuma Rhythm Walking

03/07 VDL Event

05/29 Chum Churum Event

11/09 Giordano CF Filming

02/10 O Hui Donation Drive

09/10 O Hui Fansigning Event

09/10 Script Reading for Oh My Venus 

14/10 VIP Premiere of The Ryangchen Murders

15/10 VIP Premiere of Love and ... 

11/11 Oh My Venus Press Conference 

31/12 KBS Drama Awards




04/02 The Law of Pleasures VIP Premiere

10/04 2014 Amore Counselor Annual Convention

21/05 Gyeongju Press Conference

02/06 Gyeongju Media Premiere

03/06 Gyeongju Megatalk

09/06 Gyeongju VIP Premiere

10/06 Gyeongju Meet & Greet

05/08 Shopping at Stongehenge

15/08 67th Locarno International Film Festival Gyeongju Press Conference

02/09 My Love My Bride Press Conference

20/09 Lafuma Rhythm Camping

22/09 My Love My Bride Showcase

23/09 Running Man Filming

24/09 My Love My Bride Media Premiere

29/09 My Love My Bride VIP Premiere

03/10 KBS Entertainment Relay Guerilla Date Filming

03/10 19th Busan International Film Festival Open Talk

03/10 InStyle Red Carpet Movie Festival

07/10 My Love My Bride Star Live Talk

08/10 My Love My Bride Meet & Greet

09/10 My Love My Bride Meet & Greet

11/10 My Love My Bride Meet & Greet

12/10 My Love My Bride Meet & Greet

18/10 My Love My Bride Meet & Greet

19/10 My Love My Bride Meet & Greet

21/10 Chum Churum Event

10/12 Valentino Sala Bianca 945 Runway Event


13/02 The Last Stand VIP Premiere

09/03 Aida Musical

06/05 Aging Family VIP Premiere

06/27 Mise en Scene Short Film Festival Opening Ceremony

08/09 Pink Ribbon Marathon

27/11 Hera Private Event


11/02 Rag & Bone 2012 F/W Fashion Show (NYC)

21/02 Love Fiction VIP Premiere

22/02 Helpless VIP Premiere

10/03 Raemian Fansigning Event

29/03 Giordano Fansigning Event

31/03 LG 3D World Opening Ceremony

25/04 Photoshoot for Hera

30/04 CF Shoot for Hera

08/05 CF Shoot for Giordano

10/05 Photoshoot

12/05 Script Reading for Arang and the Magistrate

21/05 Start of filming of Arang and the Magistrate

10/08 Arang and the Magistrate Press Conference

07/10 Pink Ribbon Marathon

07/10 10th Unification Anniversary - Athletic Festival

19/10 End of Arang and the Magistrate Filming

19/10 Arang and the Magistrate Wrap Up Party


25/01 TVCF Awards Ceremony

08/02 Giordano S/S Launch Party

11/02 Late Autumn VIP Premiere

04/03 45th Taxpayer's Day Event

09/03 Mise en Scene and Sure Photoshoot

10/03 My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Press Conference [TBS]

10/03 Interviews and photoshoots for Japanese Media

02/04 LGXnote 3D Cinema Event

20/05 SI Fansigning Event

31/05 Moby Richard VIP Premiere

22/06 Sulwhasoo Official China Launch Event

22/06 Sulwhasoo Banquet

24/06 Mise en Scene Short Film Festival Opening Ceremony

09/07 Sisters on the Road Screening

09/08 One Life VIP Premiere

17/09 Louis Vuitton Island Maison (Marina Bay Sands) Opening Ceremony

05/10 Breast Cancer Event

09/10 Pink Ribbon Marathon

10/11 Iphone 4S Perfect Match Launching Party

19/11 Hera Fansigning Event

30/11 Cosmo Beauty Awards 2011

16/12 Kanu Cafe Fansigning Event


All information in this post compiled and translated by eilasa.


This thread was originally started by Miss Bouakham.
The first post will now be updated by eilasa.
Many thanks to Miss Bouakham and rebby for allowing me to take over as threadstarter.

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Guest banana_milk

yay! our shin minah thread is back. Too bad all the content is gone.

Oh well, at least we have a fresh start! I'll edit this post with pictures or something.

EDIT: 11.30.05

Finally! I post up the pictures that i promised. I had these randomly uploaded on my computer, so here they are! They're pretty old!

From her latest movie Beauty and the Beast :





Mag shots:




REALLY old mag shots of when she was a model:




credits to: daum, empas, sidus.

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Shin Minah's so cute. i first saw her in Beautiful Days and liked her since. i also loved her movie Madeleine with Jo In Sung. they made a cute couple. but now i'm a Bi-Mina shippah for their new drama, woot!

repost from korean celebs photos forum :)

cute~ :D

I can't wait to see her in the new drama







credit: her cyworld/empas

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^^Featuring Ryu Seung-beum, Shin Mina and Kim Kang-woo...

The file is in my CB. The link to my CB is under my sig...

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