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[Variety] Happy Sunday - The Qualities of a Man 남자의 자격

Guest lucky_moon

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Guest lucky_moon

[KBS] LeeKyungKyu,KimGukJin,KimTaeWon,LeeYoonSuk,LeeJungJin,YoonHB

DAY & TIME: 17:20 on Sunday




From left to right: Lee Young Gyu, Kim Kook Jin, Kim Tae Won, Lee Yoon Suk, Kim Sung Min, Lee Jung Jin, Lee O Seo, Yoon Hyung Bin.


A recently-made show where a group of men, ages 40 through 20 try to complete missions given by the Producer or sometimes thought of by the members.

The show is widely popular and has steadily-increasing ratings. The cast includes the Main MC Lee Kyung Kyu, who has made his comeback into the Korean TV world with this show, Kim Geuk Jin, a famous korean comedian, Kim Tae Won, the leader of the legendary rock-ballad band Boohwal, Lee Yoon Seok, a comedian, Kim Sung Min, who is disliked by the rest of the cast for being so energetic and always saying “Oh I always wanted to try that” whenever a new mission is revealed, Lee Jung Jin, also called a “bejewel mass” by Lee Kyung Kyu, is a actor and the only one on the show who looks fit, and Yoon Hyung Bin, a famous Korean comedian that makes fun of other Korean stars on the show “Gag Concert”.

The Cast has been through a lot, performing missions such as going back into the army, crying, becoming employees, not smoking for a day, wakeboarding, making a band, and more.

This is a segment of KBS’s Happy Sunday show.

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Guest swingline

Wow, I'm addicted to this show like crack rainbow on 42nd st... No team had better chemistry in a show since 1N2D. Where I can download episodes 252??

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