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Guest BabyQ

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Guest azn_denny

whoa yeah she is so luvky too be micky yuchun bf!! she probs still saying to her friends that mickys was her bf!! hahaha..

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Guest M&MsRockMahSox123

hahaa, micky looks so cute! i love the 1st picture! <33

yeah, this pic. was loooooooong ago.

that girl is hera, and she's like 3 years older then him...

but she's goin out with this black american guy so......

-still...i feel jealous that she went out wit him! :wacko:

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Guest jae!fany


(: she's pretty. and he looks pretty cute in those pictures. (:

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i think thats my friends friends sister?

shes pretty, though :]

i dont know.. hes had a lot of gf's so im not sure if its her.

but wow..

i was at the same kings dominion!


along with 234978329847 other people :]

lets narrow it down to i go to the school he went to in virginia.

there we go :]

but yeah. rumors again.

heard he wasnt the best boyfriend.

but rumors arent to be trusteddd :]

i think he would make an awesome boyfriend.


hm. time to daydream :P

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