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Guest BabyQ

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Guest payachan

Dont be that worry gurls :D

Micky is a player... He even dated with one of BoA's backdancer (This gurl im mentioning is a player too :D )

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Guest sweet_hunny

I've seen those before. I think she's really cute and they don't look bad together. Man Yoochun still looks the same as now but still darn HOT!

From what I heard, she's around 1-2 years older than he was.

:blink: Are you serious?

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Guest Anberlin

omg!! Micky looks so hot in those pics!

Lucky girl!

I agree with the people who said it must suck for her seeing him all famous now hhah.

I mean, if it were me, I would still be jealous that so many girls are wanting him even if he is my ex, you know?

I want to date Micky!! haha

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im guessingu got these in the dbsg younger sibs group where sum1 posted them... hey dont bash stars exes cause there not together now r they?? so htey shldnt be brought into this... a few of the unnies i no have gone out with mickey and there sick of being asked dont u wish u were still with him?? there all actually happy for him cuz he got his dream to come true~

yea juss sharing waht i think...

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Guest sweet; sarang

hmm, i never knew that was his ex-girlfriend.. heard, but never saw.

no real shock though, of course he would have girlfriends before.

even if hes a celeb, he's still a human being.

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Guest rinoa89

was this when he was in the states? she's not that bad..man he still looks good back then haha especially in the last pic he looks good

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