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☆ 5-3-2 Leg measurements! Whats your ^ ‿ ^?

Guest Rainie Yu

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Guest xO_Evonne

height : 150 TT^TT i know im short (i'm 15)

thighs: 47



man everyones so tall,, i feel abit fat >_<

i don't have my ideal legs or height XD

ii want JESSICA from snsd's Body!! shes so skinny

and shes like the right height too >O<

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Guest xradiostatic

seriously from the few posts i've read of people saying they have "fat" legs, they're not even big. sigh.

idk if i've ever posted in here but:

age: 20

thighs: 55cm

calves: 36.5cm

ankles: 20cm

i'm only 4'11" and people might think my legs are humongous from reading my measurements, but i don't care - i think they're alright. once i firm up my hamstrings i'll be really happy with how they look. :]

edit: i have posted in here before, oops. and i have the same measurements LOLLL :/

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Guest endlesseternity

I'm 5'1ish.

50 - 34 - 20

...three centimeters off of my thighs and I would be so happy you wouldn't believe. Surprisingly, I'm okay with my calves. I run a lot so they're toned...toned looks so much better than skinny and jiggly.

And yep, just about everyone dislikes something about their legs. D8 ^^;

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