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☆ 5-3-2 Leg measurements! Whats your ^ ‿ ^?

Guest Rainie Yu

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Guest holyfear

im a guy but...

its a golden ratio of 5:3:2

doesnt mean it has to be 50cm/30/20

just in that ratio.

so 45/27/18 would be good for a smaller girl

or 55/33/22 for a taller girl

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Guest Ramen-C

50, 30, 17

That's not right. My thighs are really chubby but they've got the "perfect" measurement, my calves are perfectly toned but somehow they're bigger than "perfect" and I just have skinny ankles (and wrists).

but I always thought that I didn't look fat if you couldn't see below my knees...


Ohh thanks holyfear, so basically it's the gold rectangle (?) rule.

Plastic surgeons use it.

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Guest angel_cutie

im exactly at those ranges =) but i cant remeber what the numbers are

since i did it a loonng time ago (aka, when i watched the video lol)

hmmm made me feel better i guess~ but i wish i was taller

im only 152ish cm

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Manmanman =(((. I just got a tape measure finally (since mine's at school rightn ow and I'm home)

T__T I have hugeo calves @__@!

53-36-20 =(((.

But I guess I should've expected that because (proportionally) my legs do not look like any of the SNSD girls'

I'm 19 and 175cm (5'9")

D:<< I'm so motivated nowww.


So I'm trying to keep track (since I'm going to exercise more once school starts).. of everything..

But then I was thinking O_O. It also depends on your leg.. length doesn't it? O_O. Before I said it depends on your height, you want it to be proportional.. But then.. It's like.. My ankle is 20, and you can't relaly change the size of your ankle o_O since its like skin and bone.. And in order for me to be 5-3-2, I would need 30cm calves.. And that's impossible D::! I'd look like a freaken stick D::.

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