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☆ 5-3-2 Leg measurements! Whats your ^ ‿ ^?

Guest Rainie Yu

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Guest laylalala

Ah! Is this really perfect leg measurement?

then I think i might have awkward legs?

But then again, I am not very tall....

5ft 2in.

Thigh: 46cm

Calf: 27 cm

Ankle: 17/18 cm

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Guest BlueDei

51:33: 20

Guys, you need to know that these are ratios right? Which means that it doesnt indicate whether your legs are FAT/THIN. It's to represent how STRAIGHT your legs are. People who keep saying that they need to get the fat off here and there are being silly.

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Guest Falloutatdisco

assuming this is supposed to be measured in centimeters...

51 - 35 - 19

i'm 5'1"

gigantic muscular calves and tiny ankles!! /:

my legs look so disproportional compared to my torso with my height. they look so stumpy!

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