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☆ 5-3-2 Leg measurements! Whats your ^ ‿ ^?

Guest Rainie Yu

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Guest ulookSOOYOUNG

Tiffany of SNSD has the 'Golden ratio' which is 50-32-20 so people, stop saying you got huge legs. I got alot more so be happy. Im envious of you guys :) Well done!

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Guest Chokzy1430274957

Height: 5'3 or 5'4(160cm)


I have a lot of muscles, but I'm going to try to loose a little bit weight though xD

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Guest ryusenka

My measurements are~


My calves are pretty big due to biking. You guys ever notice how the girls who gain weight towards their stomach/boobs have nicer legs? Park Bom and Tiffany are great examples of this.

Oh and I did some math...

Tiffany's measurements are 50-32-20

which means...

Her thigh is 18 cm bigger then her calf

Her calf is 12 cm bigger then her ankle

and her thigh is 30 cm bigger then her ankle

She has a nice ration going on, while me on the other hand...

My thigh is 18 cm bigger then my calf

My calf is 15 cm bigger then my ankle

and my thigh is 33 cm bigger then my ankle

Hey at least I have her thigh to calf proportion down? I think the ideal shape is the upside down triangle.

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Guest BattleRoyale

^ Hey good idea with measuring the proportion like that so I did the same with mine ^^

I'm 166cm and my measurements are 52-34-22.5 . So it seems I'm pretty proportionate; just 0.5 off but I'm happy as it is.. I've actually recently lost weight too so if my measurements go down any further I'm gonna look skinny as.

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Guest hillando

Mine are 56-36-22, I'm 170cm/5'7

The ratio could be better, my bmi is somewhere around 22 right now....need to lose a couple pounds!

I think the ideal 5-3-2 ratio goes like....it doesn't matter what the second number is, as long as it's the same for all? Based on my ankle my ideal would be 52-32-22, based on my thigh 56-36-26. Or something. Just a though, don't know if it's correct.

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Guest ~koe*no*sainou~

Mine fits but in the higher end x.x plus I'm short and chubby xD The only thing I'm proud of are my small ankles and wrists xD

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Guest july-eighth

My measurements are 55-38-23. I am 5'7".

It wouldn't be bad if I could have smaller calves, but they are muscular. I would like to make them more lean.

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Guest kirimiss

Mine is 46-31-19. Height: 5'3.

I did this sometime last year and my thigh was 5cm thicker! 

 Seems like exercise does help to lose thigh fat =)

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