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Rainie Yu

☆ 5-3-2 Leg measurements! Whats your ^ ‿ ^?

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☆ Just for fun~ ☆
* i searched if someone already created something like this but didn't find

mods delete if you have to > ‿ <


Ok so I watched

Tiffany and Jessica's exercise routine on StarKing and found out about the

"Ideal Leg Measurements" which is 5-3-2 (50's - 30's - 20's)

1. You measure the thickest part of your thigh (5)  

2. You measure the thickest part of your calves (3)

3. You measure the smallest part of your ankle (2)  

Do you have ideal legs ^ ‿ ^ ? Post your "5-3-2" Results!


Also be aware that your height is a factor on ideal legs so be nice!!


I actually measured myself before school started and I was around 53-34-23

Now school makes me run 3 miles a week so I've gone down to.....


btw i'm 5'4 :)

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in the middle of studying for finals...im actually doing this..XD

but..i don't get it. is it like the leg length where if your legs are more than 60% of your total height then they're considered long...or is it just 50/30/20 regardless of your height?

mine's are 52/35/21.5 (height ~5'5")

school has been killing me. need to start working out again :(

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I think alot of short people tend to not like their legs... I hate mine OTLp

True. My measurements are pretty good (49-32-20), but since I'm short (~155 cm), it doesn't look as good as say, someone who is 165 cm. I don't like mine, but I'm still growing, so... I hope it'll "even" out eventually

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I'm almost 5'5 XD

Short people are cute. not short, fun sized. ^ O ^

of course we're fun size =) I'm hoping for 5' 2"... xD

I bet our leg measurements looks better on you though, because your tall, it'll give you the "lean, but not scary skinny" look... which I want xD

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