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Koyote’s BaekGa Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

Guest Econxp

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Updated: ShinJi’s message to BbaekGa before surgery



The evil curse of 2009 strikes yet again with only a few weeks left 'till the new year as Koyote's rapper BaekGa (Baek Sung Hyun) has been diagnosed with a brain tumor after receiving a standard MRI scan. He was involved in a small car accident and was feeling dizzy, so the doctors recommended an MRI Scan and found the tumor.

On the 9th, BaekGa revealed this unfortunate news via his mini-homepage and thanked those who were supporting him. However, he also revealed some of the personal things he went through when he and his family found out as he wrote, "Maybe it's because I hated to see the men I love crying around me, but I cursed and yet you all still ignored me and continued to cry. I then went into a bathroom stall and locked myself and as I covered my mouth with my scarf, tears began to pour out like crazy," he continued, "After crying for a while I came out and as I looked in the mirror a laugh came out. My heart hurt so much but I felt so good. My older and younger brother had dashed over here and spent the whole night up and that made me laugh with gratitude."

He then sent a personal thanks to his brothers as he said, "I feel grateful that I have someone by my side, which is why I've decided to stay strong. Even without saying it I'm sure you know that I'm very thankful. I truly thank you."

This is quite the downer especially after news about his fellow Koyote member being discharged have been revealed. BaekGa and Shin Ji had been holding down the fort for the past two years as Kim Jong Min served his military duties. Koyote is well known for its members coming and going but BaekGa has been the longest running rapper in the group and hopefully he can stay even longer. Hope things turns around for BaekGa, and wish him luck in his treatment process

cr. allkpop


please get well soon! we're all praying for you


Ahead of his surgery after being diagnosed with brain cancer, Koyote member Bbaek Ga gets an encouraging message from fellow member ShinJi.

ShinJi wrote on her minihompy on 10th December, "Just now your voice, that voice which sounds like it wasn't a big deal, that you will worry about me before yourself, the unusually calm and tough voice. I'm really heartbroken and tired. It hurts me that I'm like no one to you, if you are not feeling well why do you keep that as a secret from just me, why? You said you are fine, and you promised that you will be fine. That voice of yours just now during our conversation rips my heart."

She continued, "You are the one I share the hardship with the most in the world. You are also the one who treasure me and protect me the most, I believe in you. The kind one who is probably really in pain and tired, and still thinks about me before yourself…"

Meanwhile, Bbaek Ga was diagnosed of brain cancer on 9th December. He is currently serving his military service


this is too heartbreaking...

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This is so incredible sad..=/ Really I am speechless and dunno what to say, how could this happen to such an innocent human.. And I even remembered him on Flower Boys Generation with Shinee, where he worked and practiced so hard on singing + improving things etc which he can participate with on variety shows and such... But now this has to happen on him..=| I hope it's not to serious this brain tumor, and that he can recover from it! *praaay*

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Guest evelyn168

This is really upsetting. First, he left for the military on a short notice. I was waiting for Koyote's comeback with Kim Jongmin. Now, this news! I don't know what to say except that I'll be praying for him.

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This is a big shock. I think he's pretty cool, and to hear him having a tumor is pretty scary. I hope that it's not too serious. I read in the comments here that his tumor is pretty large.. I hope that isn't true, and that he can have a safe and healthy recovery.

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