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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현

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Order to convey the brand concept of “opening the mysterious door and exploring the unknown and the wonderful”,  DPC will hold the first conference and private dinner in China with the theme “臻妍秘境”.


At that time, brand spokespersons  Kim Soo Hyun and Park Min-young and popular anchor Wia will come to the scene.
Time: October 21st (Monday) 16:00~20:30 
Location: Shanghai Baolijia Hotel 2F Atrium, No. 188, North Suzhou Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 







2019.10. 20 Kim Soo Hyun Shanghai Pudong Airport, a lot of fans have been waiting for him at the airport 













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When Soo Hyun came out,  hear the fans screaming together, he took off his mask and wiped his hand to salute, wave and wave again
















Mr Shin :D









cr : Josey



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4 hours ago, _gillianne19_ said:

So he is still with KE??



We won't know until it his current contract is over, which is around mid December.  About a month ago, some fans say that whether he stays with KE or not, we will hear news about potential comeback projects around mid October because matters about his contract will be settled about 2 months before his contract ends -- and they are right on the money with the timing of this announcement.


It could go either way, maybe he decided to stay or it's already settled that he will part with KE, but they still need to represent him until his contract is officially over.



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[Kang Il-hong's Special Interview 60-Kim Choong-hoon] Actor Kim Soo-hyun's father's grievance, "My path is separate."


Kim Choong Hoon (59) as" the father of actor Kim Soo-hyun 'is became busy after releasing the new song 'I'm mad about getting older' that reflects on life and life. The song, which prepares for a new challenge without age, injury, and betrayal, has received a calm response. 

As an imposing singer, he is still more famous as 'actor Kim Soo-hyun's father' than 'singer Kim Chung-hoon'. It was also known that Kim was a lead vocalist musician in the 80s rock band Seven Dolphins. Whether he wanted it or not, he was summoned again in public.


-As a popular singer, it is obvious that it is not yet recognized. Maybe it's uncomfortable because of the presence of famous actor Kim Soo-hyun. 


Of course. I'm not going to reject it, but I'm honestly often upset. My son became a famous star, of course, thankful and happy as a father. I feel burdened whenever Soo Hyun is mentioned along with my name. Who wants to be in the act or in the son's fame and image. I've been living with the music of yesterday and now, and I have never left that place. I believe that I have a separate path, just as Soo Hyun has earned his reputation and status. I'm just careful because that's my son. 

Kim Choong-hoon became a solo singer in 2009, ten years ago, based in Busan. He was invited by a couple of well-known songwriters (Yanginja Kim Hee-gap) who recognized his singing skills. This time is similar to Kim's debut in the entertainment world. 

Since then, Kim Soo-hyun has become a top star actor through 'Dream High' , the drama 'Moon Embracing The Sun' and 'You from the Star'.  Kim Choong-hoon said, "Even the father and son have their own way, and only have a very private conversation with Soo Hyun, not a personal relationship." 



-If you are in the entertainment industry, do you have much to leave as a father and give advice as a senior? I am curious about the honest nature of looking at two children. 

I've lived with music all my life. Not only vocals, but also songwriters and talents. It's not easy for a father who is a singer to compliment a child who debuted as a singer. It's not about bragging but about being honest.

Soo-hyun acting as an actor is not something I will evaluate. While divorced, I had no choice but to live in another family, but I did not live a completely isolated life. Soo Hyun and Juna spent a lot of time with me. 

Kim Chung-hoon is a representative football fan of the entertainment industry. He has been active in the celebrity football club 'Twirl' for 33 years. Currently, he is the director for 4 years following singer Itaewon and broadcaster Kang Suk. He often took his son Kim Soo-hyun to the soccer field from a young age.  Kim Chung-hoon said, "Soo Hyun is quiet and reflective, while Juna is cheerful and cheerful." 



Life is unknown and the past years are irreversible. Kim Chung-hoon said that he lived hard and steadfastly, but he always regretted as father. I am sorry to my son Kim Soo-hyun, I had not been visited even after hearing about his heart surgery. 
In 2004, Soo Hyun called for surgery at the hospital. I didn't think it was a big operation so I didn't worry about it. It turns out it was a pretty big operation. 


Full article














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(Fr Weibo: ICE溦溦&logo Collection: INS) 


2019.10.20  Soo Hyun went to Shanghai Pudong Airport 

Soo Hyun can be cute, all the way to wave to the fans, take off the mask and see your bright smile, so handsome and so warm







2019.10.21 Kim Soo Hyun DPC Shanghai Conference Event

The scene of the event was beautifully arranged, the tables and chairs were neatly arranged, the lights were beautiful 

Fans has arrived at the scene








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