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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현

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[★ At that time ①] 'Hallyu star' Lee Min Ho, Song Jung Ki, and Kim Soo Hyun











G-dragon, Kim Soo-hyun residence apartment, private rent 5 billion?


This is what the real estate brokerage is talking about. It is 82 equilibrium. By the way, it is said that only 6 houses are penthouses. In 2011, the average price of the whole complex in the complex is 3.4 billion won, the highest in the nation. Why is this famous? Seongsu-dong mixed-residential complex is G-dragon and Kim Soo-hyun , and this is the place of residence. Especially, when Kim Soo-hyun emerged as the best Korean star in China because 'You from the Stars' 

A Chinese fan want to live next to Kim Soo - hyun like Danseonghae. This is where the rumors that have not been confirmed to have been purchased have come up.


Full article









'Video Star' Lee Jang-woo "Jang Keun Suk, Song Jung Ki, Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun → Audition motive" confession










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Lee Min-ho and Kim Soo-hyun's Return to Business " Report" .. "2019 Korean Wave"


" Hallyu stars such as Lee Min-ho and Kim Soo-hyun are expected to pull up the Korean wave in Asia, including China ".


Hallyu stars, who dominated Asian women's hearts, are expected to return to the entertainment industry after completing their military service this year, adding to the popularity of the Korean wave in 2019.


According to the entertainment industry, Hallyu stars such as two-top stars Lee Min-ho and Kim Soo-hyun, who led the Korean Wave in China and Asia, will join the Korean wave this year.

Lee Min-ho is expected to be discharged from the military at the end of April.




Kim Soo-hyun, who is currently serving in the Army's search team, is expected to be discharged from the military this July. Before entering the military, Kim Soo-hyun received a 4th grade caused by cardiac disease, a chronic ilness, in the military service test before enlistment and was declared as a social worker, but he applied for a re-examination through steady health care and entered the military.


Kim Soo-hyun is well known for receiving explosive love in China because the drama "You From the Stars," which was aired in 2013, caused a syndrome and created a counterfeit work.





이민호와 김수현 등 한류스타가 올해 줄줄이 전역, 중국을 비롯해 아시아에서 한류를 한층 끌어올릴 전망이다. (사진출처=김수현, 이민호 SNS)

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[Korean Wave] Kim Soo-hyun as a new soldier of the military exposed to the Internet people excited: what you find is true love



The Korean drama actor "You from the Stars" is a 30-year-old male god, Kim Soo Hyun, who joined the army in October of the previous year and will be retired in July this year.


Since Kim Soo Hyun entered the army, he has been low-key and focused on military service. However, in recent days, the Korean network has flowed out a military officer to line up for a photo of the fans. The original photo is very special, but the eye-catching fans see the back of the enterprise, and the magnificent appearance of the brother, it is the male god Kim Soo Hyun.


Kim Soo Hyun has a few months of new outflows, fans and netizens once again see the male gods as a new photo of the soldiers, they are so excited, praised KIm Soo Hyun quietly behind the enterprise, but the department is recognized at a glance, visible The charm of the gods is unstoppable, and some netizens are more excited to leave a message: "What you find is true love."





Male god Jin Xiuxian retired in July this year

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Kim Soo-hyun’s last 6 months of retiring from the latest military photo exposure "Looking for true love"


South Korean popular actor Kim Soo-hyun was promoted to the throne of the gods with "You from the Stars". In October 2017, he was enlisted as an active soldier and is expected to retire in July this year. He wore a handsome camouflage uniform and showed his full masculinity. He was praised as "even as a soldier is shooting a pictorial."Recently, Kim Soo-hyun’s photo in the military was once again exposed, but he was perfectly hidden in the military crowd and was called “find true love”. It still let the eye-catching fans discover that the soldier standing next to the bulletin board was Kim Soo-hyun, and the netizen laughed and said: “The face is almost small and I didn’t see it.”, “Can find It’s true love."


Full article







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