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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현

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An authentic shot of a netizen who has been signed by actor Kim Soo Hyun, who is in the service of the army, is gathering topics.

One of the netizens recently posted an autograph to Kim Soo Hyun on SNS. This post is spreading to various online communities and social networks.


In the open photo, Kim Soo Hyun's autograph is included. Kim Soo Hyun wrote in his uniform saying, "Let's celebrate all over the place and be full of good and healthy things."
On the other hand, Kim Soo Hyun enlisted on October 23 last year. After five weeks of basic military training, he is serving military service at the 1st Division Search Corps. The whole schedule of Kim Soo Hyun is July 1st. 
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17 K-Dramas To Convert Non-Interested Friends


One of the most frustrating things in the world is when you watch an amazing K-drama and want to talk about it to all of your friends, but you aren’t able to. A lot of us have been there. It’s tough. But then there’s that amazing moment where some of your friends will watch a specific K-drama that you recommended that will send them on a downward spiral into the world of K-dramas. It’s a glorious moment because we know they’ll be hooked and can share in our K-drama obsession together. For those of you who are trying to get your friends into this wonderful world of K-dramas, here are 17 shows that you can introduce to your friends. There’s obviously a lot of K-dramas out there, so it took a lot of hard thinking to narrow the list down, but here it goes!



For the friend who appreciates historical backdrops


The Moon Embracing the Sun


This classic sageuk stars Kim Soo Hyun as Lee Hwon and Han Ga In as Wol. Wol is from a noble family, but after a tragic event, she is led into the life of a shaman, not knowing her real identity. Lee Hwon ends up meeting her and is reminded of the girl he loved when he was younger. He gets to know Wol and the two end up falling in love with each other despite their different statuses.


This series was loved by many when it was aired. The story and relationship between the two leads is so heartbreakingly romantic that it’s hard not to get sucked into it. This series is great for being those who love a romantic historical story and will most likely send your friend on a spiral into other sageuk dramas!









For the friend you want to introduce hyped up K-dramas to


My Love From the Star


If you tell your friend that this drama is about an alien who comes to earth and falls in love with a famous actress, your friend will probably think it’s weird. What you should tell them is that this series was an international success and became one of the most popular K-series of all time. When the alien is played by Kim Soo Hyun and the actress is played by Jun Ji Hyun, you could mention how pretty they both are and how it wouldn’t be so bad watching them on the small screen for 16 episodes.







Full article



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2019/01/04,  today is "Moon Embracing the Sun" premiere seventh anniversary

Our king, King Lee Hwon :love:
















cr : owner


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D176, D 41 birthday countdown 


thought of browsing photos in earlier/previous pages and saw on 2017 some photos are not available/deleted:(



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16 Actors And Actresses Who Could Very Well Be Idols


It’s common to see a lot of K-pop idols turned actors in the Korean entertainment industry, but it’s rare seeing actors or actresses turn into idols. Despite this hardly ever happening, there are a lot of actors and actresses out there who could totally become idols if they wanted to! Whether it’s a matter of being able to sing, dance, or sport the look of an idol, there are many actors and actresses who could pass as being idol-worthy. Here’s a look at 16 of them.

Kim Soo Hyun



Here’s an obvious one. Kim Soo Hyun impressed us with his role as the talented country boy singer in “Dream High.” It’s easy to picture him as an idol. He’s not only exceeded our expectations as a good singer, but he’s also definitely got the handsome/cute looks that go with being one!


skip unrelated...


Scr: https://www.soompi.com/article/1264579wpp/16-actors-actresses-well-idols



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An article on cafe.daum, the title is 'The first male actor chosen by the face'


Don’t remember how many times Kim Soo Hyun’s good face has been discussed, but it seems that I can always find this alien. The unique "genetic code" of the following is the brief translation of the article. 

Occasionally there will be younger generations or acquaintances watching TV while chatting in the restaurant. "Who is the best person in the artist? Do you know?" 

At this time,  they all say: "Who is a woman, it is difficult to make a conclusion But for men, Kim Soo Hyun is the best face." 


First: the eyes. 

His eyes are very kind and bright. 

In each person's face, the proportion of the eyes is different, generally at least between 30% and 50% of the face, the eye is more important than any part. 

Speaking of the eyes, many people will say that the domestic actor is carving the beautiful male X, Zhang Dong X, Zheng Yu X, Song Cheng X, Zhu Zhen X and so on. 

Unlike this, Kim Soo Hyun' eyes are special, relatively slender. From the face of a man, the eyes are like the eyes of Buddha. 
"Although the eyes are not very big, but the inside hook is upturned, it is a very nice eye." 



Second: lips. 

The mouth and the eyes together constitute one of the "five features" (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, eyebrows). The lips should not be too thin and the lip color should be good. You can see the "color" from the face, the color of the lips should not be too deep, and the color should be rosy. 

The last advantage is that the corners of the mouth rise. For reference, former President Kim Young X is a good award for the representative of the political figures.


Remember that Korean net had a comment on Soo Hyun’s mouth last year, saying that the corner of the mouth reflects the willpower. The person with the rising mouth has a strong perseverance, so once he makes up his mind, even if he fails, he will not be discouraged. Like the tumbler, he has very strong resilience. Moreover, even if you achieve your goals in accordance with the established direction, you will not be complacent if you are in a successful position in society. You will continue to work hard and move toward higher goals, and work hard in good faith. 



Third: the ear. 

The position of the ear is up to the corner of the eye, even up to the underside of the eyebrows. 
Among the artists, there are almost no male artists whose ears grow so high. 

Looking at Figure below, there are also significant differences between Kim Soo Hyun and the position of the ear next to Kim Chang Wan. 

The color, shape and size of the ear are important, but Kim Soo Hyun’s ears, ears and wheels, and the position is quite high (almost eyebrows), it can be said that this is a good reward. 








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