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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 [ We'll be waiting for you!!! 2019.7.01 ^^ ]

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'Only love KSH'  to celebrate the birthday of Kim Soo Hyun - birthday greetings

Soo Hyun's birthday each year, 'Only Love KSH' will always receive from their management Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas fans from all over the country wrote a birthday greeting to Kim Soo Hyun, a handwritten or electronic Chinese, English and Korean birthday greetings.

In a well-informed and sincere blessing, not only the fans’ blessings toSoo Hyun, but also the perseverance and persistence of “I love you alone”! These words contain love, words and words of love,  expressing the concern of nearly five hundred days for your day and night thinking. 


Thinking of you still in the army so good, you will receive strength and happiness when you receive these blessings! In the military career of the last few months, peace and health, as you wish to spend! We only hope that you are all well! 
Hope that your 32nd birthday will be spent happily in the blessings and celebrations of your comrades! ! Be sure to drink seaweed soup!

Soo Hyun, we are waiting for you to come back, We are still there!
Soo Hyun: Happy birthday! everyday happy!












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Donation for KSH Birthday and KSH Myanmar fans Gathering - Happy Soo Hyun Day

Today donation to Shwedagon Pagoda’s Lighting for 4 days & Simple birthday celebration






















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From SHK 

The fans of Kim Soo Hyun’s Hong Kong Fan Club have had a very enjoyable afternoon. The best show after celebrating the birthday is to watch KSH movie














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