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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 [ We'll be waiting for you!!! 2019.7.01 ^^ ]

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Thank you everyone for keeping the thread so rich and active especially @hwonhwon_stv :blush:  Really waiting for KSH and for the special day next month.:D

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Let the heart be filled with happiness, make people full of smiles, let every day be full of laughter and laughter, let yourself be happy. Let us look for it together, maybe one day you open the door, you will see the arrival of happiness, and you will smile





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2019/02/01  Chinese fans club 'Only love KSH'  0216 birthday aid gift report second wave  ....  will always bring us a beautiful moment


In February, not only the most lively Spring Festival, but also the birthday of Kim Soo Hyun in February is a day full of happiness and expectation. After the collection of birthday gifts from the previous period, the 'Only Love KSH' frontline members have packed all the gifts from all corners of the country, and traveled across the sea to Korea. The 32-inch suitcase is full, and some need to hold the shoulders, and have been sent to KEYEAST today !


'Only Love KSH'  people went to the keyeast company in the morning to put down the gift and prepared to take a photo, the keyeast staff came out. After saying hello, they learned that it was sent to KSH’s birthday gift and took it in. The fans club explained immediately. Say you have to take pictures, and only take photos of the rest of the gifts in a hurry! When the 'Only Love KSH' member handed over and said that all the gifts were given to Kim Soo Hyun, the KE staff was surprised and say: "Is this a birthday present for Soo Hyun? I think it is so much, I thought it was not all for him". Fans is busy saying that all for Soo Hyun!  Then the KE staff called another colleague to help out. There are a lot of gifts, Soo Hyunn will be very happy to receive it


This year, 'Only Love KSH'  member sent the gifts to the key company early, and everyone’s letters were sent safely too. Soon Soo Hyun’s birthday, and the days of his return are getting closer! We will wait for you to return and continue to guard you!











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Baidu Star Ranking List [2019/01/21 - 2019/01/27]

Korean Male Star, TOP 10 :


2. Kim Jong Kook

3. Hwang Chi Yeol

4. Park Si Hoo

5. Lee Min Ho

6. Rain

7. Park Yoo Chun

8. Lee Jong Suk

9. Hyun Bin

10.Lee Seung Gi





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