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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 [ Upcoming drama “Psycho it’s okey” ] ]

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When you can't make a decision, let time help you decide. If you still can't decide, say it again






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The behind-the-scenes cut of actor Kim Soo-hyun, who appeared as a cameo in 'Crash Landing On You' was released. 


tvN's "Today's Drama" (the drama Park Ji-eun / Director Lee Jung-hyo / Crash Landing on You) continues to rise with the highest ratings for five consecutive weeks. 

The 10 episodes of 'CLOY'  which aired on the 19th, became the only romance drama that will hit the winter season, taking the top spot in the same time on all channels including the cable and the final episode. 


In particular, in the 10th epilogue, actor Kim Soo-hyun appeared as a cameo and took over the topic of real-time search terms on the portal site. Kim Soo-hyun appeared in the same role as Won Ryu-hwan, who played in the movie 'Secretly Grealyt' released in 2013. The novelty of the spin-off setting utilizing the character of a North Korean soldier who stays in the Republic of Korea, and Kim Soo-hyun's passionate acting, caused a big wave in the home theater. 


On the 23rd, the 'CLOY' crew unveiled behind the scenes of Kim Soo-hyun's shooting scene. Kim Soo-hyun in the photo shows the appearance of Won Ryu-hwan  seven years ago with his uncut hair and green sweatpants.


Not only that, but the five squadrons who took a breath together and Jung Man-bok (Kim Young-min) make a natural scene and take a serious look at acting. Kim Soo-hyun, who left an impact with open and mischievous acting, shows the professional aspect of monitoring with a serious expression in the middle of shooting, proving the strength of a luxury actor. 


Like this, 'CLOY' is a hot topic not only by the main actors, but also by the appearance of cameos. Kim Soo-hyun's surprise appearance, with his strong acting power and strong personality, strengthened the position of an unpredictable and absolute top secret romance drama with a spoonful of delight. 







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Cr: dpc_korea_official


[2020.01.24 Picture]    DPC Update Kim Soo Hyun 2020 New Year Wishes
Wish everyone a Happy New Year's Eve!









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Friday morning











Fans send it to Gold Medalist

Always support Kim Soo Hyun



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Reporter / MC Lighting of 'Section TV Entertainment Communication'


I was impressed by the MC and reporters who shed light on the program at 'Section TV Entertainment Communication'.

On the 23rd, MBC 'Section TV Entertainment News' was held on various topics such as 'Hot Keyword'


In the meantime, as the 'hot keyword', which selected each faucet of 'Section TV Entertainment News,' they selected the third world star, the second marriage, and the stars who became the first stars. 'World Star' mentioned Lee Young-ae, Psy, BTS, Bae Yong-jun, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Soo-hyun and so on.

As a cultural symbol, the comprehensively evaluates the international influence of an actor or star, not only the popularity and popularity, but also the contribution to the international influence of Korean culture export, including the promotion of the national image and the value created by the cultural industry , Brand reputation, and widespread dissemination of works. 


Full article






MBC 'Section TV Entertainment Communication' broadcast capture

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