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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 [ Upcoming drama “ It's okey to not be okay” ]

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Soo hyun may have other good dramas and good characters on his belt but Sam dong will always have the biggest space in my heart..I guess it was because it was the first drama where he was the main character and his character was so likable from the get go that  was rooting for him to be K and I was so glad he indeed was K. 



that's why I guess  am also anticipating the transformation of Baek Seung chan character. So far, Episode 3 is daebak much much better than the first 2 episodes...

BSC looks adorably cute and I want him to succeed in the end





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Good day~ :) Can I ask a question? :phew:

Sorry to bother you everyone kekeke I'm just new here hehe. :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:


Where can I watch The Producer with english subs? :sweatingbullets:


Again, sorry to bother you and thank you. :D:lol:


(is there any rules to follow from this thread? I want to read and understand it for me to be aware. :lol::lol:)

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Guest ktiminie

Drunken Baek Seung Chan: THE NEXT MORNING, so cute... :lol:


Cr. as tagged

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Hi dramafan, thanks for sharing all the on-the-set photos here. Please keep them coming. NICE. :)

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Kim Soo Hyun visits China with an unbelievable number of bodyguards

Posted on May 24, 2015


Popular actor Kim Soo Hyun recently traveled to China to attend a special fan-party, and it has been revealed just how tight the security was for this trip.

With tickets being scalped at more than 20,000 RMB (approximately $3,200 USD) per, the organizers of the event expected many fans to show up and try to get a glimpse of Kim Soo Hyun. Even with the pouring rain, there were 1,800 fans waiting for the actor’s arrival.

To ensure the safety of everyone, the organizers prepared five different security plans and held more than seven meetings to ensure everything went smoothly. A document listing out things to watch out for ended up being three pages long.

Additionally, there were more than 150 bodyguards in total. It was reported that 80 of the bodyguards were in charge of specifically protecting Kim Soo Hyun while he traveled around, and 30 of the bodyguards were made up of individuals from Korea, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun’s latest drama, Producer, is currently airing with a new director starting from the third episode.


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