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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 - Current Drama: "It's Okay To Not Be Okay"

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I don't know it is true or not but it's funny :D



The Korean Football Association decided to be selected as the "Best Lineup 11" of the Korean Football Star National Football Team on the 20th. Is this the first event after the return of KSH military service? 

Simple translation of excerpts from the relevant parts of KSH 

star football team "the best team 11 ': 

BTS • TWICE" two strikers, " 

Kim Soo Hyun, PBG ... will be in the starting midfield 


East Asia Daily reported on the 21st for more than 10 years : The Korean Wave Association will finalize the final list before the 2019 World Cup will be held in December. The Korean Football Association said on the 20th: "After discussions with experts in various fields such as technical committees, the national team was formed as the best player." The Star World Cup is a star representing the countries, showing the previously honed dance, songs, acting, etc. The stage of talent. Because it is a contest about the self-respect of entertainment in various countries, the "Best 11 People" of the South Korean team that started the event has received much attention. Leading their coaches gradually revealed their outlines. These taiji warriors will hold a variety of concerts during this time, in conjunction with the tacit understanding of the Seoul Jamsil Sports Complex. 


● MF (midfield)... Kim Soo-hyun, PBG... The midfielder is the most challenging position, and the composition of the football "waist" is definitely not lost to the opponent. If the midfield is broken, it is likely to lose points, so it is not only the middle position that prevents the opponent from attacking, but also a player with excellent ball-handling ability 


Kim Soo-hyun has accumulated rich strength through various types of TV dramas and movies such as romance, comedy, and action. In particular, with a player-level bowling level and excellent special handling ability, he has a high visibility accuracy. He has been playing for the Army's first search team, but will be retired on July 22, so this game is the first game of the A-level competition. 













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From March 10th to 16th, the DCinside Community Portal of South Korea hosted a netizen voting on the theme of “Romantic Stars for the Day of the Day”. Kim Soo Hyun  won the second place in the romantic star with a 22% vote. 


KSH is also a frequent guest of all kinds of votes. What is the "most favorite to watch the cherry blossom festival star together", "The favorite star to see the first snow", "I want to spend Christmas together most." , "The actor who wants to date together on Valentine's Day" ............, no one has done a complete statistic for so many votes. 






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[2019 Kim Soo Hyun public should aid Full Record]  birthday

Today, Kim Soo Hyun return countdown 99 days, it is also determined Kim Soo Hyun Chinese Fans Club 'Lady Kmoon' with "Love long walk together" theme birthday aid should be the last item


In the five years of following Soo Hyun, March 24 was also very meaningful. Today, three years ago, KSH came to Beijing and made a 400-year agreement with us. 
On March 16, 2019, "Xiu Xian Shu Wu" No. 2 was completed at a special school in Beijing Shunyi @Beijing Guangai School . At the same time, there was also a beginner-sized electric classroom, enough for children to use for one semester. Exercise books, washbasins, cutlery and 93 sweets, as well as the love of thousands of Kim Soo-hyun fans. 

LK composes a small documentary which is shared with everyone here. It is a report to everyone's selfless support, and it also leaves us a good memory. I hope that this moment will bring satisfaction to all the participating families.






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Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Learn to Cherish!





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18 K-Drama Actors With The Most Adorable Eye Smiles


Is there anything cuter than a dazzling eye smile? You know, the ones that make a person’s eyes crinkle up like glowy little crescent moons?


In our totally unbiased opinion *cough*, some of the world’s best eye smiles belong to K-drama actors. After all, in Dramaland, eye-smiling is a resume-worthy skill. What better way to melt your true love’s heart than with a grin that’s guaranteed to bring instant squee? Here for your viewing pleasure are 18 of our faves — take a deep, steadying breath and dive right in!



18. Kim Soo Hyun



The smile that launched a thousand ad campaigns. We’re buying what Soo Hyunnie’s selling!


Check out the first episode of Kim Soo Hyun’s drama “The Producers”:





Watch Now




(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news


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Baidu Star Ranking List  [2019/03/18 - 2019/03/24]


Korean Male Star, TOP 10 :




2.  Kim Jong Kook


3.  Hwang Chi Yeol


4. Park Si Hoo


5.  Lee Min Ho


6.  Park Yoo Chun


7.  Rain


8.  Lee Jung Ki


9.  Lee Jong Suk


10. Hyun Bin





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