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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 - Current Drama: "It's Okay To Not Be Okay"

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In fact, the greatest happiness is not how much property you have, how many achievements, but what you can satisfy with what you have. This kind of satisfaction, small and certain happiness, is the most real in life







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Meet the good, learn to pay;  meet the smile, learn to share;  meet the rough, learn to be brave. Life is hard, but if you have the ability to laugh at life, you have the ability to enjoy life






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In life, don't change yourself easily for others. Because you are the only one, irreplaceable, have your own thoughts

Learn to be kind to yourself, don't carry too much; learn to respect yourself, don't humble yourself; learn to love yourself, because no one knows you better than you






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Baidu Star Popularity List  [2018/10/29 - 2018/11/04]


Korean Male Star, TOP 5 :




2. Kim Jong Kook


3. Hwang Chi Yeol


4. Park Si Hoo


5. Lee Min Ho





Hongkong Media Report


[Fan good news] male gods return    ....    GD, KIM SOO HYUN, Lee Min Ho reigns next year


Last year, the Korean performing arts circle had a lot of male gods who were enlisted in the army, which made many fans feel sad


However, looking forward to the autumn water and finally to Oppa retired, many Korean gods are retiring next year


Last year, South Korea's two male gods Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho have been enlisted, but the two male gods will be retired next year. In October last year, they joined the army as an active soldier. Kim Soo Hyun was assigned to the investigation team after receiving training. It is expected that Kim Soo Hyun will retire in July next year



Full article





Four people will retired next year

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