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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 - Current Drama: "It's Okay To Not Be Okay"

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1 hour ago, hwonhwon_stv said:

Miss him too, rossy

Are you still watch DMJ ? Again ?  :D

Of course thalia ... :blush: not just DoMinJoon.. but all his videos..





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K-Dramas That Gave Actors Their Big Break




All it takes is one killer role for an actor to become a Hallyu star and secure his position in the Korean entertainment industry. A lot of actors go unnoticed and struggle for many years before they make their big break-out role. Here’s to all those actors who worked hard to make a name for themselves (and continue to work hard). Check out our list of K-dramas that boosted actors into the spotlight!



Kim Soo Hyun in “Dream High”




Before Kim Soo Hyun’s epic role as Do Min Joon in the international hit series, “My Love From the Star,” his humble beginnings began as Song Sam Dong, the good-looking country boy who is a musical genius. Kim Soo Hyun’s role alongside Suzy became his big break in the K-drama industry. Besides his obvious good looks, he impressed people with his singing voice, especially considering that he’s not an idol. His character also had sizzling chemistry with the leading lady, Go Hye Mi (Suzy), that was serious relationship goals!


Start watching “Dream High”:



Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news




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[VID]  Paradise City






13 hours ago, rossy79 said:

Of course thalia ... :blush: not just DoMinJoon.. but all his videos..



Do Min Joon for you, rossy :heart:













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All the end is another kind of start, no matter how much regret in the past, we have to start again in the next second





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Article from 2016


The 15 Biggest Earning Foreign Actors To Date





He may not be a household name in the States, but 28-year-old Kim Soo Hyun is the heartthrob everybody’s talking about in South Korea. Consistently named as one of Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30 Asian Influencers, Kim is one of the most popular stars in K-drama at the moment, commanding an income of $83,900 per episode. And that’s not even counting the income he receives through product endorsements, which has been reported to be as high as $83 million. He first rose to national fame with his role in the drama series Dream High in 2011 and cemented his popularity with the award-winning film Moon Embracing the Sun, in which he played King Lee Hwon. After his starring role in hit K-drama My Love From the Star, he was approached to be the face of so many products that he set a new record that year, advertising everything from suits to cosmetics to pizza to fabric softener.


Scr: https://screenrant.com/highest-earning-foreign-actors/

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Baidu Star Popularity List [2018/10/22 - 2018/10/28]


Korean Male Star, TOP 5 :




2. Kim Jong Kook


3. Rain


4. Hwang Chi Yeol


5. Park Si Hoo




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