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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 - Current Drama: "It's Okay To Not Be Okay"

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12 hours ago, khlgpc said:

Cheers to the 2500 page achievement! Thanks @hwonhwon_stv, @rossy79 and all for keeping this thread alive! :rolleyes:



You're welcome khlgpc :)

And also thanks to all Soo Hyun fans support this thread

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*** I’ve watched his last movie prior MS. It was reported that “Real” marks the directorial debut of Kim Soo-hyun's cousin Love Lee who replaced the original director and writer at some point during filming. KSH here as usual throws himself tooth and nail into his characters since we all know that he plays dual here. Although, I find the supports roles not always clear. I find the movie good despite that REAL” had received terrible reviews from viewers as expected but 'Real' did not meet my expectations. Overall, I'm happy that I was able to get my own DVD copy of this movie. :P

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***I couldn’t agree more with this article. This is my opinion - KSH is beyond talented when it comes to acting.... He always plays himself no matter what the role is. He has always given me a feel of the different personalities of the characters in his dramas. :P






Which actor makes viewers cry with him?




Netizens discussed which actor makes make them cry with him.

SEE ALSO: Kim Soo Hyun looks handsome and healthy in new photos from the military

Viewers of K-dramas know that they're really good at making you cry with the characters' plight sometimes, but some actors are better than others at expressing the deep sadness of a kimchi slap, loss of a loved one, or tearful reunion. According to netizens, the actor that happens to cry in the saddest way possible is none other than the handsome Kim Soo Hyun.

It's obvious from the scenes below that Kim Soo Hyun manages to pull all the tears out in his system for his character's emotions. He's currently serving for his mandatory military enlistment, and his discharge is scheduled for July 22, 2019.

Which Korean actors have made you cry with them?










source : allkpop





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*** KSH is such a hard worker for me! He knows how to do so many different things.  He's so passionate in whatever he does. He deserves to be in this list. Despite, he stays humble and kind. :P




Koreans Vote For Celebrities Who Seemingly Can Do Anything And Everything


A recent survey asked which celebrities seem like they can do anything.


DC Inside and MyCelebs recently held a poll asking “Who is a passionate star who seems like they will be successful in anything they do?”


The poll ran from October 7 to October 13 and garnered a total of 3,445 responses.


TVXQ’s Yunho came in first place with 60.2 percent of the votes. The singer is well-known and applauded for his overwhelming passion in everything he does, so much so that he has nicknames referring to his passionate nature.


In second place was BTS’s Jungkook, with 26.3 percent of the votes. He became more known for his overachieving character recently when he was seen with tears in his eyes at not being able to dance on stage due to a foot injury at BTS’s London concert.


Lee Seung Gi was in third with 9.3 percent of the votes. Not only is he known for being active as a singer, actor, and TV personality, but he is also praised for applying for and continuing his education at a graduate school amidst his busy schedule.


Wanna One’s Park Woo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, and Kim Myung Min also placed highly.


Who do you think can do anything they put their mind to?




Source (1) / soompi news

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