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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 - Current Drama: "It's Okay To Not Be Okay"

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PD Baek Seung Chan's Family Background

cr. stars88jo instagram

Father 67 years old: Work as Civil servant for 43 years, not wealthy. Likes his son Baek Seung Chan to work as PD and even wears his uniform with KBS logo running around the neighbourhood, feels happy when everyone knows that logo.

Mother 61 years old: A primary teacher. After so many years of teaching, still a normal teacher. Very health conscious and believes in religion. Does not know Gwacheon land price will go up, shift the whole family to Indeogwon, feels regretful.


Sister 36 years old with brother in law 40 years old who is an urologist.

Brother 33 years old.

Little sister 14 years old a middle school student.

Baek Seung Chan 27 years old.

credit original chinese translation from
转载请注明制作人producer吧 & @韩剧制作人 联合发布

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"Producers" trailer released, Kim Soo Hyun's complete transformation as a clumsy PD triggers laughter
translated by Pechumori

"Producers" Kim Soo Hyun's complete transformation into a clumsy character has become a topic.

On May 8, KBS released the trailer for the first episode of the entertainment drama "Producers".

Kim Soo Hyun was the first to appear in the published video. "The new PD Baek Seung Chan", he said as he introduced himself, then disclosed the appearance of a clumsy new PD, who falls behind and makes mistakes which has elicited laughter.

On the other hand, "Producers" will premiere this May 15 at 9:15 pm.

Netizens who read the news showed a variety of reactions such as "I love Kim Soo Hyun completely" and "I want to quickly see the first broadcast of Producers".

credit: http://star.mk.co.kr/new/view.php?mc=ST&no=441450&year=2015

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KBS Entertainment Organizational Chart

Uri Baek Seung Chan, being the maknae, ...ehehe!~xD

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"I can spot Gong Hyo Jin easily even 50 km away but beside her I can't figure out who is he ?" Therefore, park my car and use my eyes to take a look. oh it's#KimSooHyun. ..taller than I think and like a flower! In front of my boyfriend, I complimented Kim Soo Hyun for 5 mins. "

cr: starsjo


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Kim Soo Hyun as Baek Sung Chan..So cute :wub:


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I'm loving KSH character Baek Seung Chan already, he's just too cute.When he narrates near the end of the clip in the latest trailer, when he said: what can I do to survive (or something like that, with his teary eyes), his voice is just too sexy...! I'm sorry, can't help it... :wub: 

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