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❤️Kim Soo Hyun ❤️ 김수현❤️ [ Upcoming drama "That night" ]

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You're welcome @ilwoo_aein   Kim Soo Hyun lands at No. 4 of Pop culture's Big 10 "Kim Soo Hyun effect", even Peng Li Yuan (China's First Lady) is also smitten by him translated by Pechumori 150702 Mo

Hi! It was a shocking news that greeted me today while reading about the half sister. I remember someone mentioning about Soo hyun having a sister here in the forum way way before but it was quickly f

Real is actually not a failed project but somewhat cater to different group of people who appreciates. I marveled  at KSH for being brave enough to make this step which many dare not. When he had

itemprop="name"9 Reasons you should spend this week re-watching My Love From Another Star


Last time, I brought you 11 Reasons you should re-watch Coffee Prince. This time, we’re revisiting a more recent popular drama — My Love From Another Star!

It’s been over a year since My Love From Another Star finished airing, but it feels like only yesterday. One of the most popular dramas of 2014, My Love From Another Star captured the hearts of fans worldwide. And for good reason. The romantic drama starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun was an amazing supernatural love story that viewers loved from beginning to end.

This is a great drama to re-watch before the premiere of Producer, which shares a writer and male lead with My Love from Another Star, and it's also the perfect drama to watch as you relax from a hard day at work or school! If you’re not convinced to re-watch My Love From Another Star this week, scroll down for 9 more reasons you should take the time to re-watch this amazing drama for the first, second, or tenth time!.

And if you haven’t seen My Love From Another Star, first of all, where have you been? And second of all, click here to begin watching the drama from the beginning!

1. The oh-so-perfect theme song —" You Are My Destiny"!

2. Do Min Joon? Do Min Joon!


Do Min Joon redefines alien sexiness. And you know he will always be there when you need help.

3. Cheon Song Yi’s lipstick


Cheon Song Yi’s lipstick color was so popular that the rumored color that she wore from YSL sold out across the world! Hey ladies, spring is the perfect time to rock this beautiful pinky coral lip just like Song Yi!

4. These apartments


Costing around one million dollars to construct — EACH — Do Min Joon’s and Cheon Song Yi’s apartments are envy-inducing luxurious. Can I please live in a place like that?

5. Superhero strength? Yes please!


On top of his ability to stop time and teleport, Do Min Joon is also freakishly strong. Stopping Song Yi’s car from careening off a cliff? No big deal for Min Joon.

6. Cheon Song Yi’s driving skills

Possibly the worst driver in drama history...Song Yi was used to being driven around when she was a top Hallyu star, but when she has to drive herself to class, you’d better get off the road! The clip above is hilarious too!

7. The magnificently sinister Lee Jae Kyung


Played by the stunning Shin Sung Rok, Jae Kyung is the perfect bad guy. He’s the guy you love to hate but also hate that you love. He’s just so handsome….

8. The “15 Second Fairy” scene

Cheon Song Yi boasts that it only takes 15 seconds for someone to become captivated by her seductive self. And just when you think Do Min Joon may be impervious to her charms…”the kiss” happens.

9. Did I mention Do Min Joon?


Just take a moment to admire the beautifulness that is Do Min Joon, played by Kim Soo Hyun. And don’t forget, after you re-watch My Love From Another Star and the Do Min Joon withdrawal begins to set in again, you can see Kim Soo Hyun and the writer of My Love from Another Star reunite for Producer, coming exclusively to DramaFever in May!

source : dramafever

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"Producer" Kim Soo Hyun, please forget Do Min Joon...here comes the PD
translated by Pechumori

Although you cannot forget, you have to forget. Actor Kim Soo Hyun who became PD Baek Sung Chan asks that we forget Do Min Joon.

In the teaser video of KBS2 entertainment drama, "Producer" which was released last April 19, Kim Soo Hyun has attracted the most attention.

In the video, Kim Soo Hyun who was seen with neat hair, wearing a big suit and had an amusing expression, drew the appearance of a new PD Baek Sung Chan. He became a PD because of his first love, a person of pure character who works passionately.

This appearance of Kim Soo Hyun is 180 degrees different from his role as Do Min Joon from his previous work in the SBS drama, "You who came from the stars". Rather, it is reminiscent of his appearance during his rookie days from his role in "Kimchi Cheese Smile" snd as Song Sam Dong of "Dream High". Kim Soo Hyun can be seen to have embarked on an image transformation.

This is also the reason why Kim Soo Hyun who has received a lot of offers from many projects, has selected the "Producer". In the video that has been published on April 21, Cha Tae Hyun told Kim Soo Hyun that "It's been quite a long time since You who came from the Stars" and asked "How long was your break?" Kim Soo Hyun answered "One year and three months." "I wanted to try to do something to break the image."

After playing the roles of King Lee Hwon in "Moon Embracing the Sun" and Do Min Joon from "You who came from the stars", Kim Soo Hyun wanted to play a role that is a little lighter and have a lively performance of a youth in his 20s.

This is the path that Kim Soo Hyun chose to transform into the new PD. In order to better present his role, Kim Soo Hyun is looking at his costume one by one. It is the story behind that they are paying meticulous preparations for. From the teaser video stills, Kim Soo Hyun has gained expectation for his performance as he completely transforms to show the Baek Sung Chan look.

The first broadcast of the "Producer" will be this coming May 8 at 9:15 pm.

credit: tvreport
Kim Soo Hyun International Fanclub
It's quite coincidental that this article came right after @willenette's post of the Do Min Joon news.

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"Producer", explosive reaction on SNS...second teaser published at noon of April 21
translated by Pechumori


The teaser video of the "Producer" has evoked an explosive reaction on SNS.

It was not even a day after the teaser video of the new KBS variety drama "Producer" (writer Park Ji Eun, directed by PD Seo Soo Min and Pyo Min Su) has been released and it was found to have been viewed by nearly five million times.

On the afternoon of April 19, the teaser of KBS' "Producer" was published at the Official Facebook Account of "KBS Korea Broadcasting" and in an instant, as soon as it was published, it exceeded 1.5 million views at 2 pm. on April 20. Currently, it has a record of more than 2.26 million views with 33,007 or more people clicking the "Like" button.

In particular, the Chinese fans who have been waiting for Kim Soo Hyun's comeback project had a hot reaction. The teaser of the KBS "Producer" published at the official weibo account "MyloveKBS" reached 2.5 million views at a phenomenal speed.

The teaser video of the "Producer" gaining a lot of interest is analyzed to reflect the expectations of the fans for the drama.

The second teaser video of the "Producer" prior to its May 8 broadcast was published at noon this April 21.

credit: asiae
Kim Soo Hyun International Fanclub

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class="content-title"EXID’s Solji Reveals Her Ideal Type During Interview with bnt Pb7NXO.jpg

In regards to her ideal type, Solji revealed, “I have liked Kim Soo Hyun for a long time. In addition to his stellar acting, he has endless personal charms, and is everything from manly and cute to sexy. 


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