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Handwritten autograph poster











Netflix and K-Drama


Netflix, which started service in Korea in January 2016, is rapidly growing in the domestic content market by boldly investing in dramas whose production has been stranded without exceeding the cost or material threshold. Domestic producers are actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with Netflix in order to enjoy the production experience that can focus only on the completeness of the content, and the distribution advantage of presenting it to 150 million subscribers in 190 countries at once.


One of the most positive changes Netflix brought to the domestic drama market is that industry officials say they can make their'masterpiece' more active. 

Netflix's role as an additional source of revenue for producers also plays an important role in creating a masterpiece. Drama producers' profits consist of domestic broadcasting rights paid by broadcasters in exchange for broadcasting the drama, PPL, advertising revenue, and overseas rights. In addition, Netflix called'OTT Sales Revenue'. The net profit of OTT sales through Netflix is the studio dragon of CJ ENM's drama production studio. It is known that Netflix bought 280 billion won, which is 70% of the production cost


Eight of the top 10 Netflix in Vietnam are Korean dramas

Netflix also needs Korea. This is because Korean drama has a great influence in the Asian market. Netflix needs to build as much content as possible to secure subscribers. Securing Korean dramas could lead to an increase in subscribers in Asia. As the number of Netflix subscribers in the United States has reached its limit, Korea will become the base for targeting the Asian market, where additional subscribers can be created.


The popularity of Korean dramas in Asia is confirmed by figures. The top 10 is an indicator of the day Netflix began to release on February 25th. Korean dramas such as tvN 'Psycho But It's OK',  SBS 'The King: Eternal Lord', and JTBC 'Ssangappocha' in the top 10 TV program rankings in Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Taiwan are taking the top spot.

As of the 29th of last month, in Vietnam, 8 of the top 10 were Korean dramas. Japan is no exception. TVN 'Love Trial', JTBC 'Itaewon Klas', and tvN 'Psycho but it's okay' ranked first to third.










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2020.07.09  Kim Soo-hyun's Instagram upload













[Special Making]  Psycho, but it's okay EP.7







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4 Reasons Why “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Is Becoming Everyone’s New K-Drama Obsession


“It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” started on June 20 this year.


Looking for a new K-Drama to lose yourself in after getting absorbed in Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class, Extracurricular, and the other hit dramas of 2020? Fear not—there’s a great one that just started. tVN’s It’s Okay Not To Be Okay has been streaming worldwide on Netflix since June 20, and it’s already becoming everyone’s new drama obsession. Why should you watch it? Just take a look at these four highlights that drew everyone in.



1. The focus on mental health


While the stigma around mental health is gradually lessening both in South Korea and worldwide, there are still only a few K-Dramas out there that incorporate it into their storylines.

Following the likes of popular dramas like Sky Castle, Good Doctor, and Kill Me, Heal Me, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (titled Psycho But It’s Okay) in Korea is the latest show to tackle mental health issues—and it does so in a raw, appealing way.


The female lead character, Ko Moon Young (played by Seo Ye Ji) suffers from antisocial personality disorder, which causes people to show a disregard for other people’s rights and feelings.

Meanwhile, the male lead character (Moon Kang Tae, played by Kim Soo Hyun) works at a psychiatric ward and has an older brother with autism spectrum disorder.



2. The anti-heroine lead


In most K-Dramas, the female lead is immediately likeable—or at least has obvious fun or redeeming qualities. Ko Moon Young, however, is a whole different story, and that makes her very refreshing.


Moon Young is a successful children’s book author, but not the sweet kind you’d expect. Instead, thanks to her personality disorder, she’s been described as arrogant, self-centred, and even rude. While those characteristics may not seem immediately appealing, viewers are falling for her just as hard as they do with typical heroines.


Seo Ye Ji herself says she’s “never seen a character like [her] in any Korean drama before”. The truly engaging part about this anti-heroine is that over the course of the show, viewers will get to see her heal her inner wounds and become a whole new person.



3. The unique romantic chemistry


Given the themes, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay may sound a little heavy, but it is primarily a romance drama. Thankfully, the chemistry is just as great as you’d expect. Early fans say Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun have such a good connection, you can feel it through the screen.


On top of that, the romance is unusual, which is unsurprising given the characters’ wounds. In stills from the show, Ko Moon Young and Moon Kang Tae can be seen in tense and strange embraces.



4. The emotional roller coaster


Whether you start watching a K-Drama because of the cast, the reviews, or something else entirely, what really draws you in is the emotion. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is the kind of emotional roller coaster you won’t be able to pull yourself away from.


Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun both said the story brought them heartache when they first read the scripts. Seo Ye Ji went on to say that the character of Ko Moon Young will have viewers looking back at their own hardships and lives.


But at the same time, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay was also written to provide healing. As you watch each episode, you’ll slowly find yourself being healed, renewed, and satisfied alongside the lead characters.












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so many ways to warm’em




Tons of jokes and tricks on the set of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. I love how fun and cheeky Seo Ye Ji comes across, getting along with Kim Soo Hyun like close high school buddies. I did like the scene where Kang Tae put the back of his hand on Moon Young’s cheek to demonstrate warmth so it’s pretty funny to find out the various versions they attempted before coming up with the final one.




source : https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2020/07/07/so-many-ways-to-warmem/


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Watch: Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, And Oh Jung Se Crack Up While Filming “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” In Medieval Costumes




tvN has released another behind-the-scenes look at tvN’s “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”!


The clip focuses on the scene where Kim Soo Hyun has to rescue Seo Ye Ji from the “villainous” Oh Jung Se in the medieval ages.


Oh Jung Se appears in his costume with a full beard, exuding an evil aura, and the staff members burst into laughter. Seo Ye Ji comments that he looks like a completely different person, and Oh Jung Se purposely speaks to her in a low voice to match his new appearance.


Filming starts, and Oh Jung Se drags Seo Ye Ji outside the set. Kim Soo Hyun, who is behind them, comments, “[We have to go through] the door!” Oh Jung Se’s eyes widen in shock, but he snarls and pulls Seo Ye Ji to the correct location. While acting, Kim Soo Hyun ends up on the floor, and Seo Ye Ji asks, “Why did you fall?” In bewilderment, Kim Soo Hyun quips, “Hyung (Oh Jung Se) threw me!”




Next, the three actors film the part where Kim Soo Hyun and Oh Jung Se have a sword fight while Seo Ye Ji is on the floor as a damsel in distress. Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji can’t stop laughing at Oh Jung Se’s ad-libs and exaggerated actions. They attempt to film again, but this time, Oh Jung Se isn’t able to pull his sword out, and Kim Soo Hyun falls onto his knees from laughing too much.


Check out the behind-the-scenes video below!




credit : soompi news




6 hours ago, hwonhwon_stv said:

2020.07.09  Kim Soo-hyun's Instagram upload




@hwonhwon_stv, thanks for sharing the pictures.  He is back on Instagram with MORE hilarious pictures. He's funny - Kim SooHyun is too good at this type of pictures. hahaha - Starting this month, he's been posting crazy pictures on his IG. Kim SooHyun was at 3.1m followers back in June 4 and he has now 4.5m on July 9.  Please correct me here if I'm wrong - Since the beginning of the drama, his followers has continuously increased. If you are not following him yet, you can at @soohyun_k216:blush:

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17 hours ago, willenette said:

Instagram with MORE hilarious pictures. He's funny - Kim SooHyun is too good at this type of pictures. hahaha - Starting this month, he's been posting crazy pictures on his IG. Kim SooHyun was at 3.1m followers back in June 4 and he has now 4.5m on July 9.  Please correct me here if I'm wrong - Since the beginning of the drama, his followers has continuously increased. If you are not following him yet, you can at @soohyun_k216.



You're welcome willenette :)




It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

New pics












More pic





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 TOP 10 Shows South Korea [July 8]
1. Its Okay to Not Be Okay
2. The World of the Married
3. Warrior Nun
4. Hospital Playlist
5. Heart Signal
6. Snowpiercer
7. My Mister
8. Mr. Sunshine
9. Mystic Pop-Up Bar
10. Goblin








TOP 10 Shows South Korea [July 8] 1. Its Okay t







Psycho But It's Okay Netflix Game Trailer, OK or Not OK game

Thailand version





Netflix TH promo clip translation from the Thai subs


Netflix is playing this OK or NOT OK game for situations “about if your friend did” would you be ok or not. This game is to test the ‘chemistry’ between the three main actors being KSH, YSJ and OJS.
Question 1. If you sent an urgent text to your friend and they didn’t read/answer.
All said Ok and were considerate of friend maybe having their own urgent business etc. KSH said he sometimes is busy and the same can be of his friend. YSJ said that in one’s own life, one has to solve one’s own problem (KSH hides behind his sign laughing!!). OJS says his friend is probably busy. KSH then says they all are considerate of friends.
Q2. If friend order bubble tea with out the ‘bubbles’. (In Thailand we call the bubbles ‘pearls’). 


KSH said Not OK while YSJ and OJS didn’t mind. KSH explained that the tea with out the pearls would then just be plain tea. (YSJ laughs at his explain action). OJS says he doesn’t mind with our without and there is a cute ‘Buddhist monk’ sound and cartoon bead - (implying that he is compassionate). The. KSH says but the straw for the tea is BIG like this...(hand gesture). YSJ says she will just buy another tea. KSH then asks YSJ if she is going to keep buying until she gets the tea with the pearls. YSJ answers ‘Yes’ and KSH then says for bubble tea, the tea must have pearls and one must chew the pearls for it to be real bubble tea. 

Q3. If you ordered food and your friend didn’t but when it comes, they steal your food afterwards. 


All said Ok! KSH says he will just order more food. OJS says it is really Ok! My friend may have just become hungry. He then says one hour ago, he was like that!! (KSH starts laughing.) OJS said he could skip lunch but when the food came, he ate it. YSJ says she thinks the same as him.
Q4. If your friend took your personal item without asking/permission.


The guys both not okay while YSJ says Ok! 
OJS immediately turns to YSJ and says, Ok because you can buy a new one? YSJ and KSH both laughs. YSJ then explains that if a friend did that then they must have really needed to and she can buy a new one. OJS then says if it’s a regular personal item, then Ok but if it is something of importance, then even a close friend should ask permission first. It is about manners and he hopes they can be respectful. KSH says when he was in the military, this was definitely a not possible  and to use someone else’s stuff without permission may result in harsh punishment. (YSJ starts to laugh a bit because he made it serious!) KSH ends with please don’t mess with other people personal items.



Q5. If your friend like to make jokes often but they aren’t funny
KSH and YSJ = OK; OJS = not okay
OJS explains it is okay to make jokes but doing it too often is not okay. (KSH starts to laugh.) OJS continues that it is not good to carry on making jokes (while looking at KSH). KSH says he has friends like this and overtime it does become funny. YSJ then says “lately Mr KSH is like that, so he is used to it (making jokes) and so he answered OK (the meme worthy bit). KSH then closes with a TWICE pun that wasn’t funny lol. KSH then says he didn’t know and he didn’t mean it.


Netflix then has a graphic showing their chemistry is maximum and they close by asking fans to watch the drama. 


cr: stella77-soompi

o Not Be Okay 2. The World of the Married 3. Warrior Nun 4. Hospital Playlist


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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Kim Soo Hyun


With his recent comeback in the small screen in the drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, Kim Soo Hyun have once again proven his caliber as one of South Korea’s top actors.

New fans of him are increasing everyday with every episode added to the series and making everyone search about who Kim Soo Hyun is. So, to help you, especially his new fans, here are some of the things that you probably do not know about him yet.

1. As of date, Kim Soo Hyun only have FOUR major dramas where he was the main role but he has received awards for ALL of them.

With 13 years in the industry after debuting in 2007, it’s quite surprising that Soo Hyun’s filmography so far consists of 2 short films, 3 movies and 11 TV series. But he probably believes in “Quality over Quantity” because all of his works have gained him awards and appreciation for his consistent top-tier acting.


2. Speaking of awards, with 13 years in the industry he already received tons of them, most of which are Big Awards

As of date, Soo Hyun had won about 56 various awards from different awarding bodies that includes, Baeksang Awards, Korean Drama Awards, APAN Awards, Grand Bell Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, MBC Drama Awards, KBS Drama Awards, SBS Drama Awards among others. These awards ranges from ‘Best New Actor’ awards to the “Daesang” (Grand Prize) awards.



3. For his role in Dream High he underwent an idol training in JYP for 3 months

Being the only cast actor on the show without professional Idol training experience, Soo Hyun was trained in singing and dancing at JYP for 3 months and was seen practicing his dance steps with other casts Taecyeon and Wooyoung of 2PM.



4. He has a half-sister named Kim Ju Na who joined Produce 101 and almost debuted as a member of girl group ‘The Ark’

Before MNET’s Produce 101 season 1 started in 2015, news came out that Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister was participating as one of the contestants. Turns out, this is Kim Ju Na who has a great voice and is now active as a soloist.



5. He is good at singing and his father was a professional singer

His father was actually Kim Chung-hoon, the lead singer of Korean 80’s band “Seven Dolphins”. Soo Hyun had also showed his great voice during the drama Dream High and even on his guesting on entertainment shows, like when he visited Hongki in Kiss the Radio.



6. He has acted with Song Joongki, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Boyoung and other now famous actors since his debut days

His early roles consisted of playing teen versions of male leads and supporting roles. You can even watch his special drama “Jungle Fish” with Park Bo Young below:



7. He took the professional bowler exam

He is so passionate with bowling that in 2016 he even took the professional exam for it but only passed up to the second round. But he’s still known for his great skills and is often seen playing with FT Island’s Lee Hongki.



8. He had a surgery in 2010 for Supraventricular tachycardia

Due to this pre-existing heart condition, he was originally designated as a public service officer for his military service. But after taking additional medical examination, he was allowed to serve in active duty. He was stationed on the DMZ to patrol and search for active land mines. Due to his good performance, he was even promoted early to a Sergeant.




9. He appeared on the MV of IU’s song ‘Ending Scene’

His close friendship with IU started when they worked together in the past for Dream High. In 2017, he appeared in IU’s Ending Scene MV. He also came back in the drama scene by appearing as a cameo in IU’s recent drama Hotel del Luna.



10. He is now with his cousin’s new entertainment agency

After his contract with Key East Entertainment expired, his cousin Lee Jae Hyun, who was also the director of his movie ‘Real’ started a new agency named “Gold Medalist Entertainment’. Right now, the agency also signed Kim Saeron and Seo Yeji.




source : https://annyeongoppa.com/2020/07/07/10-things-you-probably-dont-know-about-kim-soo-hyun/



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Recently Kim Soo Hyun's old dramas "You from the Stars", "The Moon Embracing the Sun", "Producer", "Dream high", "Will It Snow for Christmas?" and other works have risen sharply on the unlimited Wavve platform, re-boarded the rankings, and once again witnessed the unique 'Kim Soo Hyun effect'



Note: Wavve is a new platform established by SK Telecom's Oksusu and the Pooq platform of Korean radio and TV stations KBS, MBC and SBS. Because "Psycho but It's Okay" is a cable TV program, so it is not broadcast on its platform, but this does not affect Kim Soo Hyun's list on the wireless station.



















Now his IG has 4.5 millions followers




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Can't wait for tomorrow 

It's Okay To Not Be Okay ep 7 :kiss_wink:













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F.T. ISLAND’s Lee Hongki sends food support to Kim Soo Hyun on set of “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”


F.T. ISLAND’s Lee Hongki sent food support to Kim Soo Hyun on set of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.


Kim Soo Hyun shared the photos of the food truck today, July 7, on his Instagram account.


He cutely posed for a picture beside the truck which included his salute.


The second and third photo he posted used hashtags, such as corporal 2, monthly salary, thank you; while, military, Lee Hongki, and take care of me on the latter.


The two are known having deep friendship and for being bowling buddies.


Meanwhile, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is an ongoing drama that features the heartbreaking yet healing journey of the leads.


If you’re a Filipino fan of Kim Soo Hyun, you might want to check out KimSooHyunshi Philippines.



source : https://annyeongoppa.com/2020/07/07/f-t-islands-lee-hongki-sends-food-support-to-kim-soo-hyun-on-set-of-its-okay-to-not-be-okay/

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Today, KSHBar & KSH1stCN & JustKimSooHyun jointly support the food truck and coffee cart assistance finally presented. I hope to give Soo Hyun and the crew of IOTNBO  the full energy of our Kmoon.
Details will be released later.













“It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Costume Director Reveals The Concepts Behind The Characters’ Outfit Styles


Each outfit concept tells a story


Each episode of tvN‘s K-Drama series It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is surely visual-packed. By that, we mean the series offers not only the most absolute gorgeousness of the two leads Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji (also known as Seo Yea Ji)…but also some impeccable and interesting details — like their outfits — that keep the characters so alive and relatable.


The series’s costume director Jo Sang Gyeong revealed in a recent interview that she intended these characters’ “default looks” to convey their personalities and backgrounds. She explained, “The outfits have been put together so the viewers can glance over the characters and easily guess their tendencies.”


For Kim Soo Hyun’s character Moon Gang Tae, the director focused his outfits on the concept of devotion.

Because Moon Gang Tae has been leading a life of sacrifice to look after his hyung, he is not used to looking after himself. The “bland and basic” outfits are meant to portray his lack of care for himself.

His default look is a stretched-out tee with an old pair of corduroy pants. It’s bland and basic… I even had his costumes washed and slightly weathered so it gets that worn-out feel too.

— Jo Sang Gyeong


On the other hand, Oh Jung Se‘s character Moon Sang Tae is repeatedly seen wearing striped shirts

The director shared that this came to be, based on some thorough research.

I looked into some artists who are on the spectrum. They are inclined to use repeating patterns in their works. So to convey the character’s diagnosis, I decided to dress him in a repeated pattern of stripes.

— Jo Sang Gyeong


In the case of Ko Mun Yeong’s character, played by Seo Ye Ji, the director opted for fierce, flashy, and some even eccentric, outfits — to actually portray her self-defense mechanism.

Set to be “gothic” to match her literary style, Ko Mun Yeong’s extravagant outfits are “supposed to contradict her utmost vulnerability inside.”


As for Park Gyu Young’s character Nam Ju Ri, her “default look” aims to illustrate “warmth”, according to the director.

Nam Ju Ri’s outfits come in layers of colors that create a cozy vibe. That is to represent her naive, soft personality. The outfit in the scene with her wearing a lavender colored shirt with a red colored coat is, possibly, the most accurate depiction of her lovely, warm-hearted nature.

— Jo Sang Gyeong


The director also revealed that the medical uniforms worn by Moon Gang Tae and his co-workers at OK Psychiatric Hospital are pastel-colored for a reason.

The series tries to shed light on the psychiatric hospital as a healthy, healing space — not a scary, life-threatening one. By giving the medical staff pastel-colored, vintage-styled uniforms, I aimed to soften the overall ambiance of the hospital.

— Jo Sang Gyeong


Finally, as something for the viewers to keep their eyes on, the director shared that Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji will inevitably start to shift in their styles later in the series — as “their romance deepens”.

Moon Gang Tae will start to wear more colors, while Ko Mun Yeong will start to wear more casual and comfortable outfits. The changes in their looks will come as they start to grow closer.


With that said, viewers are excited for the upcoming episodes — in which they will try to pick up on the director’s subtle hints, dropped in the characters’ outfits!








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Seo Ye Ji’s Tiny Waist In K-Drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Has Got Everyone Talking


She has what K-netizens call an ant waist .
South Korean actress Seo Ye Ji has been hogging headlines lately, thanks to her role as a super stylish children's book author in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. The K-drama also stars Kim Soo Hyun, who plays a caregiver at a psychiatric ward.
In the latest episode, there was a scene which showed Ye Ji's character at the hospital dressed in an all-pink two-piece outfit that accentuated her tiny, tiny waist. Viewers clearly couldn't get over what they saw as they immediately went online to react to the 30-year-old actress' ant waist , a term that K-netizens use to describe a very tiny waistline.


“Can all her organs fit in there? No way! Her waist is smaller than my thigh!” commented one netizen.
While some netizens were envious of her svelte figure, there were also those who felt that the 1.69m-tall Ye Ji’s tiny waist might be the result of digital retouching. Truth be told, it probably all boils down to genetics. According to some netizens, Ye Ji's mum and older sister, who both worked as air stewardesses, are equally slim.
Then there were the concerns about her physical well-being. “She's too skinny now. She could stand to gain some weight,” wrote one netizen.


Ye Ji's waist isn't the only body part that has gotten people talking. Soo Hyun created a stir in the drama's third episode when he bared his chiseled abs.
In that scene, Ye Ji's character bumps into a shirtless Soo Hyun in the hospital's changing room. When she reaches out to touch his abs (can you blame her?), Soo Hyun immediately grabs her and spins her around.


Of course many netizens took to Twitter to leave thirsty comments about the 32-year-old actor's abs after the ep aired.
“Kim Soo Hyun, how long have you been working out?” a fan asked, while another hilariously tweeted: “Search history: Kim Soo Hyun abs, shirtless, wet look.







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