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♥️♥️♥️ Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 ♥️♥️♥️

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Watch: Kim Soo Hyun And Seo Ye Ji Show Unique Method Of Rehearsing Lines In “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”




tvN has released the behind-the-scenes video for episode seven of “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!”


“It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” is about the strange romance between Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun), a community health worker at a psychiatric ward, and Go Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji), a children’s storybook writer with antisocial personality disorder.

The behind-the-scenes video focuses on three scenes: the scene in the motel with the vending machine, the scene in which Moon Kang Tae and Go Moon Young face off at night, and the scene in which Go Moon Young and Nam Joo Ri (Park Gyu Young) get into a fight.


In the first scene, Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji have technical issues with the vending machine. During rehearsals for their lines, the two actors imitate each other’s lines back to each other. As they rehearse the shot in which she backs him up against the machine, he asks, “Should I move my hips like this?” and she complains with a laugh, “I end up copying you if you do that.” This scene also featured a cameo from actor Jung Sang Hoon.


In the second scene, Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji struggle to remember their lines for a scene in which their characters engage in quick banter. At the end of rehearsals, the two actors show that they have the scene memorized by saying each other’s lines instead of their own.

In the final scene, Seo Ye Ji and Park Gyu Young practice the timing for their slap and fight scene. Seo Ye Ji is calm and professional, giving the nervous Park Gyu Young advice, and Park Gyu Young says, “I had trouble sleeping because of this scene.” The fight looks fierce on camera, but the two actors can’t stop laughing as they film and monitor the scene.







Watch: Kim Soo Hyun And Seo Ye Ji Show Unique Method Of Rehearsing Lines In “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”














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Your face is fine


After his discharge, his returning work 'Psycho, but it's okay' 
brings out a stable and calm look


The actor's face is changing. Even a similar character varies depending on the work, and even the same work gives a different color depending on the situation. The masses read emotions from their changing faces and empathize. Here, we're looking into the faces of the actors' work that has recently become noteworthy or hot


Kim Soo-hyun is a Korean wave star. The tvN drama 'Psycho but it's okay' is the first film he chose after his discharge, and a return to the home after about five years. I was excited because it was Kim Su-hyun, who has drama such as 'Dream High', 'The Moon Embracing the Sun', 'You from the Star', and 'Producer'. 


The drama recorded 6.1% (Nielsen Korea's national paid household standard) on the first broadcast, but has not been able to hit it. This is because a unique character is diverted from the setting based on the mental ward. In addition, the character's sexual harassment controversy sparks a difficult path. Still, the reason why it is hard to miss this drama because actor Kim Soo-hyun. 


Kim Soo-hyun took on Moon Kang-tae, a psychiatric ward guard who refuses to love under the heavy weight of life. He plays Moon Kang-Tae, who has been crushed in life so hard to endure, with a calm look. The devices and screens in the drama are fairy-tale and fantasy, but Kim Su-hyun's face standing alone in them is extremely realistic. That's why I want to complement Moon Kang-tae. 


Although it is nothing on the outside, Kim Su-hyun's eyes are full of loneliness, sadness, and hardship that cannot be expressed in words. All of these emotions are expressed with just one glance, so that the 'eye looks soon epic'. The acting of Kim Soo-hyun, combined with a stable voice and sad looking eyes, gives persuasive power to a story that is difficult to understand.


In the scene where Moon Gang-tae reveals his heart to a friend, the actor's face shines toxic. "I think I want to run away, so I don't travel with my brother, etc. If the original life is hard enough to die, it's the easiest way to escape." The dry, seemingly resignation of everything reveals how much the character has endured holding on to the pain. 


It also gives a strange excitement when unfolding the romance scene expected of Kim Soo-hyun. The love between people who are hurting is sad. Kim Soo-hyun intertwines with Gomun-young, who has an antisocial personality tendency, and faces his wounds and embraces the other. In the scene saying "I'm just going to play with you. Am I right?" It is the moment when Kang Tae's mind, who lived a long life, slowly grasps the moment. 


In the 6th episode, "Yes, I'm not going," he embraces Ko Moon-young, and his smiling face is different from the previous one. The emotions of the characters are naturally revealed by changes in expression and eyes. 


'Psycho but it's okay' is a drama that is difficult to intermediary, but the wounded people throw messages through the process of comforting each other. The important thing in this process is the actor's acting. You should buy empathy by slowly exposing your character's pain without overdoing it. Kim Soo-hyun is taking another leap through this drama. Even without glamorous techniques, the eyes and expressions of the characters convey the desperate mind of the characters. It's okay because it is Kim Soo-hyun, and it is possible because it is Kim Soo-hyun. 








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8 Must-Watch K-Dramas Of 2020 So Far


2020 has been a pretty difficult year—and we’re only halfway done—but K-dramas serve as a momentary escape that helps us heal and de-stress a bit. And although 2020 hasn’t been the greatest of times, in the world of K-dramas, it’s been pretty darn good. Here’s are eight K-dramas from this year that are definite must-watches!


1. “Crash Landing on You”

2. “Itaewon Class”

3. “Hospital Playlist”

4. “Dr. Romantic Kim 2”

5. “The World of the Married”

6. “My Unfamiliar Family”

7. “Stove League”

8. “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”




8. “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”


Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) works as a caregiver in a psychiatric hospital. He meets a woman named Go Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) who writes dark children’s books, and she takes a strong liking to him. She is determined to win Kang Tae’s heart, but Kang Tae can’t be bothered with romance and relationships because he is devoted to taking care of his older brother Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) who is autistic.


It hasn’t been too long since this series has started, but it’s already creating quite the buzz. Aside from the fact that it’s Kim Soo Hyun’s comeback K-drama since he was discharged from the military, the storyline is fascinatingly brilliant. It’s got an ethereal, dark tone, and the acting by the main cast is to be applauded. Park Shin Woo, who also directed “Encounter” and “Don’t Dare to Dream,” also needs to be spotlighted as his artistic production of this series has been so impressive. There’s definitely so much more to look forward to in this series!













1 week in July Racoi  ranking


It's Okay To Not Be Okay  is NO 1











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Wednesday morning














It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Special track vol.1 will be released on July 11 


The tracks released earlier Haze's'You're Cold' Sam Kim's' Breath', and Park Won's 'My Tale' rising to the top of the music chart 





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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Filming  .....   Schooldays












More pics












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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay on VOD real time is NO 1  [episode 6 (7/5) broadcast to 7/6 hourly real time is NO 1]
Daily list [ Ranking on the basis of the number of sales on July 6] is NO 1
Weekly list [number of sales from July 1 to July 7] is NO 2












Good data first week of July

Drama TV search reaction It's Okay To Not Be Okay NO 1


Top Keywords for TV Drama Actor Search  :  'It's Okay To Not Be Okay   Kim Soo Hyun' NO 3   and  'It's Okay To Not Be Okay  Seo Ye Ji' NO 5







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Since its first release, It's Okay To Not Be Okay has been ranked No. 1 in Netflix Korea



Review- tvN drama 'Psycho but it's okay'



The tvN drama 'Psycho, but it's okay'  is becoming the hot topic in Netflix, ranking first in Korean content every day. It is evaluated that heavy dialogue hidden in the rough surface and unique directing techniques are exerting power. 


This work, which has been aired since the 20th of last month, has been released to Netflix at the same time. Since its first release, Netflix has been ranked No. 1 in 'Today's Top 10 Contents of Korea' which is released daily. TV ratings remain at 5%, but they are gaining a lot of popularity from online video services ( OTT )



Full article



















[Teaser]  It's Okay to Not Be Okay OST Special Track vol.1 






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SMR released the Top 10 most viewed dramas ( VOD , clips ) for 2020


Smart Media Rep (SMR), which distributes the clip VOD of major broadcasters to online platforms such as Naver and YouTube,  the ranking of clip video views of domestic broadcast dramas from January 1 to the 7th of this month :


1. World of the married 
2. Crash Landing on you
3. Itaewon Class
4. Hospital Playlist 
5. Romantic Doctor 2
6. Once Again
7. Hi Bye , Mama !
8. Stove League
9. Eternal Monarch
10. Its Okay To Not Be Okay

















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His curls :D









10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Kim Soo Hyun


With his recent comeback in the small screen in the drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, Kim Soo Hyun have once again proven his caliber as one of South Korea’s top actors.

New fans of him are increasing everyday with every episode added to the series and making everyone search about who Kim Soo Hyun is. So, to help you, especially his new fans, here are some of the things that you probably do not know about him yet.



1. As of date, Kim Soo Hyun only have FOUR major dramas where he was the main role but he has received awards for ALL of them.


With 13 years in the industry after debuting in 2007, it’s quite surprising that Soo Hyun’s filmography so far consists of 2 short films, 3 movies and 11 TV series. But he probably believes in “Quality over Quantity” because all of his works have gained him awards and appreciation for his consistent top-tier acting.




2. Speaking of awards, with 13 years in the industry he already received tons of them, most of which are Big Awards


As of date, Soo Hyun had won about 56 various awards from different awarding bodies that includes, Baeksang Awards, Korean Drama Awards, APAN Awards, Grand Bell Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, MBC Drama Awards, KBS Drama Awards, SBS Drama Awards among others. These awards ranges from ‘Best New Actor’ awards to the “Daesang” (Grand Prize) awards.




3. For his role in Dream High he underwent an idol training in JYP for 3 months


Being the only cast actor on the show without professional Idol training experience, Soo Hyun was trained in singing and dancing at JYP for 3 months and was seen practicing his dance steps with other casts Taecyeon and Wooyoung of 2PM.




4. He has a half-sister named Kim Ju Na who joined Produce 101 and almost debuted as a member of girl group ‘The Ark’


Before MNET’s Produce 101 season 1 started in 2015, news came out that Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister was participating as one of the contestants. Turns out, this is Kim Ju Na who has a great voice and is now active as a soloist.




5. He is good at singing and his father was a professional singer


His father was actually Kim Chung-hoon, the lead singer of Korean 80’s band “Seven Dolphins”. Soo Hyun had also showed his great voice during the drama Dream High and even on his guesting on entertainment shows, like when he visited Hongki in Kiss the Radio.



6. He has acted with Song Joongki, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Boyoung and other now famous actors since his debut days


His early roles consisted of playing teen versions of male leads and supporting roles. You can even watch his special drama “Jungle Fish” with Park Bo Young 




7. He took the professional bowler exam


He is so passionate with bowling that in 2016 he even took the professional exam for it but only passed up to the second round. But he’s still known for his great skills and is often seen playing with FT Island’s Lee Hongki.



8. He had a surgery in 2010 for Supraventricular tachycardia


Due to this pre-existing heart condition, he was originally designated as a public service officer for his military service. But after taking additional medical examination, he was allowed to serve in active duty. He was stationed on the DMZ to patrol and search for active land mines. Due to his good performance, he was even promoted early to a Sergeant.




9. He appeared on the MV of IU’s song ‘Ending Scene’


His close friendship with IU started when they worked together in the past for Dream High. In 2017, he appeared in IU’s Ending Scene MV. He also came back in the drama scene by appearing as a cameo in IU’s recent drama Hotel del Luna.




10. He is now with his cousin’s new entertainment agency


After his contract with Key East Entertainment expired, his cousin Lee Jae Hyun, who was also the director of his movie ‘Real’ started a new agency named “Gold Medalist Entertainment’. Right now, the agency also signed Kim Saeron and Seo Yeji.












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Ah crazy crazy, Kim Soohyun and Seo Yeji wearing XX in Psycho but It’s Okay


Original post: Instiz



1.Heol! Both of them look good in it

2.What’s this about? Why a school uniform??? When is Saturday gonna come??

3.Heol! My heart’s beating so fast

4.Ah daebak!

5.Heol! Why does it looks so good on them

6.Heol! What’s up with that short hair?

7.No but why are they wearing school uniforms?? Heol!!!

8.Heol! What’s this. I can’t wait to see that

9.Is Kim Soohyun wearing a school uniform with this face?

10.Can Saturday come faster?

11.On top of that, her short hair?? Aah

12.Heol! What’s the difference between this and Song Sam dong? He totally looks like him

13.What? What is this about? Why are they wearing school uniforms?Why is my heart beating so fast? Is it okay for me to cry? Are those past memories? What’s that? This is driving me crazy!!

14.Was Seo Yeji’s hair short in the past? If it wasn’t, then did she cut her hair now? I’m so excited to know when was this? Woah! I can’t believe it’s still Wednesday…

15.Crazy!! And Seo Yeji has short hair!! You two come here! What do you mean school uniform!!! When is Saturday coming?? When are you going to show us that?? 

16.I want this scene this weekendㅠ ㅠ I love their school uniforms!

17.Daebak…. Why do I feel like this didn’t happen during high-school and it’s just her imagination?!?!?

18.When is this scene coming out?…….. Please tell me it’s coming out this week!








2020.07.08  Kim Soo-hyun's Instagram update












From Kang Ki Doong IG






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I like all his style on It's Okay To Not Be Okay :love:













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