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Guest amyoii

Thanks iceangel for your dedication in this thread ♥ can I request a picture spam of Chen Nuan Yang and Fu Meng Ni pleae?

And wow, Xinyuan looks like she just walked out from one of those realistic Chinese painting. Can I request more pictures of Xinyuan, if possible natural make up/ without the circle lenses XD

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Guest peppermintx

so I was watching Miss Hong Kong 2011 and one of the contestants looked SOOO familiar! then when I saw her name& I realized that she is Whitney Hui and that I saw her pictures from this thread before a few years ago when she was really popular online! She is on the list on the first page. She won second runner up for miss hong kong this year. kind of cool how she went from a popular net idol to miss hong kong! shes really pretty. her looks matured a lot






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Guest omochi

^ omg she looks like gigi leung now

@__@ i agree... especially the last photo haha~ I thought she looked familiar

On another note, Chen ruo xi has an amazing face shape *A* ...i'm so jealous!!

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Guest ling_ling

^ i like her! 

i saw her in a picture with ABB before and thought she was beautiful - really pretty and mature looking, like classic timeless beauty :D

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