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Guest x_haneul

someone needs to add this girl named

민영최 on facebook

Search this name on facebook.. it's going to show a really pretty girl  in the thumbnail. I believe she's pretending to be ulzzang.. but it's  hard to find the real ulzzang she has in the photos that she uploads.  Once she accepts you, and you look in her album, you can tell that she's  not using just one girl's photos but several similar looking girls and  claiming them all to be her. Please look at her album and if you  recognize any of the ulzzangs she's using, reply back and inform me of  the real ulzzang's name. Please and Thank you~~ ^^

here's the link if you're too lazy to search Choi Min Young Facebook

or copy paste this->   http://www.facebook....73777344&ref=ts

ps: she looks chinese

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Guest cinnamoroll

thanks for the post, purexorange!

ahh i love xinyuan :3! (2nd pic)

eh i topped a page D:! let me find some photos!





(moko.cc for credits)

she's not a net idol? but i found her on moko:

Xia ShengYu (夏馨雨)




she's a model

(credits: her moko: http://www.moko.cc/guizhuxiaomao/)

and some old grace photos? XD XD XD





(credits her blog)

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Guest Tofu_Cloud

-____- is there a Japanese ulzzang thread??

can someone note me??? TT__TT

there is a dead one, ppl pretty much forgotten about that thread long ago.

Not as popular, cuz no one goes there. I believe i was the last one to update it.

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Guest 1234567utygrfed

XinYuan's so pretty! *_* everything about her is so natural and feminine! I know it's prob the look she's going for, but I wish she'd pluck those brows :ph34r:

Does anyone know whatever happened to Grace?

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Guest omochi

Omgosh... that Jason guy from the previous page has such a gorgeous red! His hair is perfect ...his face kinda reminds me a bit of Edison Chen though @___@ wahaha...

Kingaboo is crazy pretty QuQ <33 I especially love her nails in the last photo ~

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Guest Lady K

kingboo is cute but when taking pic from a far

she looks different from her close up..does she use ps??

anyways by any chance she is a net idol??


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Guest stylebubble

^ i believe she has had surgery, but also a combination of ps ^^

large images, sorry!












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