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^I know.. I almost NEVER see men dress as smartly and as stylish as he does! :-) Imagine having a bf like that! U can like borrow his gorgeous shirts and stuff~ ah

LoL it'll be interesting if I can actually wear my bf's shirts and still have it looks stylish and not baggy.

But man all these guy ulzzangs have such nice skin.... lol

And Prince is definitely a cutie ^^

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i love how we're all just calling


l^o^l heheheheh. but I personally think that

him & edison sortamaybekinda give off a different

kind of...aura?

roflmao. (:


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i just went on to their offical website and saying how they are finally to have a concert !!!and the REAL edison might go see him !! haha

i couldn't find his ENG NAME ....he says that " i am Bboy Owodog"

sry ~

i still like gua gua the BEST!!!! *too bad he's not in it anymore*

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thunderbird is really pretty..

i've seen her on myspace it hink,

probably a poser then -__-

can someone post more pictures of her?

Yep.. more likely a poser =.=" I would post more pics of her... but her site doesnt have many ... i dont know what happened to all the rest of them =( She also doesnt update much.. so these are basically oldish pics as well =P

LOL, I think Monkey and that Edison Look-a-Like Dude should switch names.

ROFL!!! I think Monkey is hotter than Edison lookalike .. but thats only coz i always compare him to the real Edison... who i dont like much O__O ( he's hot, but ... remember that friendster scandal? EWWWWWWWWWW)

ARGHHH... soo many hot guys... My allegiance to shuai ge Max is gonna DISAPPEAR with all the pics of Prince, Monkey and (my fav) Gua gua

Does anyone know the link to Max's picture site?

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whats the frienster scandal?


... the friendster scandal with Edison, was that he took gross pics of himself (basically full frontal nudity) and put them on friendster to chat up young girls... =.="

after i read that in the magazine... i didn't like him anymore O__O. It's because of weirdos like that, that im scared of friend sites like that =P

Even though he's sooo hot.... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

I'd rather see him appropriately clothed... ... well... at least wearing SOMETHING ^^

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yeah; I think monkey is hotter than

mr.edisonchenlookalike. ;]

gosh; EDISON CHEN is YUCK!then if the

friendster scandal is really true. o.o

but lately in a hongkong/cantonese magazine,

i heard he's dating this girl named vincy (canada) & is always

"professing" his love for her on his blog. o.o i dont have the

link to his blog but i think at leats one of yall do. l^o^l

x x x

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