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This decade's most influential k-pop artists and songs

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Guest crazyfrog

i think one of the most influential songs is:

Kiss - because i'm a girl

this song has become quite well known all throughout asia, and i think has helped to start the trend of the epic!MVs.

i think all the people i wanted to say for artists have already been mentioned.

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Rain - For the obvious reasons...TIME consider him influential ... I guess enuff said - Rainism

DBSK - Just checkout their fan base.. :o, un believable..- Rising Sun


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Guest jOLyN_TVXQ

most influential artist and songs..hmmm

1. RAIN - but he is more towards acting than song....

2. TVXQ (RISING SUN onwards) - no doubt in their influence..not only asia but whole world..mirotic even won in some venuezela radio broadcast and is seen in a few county...but their influence starts during rising sun..^_^ ^_^

3. KISS (BECAUSE IM A GIRL) - this song no doubt has gone over all language barrier...and a turn a lot into kpop lover

4. BoA - her career in japan and usa..

5. WONDER GIRLS (NOBODY) - i dont need to say more i think??

6. SUPER JUNIOR (SORRY SORRY) - topping THAILAND chart and TAIWAN chart?? it sure to have it's own way of influencing others..^_^ even the inmates has dance mob on sorry sorry remember?

7. BIG BANG - i do think they had their own influence?? well at least for hip hop...^_^ ^_^

8. SNSD (GEE) - this girls do has some power...XD yeah, gee gee gee baby baby!!

i had this few so far..but if most influential, i go for


-reason = no need for others..look for their japanese career...for other part of asia and the world, we all knew how big TVXQ is...^_^ -

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Guest hahaheehee

Great topic. I agree with what people have said - TVXQ, BoA, Hyori, Wonder Girls, should all be on the list. And most definitely Shinhwa - they're Korea's oldest boyband, they're just legendary. They're like what SMAP is to the Japanese music scene. Without them paving the way for idol groups (members doing their solo thing outside of the group, or showing wacky personalities on variety shows), there wouldn't be the 2PM, SNSD, SHINee etc today that we all obsess over.

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Guest TOPforever

I don't have the reasons on my head but I'll give you a list :)

Big Bang



Wonder Girls



SG Wannabe


ehh cant think of anymore. XD

ohhh how about JYP? XD

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Guest mashimaro_is_luff

My opinion is going to be idol biased because that is the music I listen to and I don't know the rest well enough to judge. However i dont think that idol groups should be given too much honors because there are many singers who lead the way and create the music that they're singing today but aren't as well-known or credited. However idol music do deserve some of their share in shaping up kpop.

My top is DBSK, Boa, Hyori, Epik High, Rain

DBSK - start the craze of overseas concert in Southeast Asia. When their first Asia Tour hit, it was all over the news. The first korean artists to tour in so many countries. They're still the #1 korean artists to have the most concert-goers. The first Korean group really to lead the way for all these K-groups minions now to promote overseas. Their extreme fanbase helped them to be influential and put fanbase into good use (i.e. charity).

Boa - expand to Japan. Her pop music in the first half decade really identify kpop in that time frame. Her powerful dancing and strong vocals set the bar for all the younger singers to follow (this is coming from a boa's hater, but credit need to be given when needed)

Rain - Fullhouse was a big hit, accompany with powerful dancing and americanized hiphop songs make Rain one of the very first korean world's star. His achievements pile and pile for the whole decade. His music introduce people to kpop because of his influential name(that was helped through drama)... cant be miss

Epik High - awesome hip-hop/rap group. They're like dark chocolate amidst the lollipops. Although not as popular as idol group, they're well known and respect among young audience for their refreshing and creative music. They're a nice and fresh addition to kpop beside all the sugary pop.

Hyori - need I say more? the sexy and fashion icon of korea for the entire decade. her 10 minutes song are still honor through tribute from various groups. Her style are still being followed and talk about. Maybe not the best voice or the best dancer, but definitely one of the most influential.

#1 kpop song: Because I'm a girl - Kiss

even non-kpop fans have heard this song. It's translated to and sing in many different languages. It's truly the timeless kpop song that is still enjoyable even after after a decade since it's birth

mean while i dont really think big bang, wonder girls, or any other recent idol groups deserve the honorable mention. They may have started the whole current fad of hook-up songs or dance craze but it's still very recent. They make kpop overproduced and totally crappy. (personal opinon, im not saying that i think big bang and wonder girl is bad) . There were many groups who started many fads earlier on in kpop. Do we mention them all as well? Granted bigbang and wg is the most memorable right now because they;'re the most recent.

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Guest Duffle

BoA : The first and foremost Hallyu singer. She gains love and respect not only from her fans but from the majority of K-pop audience. Her style, her clean image and her success inspired so many kids and teenagers to want to become singer, including SNSD's Taeyeon (and even AKB48's Itano Tomomi). We heard quite often how K-pop music companies have wanted to create a "2nd BoA", though they never succeed. Her Japanese market breakthrough is the most remarkable thing, allowing other artists to follow suit.

BoA's representative song : No.1

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Guest god_thebest

Its g.o.d

Look at their album sales ( they sold 1,920,000 albums on Chapter 3 and 1,800,000 on Chapter 4)

They won 4-6 daesangs in one year.

No matter how popular h.o.t or DBSK was their music does not compare to g.o.d (not saying h.o.t or DBSK sucks.)

Noone sings their songs alot because their songs are considered sacred

They were on the front cover of TIME magazine

Yoon Kye Sangs picture was shown on the front cover of the Fashion magazine "Vogue"

g.o.d was on CNN

g.o.d debuted with Chapter 1 "To Mother" which went double platinum.

They almost filled the WHOLE Dream Concert stadium with g.o.d ballons by the g.o.d fans. (check out how big the stadium is)

g.o.d is one of the most influential groups in the history K-pop

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During 2000-2009, Shinhwa was probably the most influential artist. Perfect Man practically pioneered the mid-tempo dance pop genre that was the rage from around 2005 to 2008. There was even a girl group formed at first to make this genre of music (for those who don't know...DSP's attempt at FinKL 2). Even the glorious boy band DBSK was sucked into this trend (Rising Sun, O, Mirotic). It probably was so good that South Koreans thought that North Koreans had to see Shinhwa perform it live in North Korea (and so they did). With high quality dance choreography and excellent vocals, it's no wonder they're the longest running boy band in Korea. Shinhwa also popularized group members doing individual activities. Without this, it would be hard to imagine G-Dragon or so many other members of groups releasing their solo albums and such.

If there was 2nd place, it would probably go to Wonder Girls. Tell Me was probably the greatest influence in Kara's and Brown Eyed Girls' image change and the creation of groups like SNSD, Davichi and 4Minute. This kind of addictive, mid-to-high-tempo, cutesy music was pure genius on JYP's part, since it was obvious that everyone was hooked from day one. Tell Me is the obvious granddaddy of Gee and many more hit songs by girl groups. If it wasn't released so late in the year it might've been more influential than even Shinhwa...well that just serves to show what a genius JYP is at his job.

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As an overseas fan of K pop, here are my choices:



Big Bang

Wonder Girls

All 4 of them took Asia by storm with their own styles and uniqueness. Their influences are obvious and spread around Asia, especially in the region where I live, South East Asia. Rain should be credited for opening the door for K pop industry to the rest of Asia .. and beyond. Before him, no one could reach such popularity.

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Guest SkySkybaby

Its an of course TVXQ! .

Sj is also in the list i would say.

FT Island too!!


BoA ....

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Guest Teffy

DBSK no doubt!!!

I mean, they are THE GODS! ,

I think many people wouldn't be here if they wouldn't exist *.*

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Guest -qtp


Big Bang.

They introduced the electro/autotune with The Last Goodbye. But even bigger and before that, they made high tops the latest thing to have and the style that comes along with it. Remember when Shinee debuted and everyone critiqued them as the 2nd Big Bang? I wonder why?..... But time's are changing. Everybody dresses like that. I'm pretty sure everybody knows their song Lies.

Wonder Girls

They were unique. Songs never use to revolve around one or two words being repeated over and over and over.... and chereography used to be as spectacularly complicated as ever to wow us. Nowadays, the catchier the better. Tell Me was addictive.

But if you're going to talk about influential and the Hallyu wave, DBSK is one if not the biggest idol group receiving a lot of love. Like they're ranging in on H.O.T legend status. haha.

Anyways, as much as I would like to state the singers/groups that I think are popular, the ones that I am a fan of, or the ones I think deserve to be on this list because they are talented but underrated.... I couldn't think of actual reasons for them. ahaha

I hoped this helped? This was a cool idea!

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Guest AyuTrance90

If it has to be the most influential artist this decade, then the first one to be on my list has to be BoA. She debuted in 2000 when she was just around 13(?) and she was the first Korean artist to gain success in Japan. Her performance skills are amazing and she has a lot of stamina needed in order to put a good performance.

The second on my list would be no other than DBSK/TVXQ. They have many hit songs in Korea such as Rising Sun, "O", Mirotic, etc... And in Japan: Purple Line, Beautiful You, Why Did I Fall in Love With You, Stand By You, etc... They debuted in 2003 (most people say 2004, but it's actually 2003) Their performing skills are excellent. Even after say, two hours of non-stop singing and dancing in a concert, they still hold an encore and they continue to jump and sing. Their popularity just leaves me speechless, honestly. It's slowly spread around the world, especially around Europe. I mean, recently Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu came to Sydney and they had around 40 ~ 50 fans following them around (I was one of them, lol).

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Guest Mikazukijin

Here's a list of influential artists

the reasons are mentioned previously

and i was too lazy to choose a song for each artist

ok my list is a bit more then 10 ... >.<

but i think that they have been all influential in their own way






lee hyori

epik high


super junior


brown eyes


seo taiji


big bang

wonder girls

there is no specific order :P

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Guest Qi Luo

Here are a few artists and groups that came to my mind when I saw the title of this thread... They're listed in no particular order...

Sorry about my terrible english...

g.o.d - (Song - 'Road')

They had more than album that sold more than 1 million each. All their album had #1 singles and one of their album had all singles at number 1 spot. They were one of the 1rst idol groups that didn't rely on looks. They rely on talent and on their music only. Besides that, g.o.d was one of the first idol groups to be loved by all generations: kids, teenagers, adults all loved g.o.d. They had a very popular tv show called 'g.o.d's babysit diaries' (tv show where that showed them taking care of a little baby) that helped them be popular not only with young kids but also with their parents and grandparents. Their tv show was so popular that till today, korean TV channels create spin-of tv shows, similar tv shows with idols and celebrities taking care of babies. G.o.d also became popular with all generations because of their music that unlike other idol groups, were very mature, well-produced, with touching lyrics (about love, family, life, etc). g.o.d was an unique group... many adults loved g.o.d songs and introduced them to their kids and vice-versa.

Rain - (Song - 'It's Raining')

Hallyu star, many high selling albums, several number 1 songs, sucessful career not only in music but also on acting, has his own ent company, is multi-talented (singer, dancer, actor, model, CEO, CF star, etc...). Everyone that knows kpop, knows about Rain! He's been sucessful in nearly everything he puts his hands on... The fact that he acted in a blockbuster movie like 'Speed Racer' and then got an offer to be the star of the next movie produced by Wackosky brothers is a big feat! He also had a top-rating drama like 'Full House' that heped spread the hallyu wave around the world and he worked with Korea's most famous director on 'I'm a cyborg but that's okay'. He was on TIME's mag many times and appeared on TV's in USA. Many koreans artists are inspired by Rain's hardwork, dedication and high skills in dancing, singing and acting. He's also SUPER popular all around Asia because of his music, dramas and movies. I still think Rain (as an actor) will be one of the most sucessful asians in USA. Ninja Assassin might not have been a huge sucess, but it'll open the doors for him to recieve better acting projects in USA.

BoA - (Song - 'Girls On Top')*

Hallyu star. Just like everyone that knows KPOP, knows about Rain, they also know about BoA. I think BoA and Rain were responsable for making a lot of people know about korean pop music. Besides that, she open the doors for Koreans artists in Japan. She's also very talented singer and dancer and is a big influence of female kpop artists.

*Note: I don't listen to a lot of BoA's song, so I just listed the first song that came to my mind.

Shinhwa - (Song - 'Once In A Lifetime')*

They were one of the first idol groups to fight for their rights and still be sucessful after it (leave SM ent, fight in order to remain with the rights of their songs and also to remain with the name 'Shinhwa'). They proved that an idol group are able to suceed on their own even without a big company on their backs. They also were one of the first idols to shine on variety shows with their funny & blunt personalities and not caring about their idol image. Each member also had a good amount of sucessful solo albuns, singles and solo activities as actor. Shinhwa is also one of the long running idol group that remains active with the same original members of their debut.

*Note: This is not their most influential song, but it's my fav.

TVXQ - (Song - 'I Believe')

Korea had many popular idol groups before TVXQ debuted. TVXQ's music and concept wasn't unique but they were one of the first idol groups to become part of hallyu wave. Before them, most hallyu stars were solo artists like Rain or Boa or were actors & actresses that were part of popular dramas. I think TVXQ has been one of the groups responsible to help the korean idol scene be popular just like the japanese idol scene is popular in other asian countries and among fans of asian entertainment.

1TYM - (Song - 'Burnin' Hot!')

I think Jinusean (that had had million selling records) helped bring hip-hop to korean mainstream pop scene, but they debuted and were active mostly on last decade, right? So I guess they don't quality for this list. But there's 1TYM that were active till a few years ago. 1TYM didn't sold as much as other idol groups of their time, but they were the first idol group to focus on a different style of music rather than pop & R&B, they brought a heavy influence of Hip-Hop to their music and also to their style and clothes. Unlike most of other idol groups that used to wear heavy make-up, fancy and colorful clothes and rely on pretty faces, 1TYM's style and clothes were very manly, fierce and inspired by the Hip-Hop culture. They were one of the first idol groups that had REAL rappers, most of the other idol groups had so-called rappers (members that didn't knew how to sing and because of that were in charge of the 'rap' parts). Just like g.o.d, 1TYM was also one of the first idol groups that focus in talent and music and not on looks of their members (because they were not really pretty flowers boys). 1TYM helped open the doors for Hip-Hop influence on idol groups's music & style. They were also one of the first idols that didn't followed the cute/flower boy or the boys-next-door concept, they had a very fierce & manly image for an idol group. They opened the doors for groups like Big Bang (with their hip-hop music & style and with members that rely on talent rather than looks) and even for groups like 2PM (with their fierce, manly and beastly idol concept). Ah... and 1TYM's is still making their mark on kpop with Teddy (1TYM's leader) creating hit after hit like for example: Se7en's 'I Know', Gummy's 'I'm Sorry', Taeyang's 'Look only at me' (and the rest of Taeyang's mini album), 2NE1 & Big Bang's 'lollipop', 2NE1's 'Fire' (and their first mini album), etc....

Wonder Girls - (Song - 'Tell Me')

Wonder Girls were responsbile for bringing girl-groups back to the spot-light and they are the leaders of the 2nd generation of korean girl-groups. They might not sell as much as other girl-groups, but their influence on korean pop music is way bigger than all of these girl-groups together because WG's music and concepts are all unique, trendy and influence the music and concept of all the other girl groups and Kpop in general. Wonder Girls started the trend of catchy songs and dance with repetitive chorus, easy to follow dances and a touch of retro melody. They were responsible for hits and dances that became popular all other Korea, making people of all ages addicted to it. They were a female idol group that became loved by all generations and also been labeled as the nation's little sisters. After the sucess of 'Tell Me', 'So Hot' & 'Nobody', many korean girl-groups released songs & debuted with concepts heavyly inspired by Wonder Girls' hit songs and concepts: SNSD's 'Gee', Kara's 'Pretty Girl' and recently T-ara's 'Bo Peep Bop' all follow the formula of 'Tell Me'. I doubt many of these songs would have existed if 'Tell Me' hasn't been created first and besides that, all these girl groups became only popular when Wonder Girls were not active in Korea, because when WG's were active in Korea they overshadowed all these girlgroups. Wonder Girls were sucessful even when competing with top groups like TVXQ, Big Bang and other top artists while other girlgroups only became sucessful when they were competing with no top stars/groups. And this proves the impact that Wonder Girls have in Kpop.

Besides all that, Wonder Girls after debuting not only ago, they have archieved feats in USA that not even their sunbaes who were already hallyu stars for a long time (BoA for example) and that even influential artists like Utada Hikaru and other top asian artists didn't archieved:

-tour with a very popular american group (like it or not, you can't deny Jonas Brothers' power: they are very popular in USA and around the world, they sell millions of records, influence millions of tweens and their world tour was one of the tours that earned more money last year next to Madonna's and U2' if I'm not mistaken)

-be featured in popular magazines, radio, newspapers, tv shows more than 1 time (I think only Rain has had equally media coverage in USA). They were also top search on google one day and were featured in the 100 things to watch in 2010 made by an influential american research company.

-were the first asian artists to chart on Billboard's main chart & have the year's highest selling single in physical format being listen in Billboard's side charts too. (You can say whatever you want but it won't erase the fact that they were the first asians to do so and that they did what all other korean artists weren't able to do not even a half of what Wonder Girls did).

For all these reason I think that Wonder Girls even having debuted not only ago, desearve to be on the list because what they archieved in such a short time is already noteworthy and their influence in Kpop is already felt.

Big Bang - (Song - 'Lies')

1TYM open the doors for Big Bang, but Big Bang were able to come up with their own style and not be just a younger version of '1TYM'. Big Bang heleped to solidify the trend of releasing 'Mini Albums', idol groups becoming fashion icons and also the eletronic+hip-hop+pop music in kpop. Their colorful, hip-hop & club fashion inspired many koreans on their daily life style of clothes and also inspired many idol groups to don't be afraid of taking risks and using unique clothes instead of the usual 'uniform' (with all idol groups's members wearing matching clothes). Big Bang also raised the bar for idol groups because their first big hit was composed and written by one of their members instead of having a famous producer creating the songs for them. You might not like G-dragon and think he only copy other people's music (by the way, I've compared the songs he made with the songs they said he copied, and I honestly didn't see any similarity), but you have to admit that it's noteworthy to have an idol that involves himself in the creative process of producing the music of their group instead of just sitting down and waiting the company to give him all songs and plans about the concepts that the group will have to follow. G-Dragon is also a fashionista, he's not afraid to take risks and shock people with the way he dresses and also with the stuff he comes up with. I'm not a fan of G-dragon, but I admire him for not being afraid to: take risks, shock and to be criticised. Other thing about Big Bang, is that they're the new generation of idols that rely on music and talent rather than looks. Big Bang's members are not your average pretty boys (Taeyang & TOP are the only good-looking ones but they are not the flower-boy type and they have a very unique type of beauty that isn't for every people's taste), but they shine on their own because of their different colors and talents. Each member have a strong individual style and talent and they are able to shine on their own if they want too, but when they come together as a group even with all their difference they shine.

Seo Tai Ji - (Song - 'F.M. Business')

He debuted a long time ago, but he's still a legend and is able to sell well even with almost no promotions (he doesn't go to variety shows and he hardly ever goes to these music shows or give interviews). Seo Tai Ji is also very talented and he's untouchable because nobody dares to say bad things about him. I think he was also reponsible for bringing to korean mainstream music the mix of styles like rock, heavy-metal, hip-hop into a song. It's also nice that Korea's living legend like Seo Tai Ji supports the idea that talent and quality of music should prevail above all other things like pretty looks and massive promotion. So it's cool that he doesn't rely on the same methods of promotion that ent companies uses to promote their groups and artists.

Epik High - (Song- 'Fan')

Epik High proves that mainstrain music is also able to have good quality: well composed melody and beats and well-written lyrics. They've done a lot to bring! They brought to mainstream the style and method of creating music of underground artists.

Awww.... I wrote to much


I think JYP is one of the most influential guys in KPOP's history! He created and produced hit songs for: g.o.d, Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM and so on... He's also a very talented artist: good singer, dancer, producer, etc...

I didn't included him in the list because he's been more active as a producer than as an artist... But I really think you should talk about him on your article!

And "young" stars, that raised the bar even higher

*2PM & 2NE1

I predict 2pm and 2ne1 (at least as long as they last) will become very successful and influential, they are different from most of the other groups and already very BIG.

Yeah! I agree! I didn't included them on my list because they're still new groups. But I think that among the newest generation of idol groups, they are the most unique male and female idol groups and they brought a fresh concept and style. They were able to become popular because of their unique style and also because of their energy and high-quality live performances. 2PM and 2NE1 became trendsetters because after their sucess many idol groups are trying to follow their steps and being inspired by 2PM & 2NE1.

2PM & 2NE1 definetely raised the bar higher.

i think one of the most influential songs is:

Kiss - because i'm a girl

this song has become quite well known all throughout asia, and i think has helped to start the trend of the epic!MVs.

Yeah that song has been remade in every single language you can imagine and the music video has been watched by every single person on this world, even by those that know nothing about kpop or asian music.

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Guest -ILoveJae-

i won't have the most objective opinions, but there are a few which i feel should definitely be included.


she has to be in the list! debuted within this decade, rose to fame and during the early years of the millenium, when internet was still without wireless and pretty much laggy, she was able to make a name as a korean in many asian countries. granted, not everyone love her, but most people know her name.

As a korean, she should be able to claim herself as the FIRST korean singer to achieve high popularity in Japan.

And as an asian/korean, she managed to collaborate and meet so many famous people that most never had the chance. For example, Britney Spears, Westlife, and many more.


they have to be in the list too. Afterall, who has the largest fanclub in the world? There is not only a massive amount of Cassiopeia, but Bigeast and international fans. TVXQ, no doubt, has a certain influence over their fans all over the world. Their many record breaking moments, domestically and internationally. In Japan, they also made a name for themselves. They should be the most popular and well known koreans in Japan currently, may or may not have surpassed Bae Yong Joon and BoA, but i dare to say they did. They probably opened up a new path for all korean singers to venture into Japanese market.


our international world star has to be one of them too. from the tv drama with Song hye ko to Hollywood Ninja Assasin, rain has definitely done his part as a korean to spread Korea's name. i'm not much of a fan, neither do i know much about him. but as a non korean, rain is undoubtly one of the most famous koreans the world has heard of. why shouldn't he be in the list?


hmm, they may or may not appear in the list due to debut only at 2007, they weren't there for 7 years, and they only really got popular in korea after tell me, which is late 2007. and they only got really popular in asia after their nobody hit which is late 2008. and they only went to america and hit billboard top100 this year 2009. so as a decade's most influential kpop artists and songs, they might or might not be included. But i have to say NOBODY is probably the most famous korean song worldwide this decade. :) i might bet that NOBODY is the most famous korean song.

People who might appear in the list, although i dun really think they deserve it. Because this is looking at a DECADE, and we should review all the past glory and not only the recent years ones.

for example, Big bang. i don't really think they should be included as they're popular in korea, but not that much outside. hence, it's not really considered being influential. they just went in Japan, and in other parts of the asian countries, they have fans, but i won't consider it as a really big deal. **no offence, i like big bang

Super Junior. if big bang gets included, why not suju too? IMO suju is even more influential than big bang. their SORRY SORRY really took taiwan by storm. almost every taiwanese that watches tv must have saw that dance before, i swear. but we have to consider that it was only this year, which is the last of the decade. and before SORRY SORRY, they dont really have anything that is that significant.

SS501. **no offence again but ever since their hiatus after 2006 in korea, they never really get any much popular (wait), but that changed when hyunjoong started appearing in WGM and BOF, suddenly, SS501's popularity skyrocketed. but we have to admit, it's mostly overseas due to the airing of the show, not really because of SS501's songs or music. if we have to give them a recognition for it, why not for the F4 (leeminho,kimbum,kimjoon) instead of SS501?

2NE1/SNSD they're sure popular these days but for 2NE1, they would make it big but probably count them in the next decade? because one good rookie year doesnt put them in decade's most influential kpop artists and songs. many had their awesome rookie years too. DBSK, SHINHWA, BoA, etc..

SNSD, debuted late 2007, similar to WG, they only had a few years. but how could we forget the times when they're the most anti-ed group in korea. i dun think they deserve to be the decade's most influential kpop artist just because of their recent improvement, shrinking antis, and growing fanbase. honestly, they dun really have any much achievements either than GEE craze, which imo could not have been better than the TELL ME craze back then.


i dunno if I can do this ...but seriously I support EVERYTHING you wrote here ..i'd also add SHINHWA and H.O.T to the list (the first one)

the other groups are really popular!!...but I don't considere them as influential in this decade because (everything you wrote)..!!!!

sorry for my english!!

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Guest -maverick-


1st tier (more or less legends or internationally known)

g.o.d., rain, boa, dbsk, h.o.t., shinhwa


1.5 tier

hyori (not necessarily just music for her, she's internatinoally known for being frickin hot + doing ads)


2nd tier (crazy hit songs that changed future songs, in the case of big bang trendsetting/fashion, genre-changing)

big bang, wondergirls


3rd tier (unique, noteworthy music or other noteworthy circumstances

, great popularity, etc but not truely that influential..)

epik high, 1tym, SNSD, SUJU, etc.. jewelry???

Legends = self explanatory.

I'm not sure where to put Hyori actually. I'm not quite sure she's a legend..yet..though she is internationally known. She didn't fit in with the 2nd tier members because there was nothing in common, so yeah.

The reason a group like Big Bang is included instead of say, SUJU or SNSD, which has more international fans, is because they did something different and changed it up with their music and mannerisms that changed future music in kpop "new kind of idols". They changed KPOP today (though I think..not necessarily for the better in some cases of groups overdoing the trend haha). Still, you cannot deny their influence. With SUJU you don't necessarily have that, despite the great international popularity. Big Bang, like SNSD, seems to get a lot of hate, but they really do need to be on this list.

WG = America, Nobody (hook songs), etc, self explanatory, again they changed kpop today but not always for the better in some cases of course. The reason I feel like you have to include these last two groups (BIGBANG AND WG) is that they have had huge influence on the last 2-3 years of the decade, and will likely have great influence going into the next decade, and as such, have future power IN ADDITION to their accomplishments this decade, which I feel is important.

They are the perfect combination of THE CURRENT + THE FUTURE for this list IMO.

Groups like SNSD and SUJU and 2PM are extremely popular right now, but have done very little to nothing in terms of innovation or influence, especially in their music, in broad view of things. That however, could change in the next decade, and guess what, it probably will. For now though, I think it'd be better to leave them off the list of THIS DECADE'S most influential kpop artists/songs.

Finally, about Jewelry. If you think about it, they've been here a pretty damn long time. 2001-2009, that more or less spans the whole decade. They've have multiple #1s in SuperStar and One More Time..I dunno. On the fence about them..they're similiar to snsd/suju/2pm with the popularity thing w/o major influence...but..they did it for an extended period of time more or less spanning this whole decade. So...hm..

And Epik High I feel like should be somewhere..in this list. On the lower end, but still, they should probably be there.







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Guest Ruud

Rain, definitely, this guy has done everything available, Asia tour, world tour, Korean drama, Korean movies, hollywood movies, producer, inspiring lots of Korean artists even his seniors, I see lots of young idols today look up to Rain as a role model to follow. He has opened the door for K-pop in Asia and around the world. Hate him or love him, you cant deny that this guy is one of the most influential Korean, everything he touchs becomes hit and every citizen of Korea knows who Rain is.

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