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This decade's most influential k-pop artists and songs

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Guest laurana1

I read through everybody's posts and this is really interesting!

My input-

Rain- I feel Rain definitely deserves to be on this list. He is sucessful as a solo artist, and has conquered so many areas from singing to acting and pretty much everything in between. Although his album sales have not been the most phenomenal, they are very widespread. For instance, his third album reportedly sold over 1 million copies throughout Asia, although it sold only about 150,000 copies in South Korea. He was the first Korean artist to perform at the Tokyo Dome, and has made a name for himself in Japan. He has even started his own company! I have also really seen his success here in the United States. He has received some attention from Steve Colbert, who claimed Rain as his "arch-nemesis" when Rain ranked higher than him (2nd place) in the viewer's poll of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People. He has really gotten his name out there with Ninja Assassin, and I feel like he is really leading in bringing Kpop (and Asia) to America. America, as a whole, does not pay any attention to what goes on in Asia... Even when Asian artists have extraordinary achievements, they are not reported here. Most people have never even heard of many of the top groups in Asia. I wouldn't say Rain is super well-known here (or even pretty well-known) but he is more well-known to the general public than any others, I would say. Even though I'm fairly new to the world of Kpop, and even Asian music as a whole, I know this man's name.

BoA- Before reading this thread, I had no idea BoA was as big as she is. Even so, I have heard of her and know that she is a major name in both Korea and Japan. I think she has done WONDERS for female artists out there, showing that talent is valued, and that girls don't just have to sell sex 100% of the time. She is a strong woman and I think she has influence not only as an artist, but as a person as well. She became so huge in Korea and Japan, and was the only non-Japanese artist to have 2 albums sell over a million copies in Japan. Her album achievements on Oricon are also unbelievable. She has also branched out to America, although I haven't really heard her name here. But everyone who knows Kpop knows of BoA. Not only has she achieved so many great things, she has done it as a solo artist, showing that a female CAN be successful on her own, not only when also relying on others.

DBSK- I'm definitely biased when it comes to DBSK, but even in my unbiased moments, I don't have a doubt that they deserve to be on this list. Although they are not the only major group in Korea right now and have very stiff competition, they still have marked their place in the Kpop industry. They have achieved HUGE success there, selling hundreds of thousands of copies of every album with ease, sweeping awards shows, and performing many successful concerts for so many fans. With over 800,000 official fans in Korea alone, their influence cannot be denied. Despite being inactive in Korea for a year and seven months, they managed to sell over half a million copies of their album Mirotic. They have consistently placed at number one on the Korean charts, and a lot of younger groups respect them. Not only that, but they have really begun to break through in the Japanese market, as well. They are the second Korean artist and the first Korean group to have held a concert at the Tokyo Dome. They have done an excellent job on the Oricon charts and are now able to compete with well-established top Japanese groups, such as Exile and Arashi. They have been extremely active ever since their debut, and are extremely well-known throughout all of Asia. Their music covers many different styles and they have a great amount of talent, earning them praise from many respected artists in both Korea and Japan. They have also been involved with writing and composing some of their own songs, especially in Japan. Two of the members have already made their acting debuts, and a third member is currently filming for his. Yet another member will soon be taking on the world of musical theatre. They have had concerts all over Asia, and although they have never shown much interest in America, they are one of the more well-known Kpop groups here. I would say they aren't well-known to the general public in America, but to those of us that are into Kpop, they are a big name. I think their music has really touched a lot of people, and they have been applauded for being very hard-working and humble people. I feel that they prove to the world that it is possible to be good-looking and ALSO be talented. Their music speaks to me like no other music ever has, and I don't even speak Korean or Japanese. They are the reason I got into Kpop, personally. Most recently they have been making headlines with the lawsuit, and yet their popularity remains. I definitely feel they have made their mark, and I (personally) don't even think they have yet reached their peak.

Shinhwa- Shinhwa of course deserves to be on here. Honestly, I don't know much about them, but they are legendary. EVERYONE in Kpop knows their name. So many groups look up to them and want to be like them. They have fought their personal battles and emerged victorious. I really have such great respect for this group!!! They have been together for so long, speaking to people with their music. Although they may not be the most "popular" at the moment, they are just so incredibly well-known and respected.

Wonder Girls- I'm on the fence when it comes to the Wonder Girls. They certainly have done a lot since their recent debut, but I'm not really sure if they can be considered among the most influential artists of the decade. They have made a large impact, especially recently, and they are making waves here in America! It is very encouraging to see Asian artists finally beginning to break into the market here in the U.S, and I feel that if they are successful (which I hope they are), it will open the doors for many other Kpop artists to make a name here, much like BoA did in Japan. However, I don't think they have done anything incredibly noteworthy in America YET. The progress is good, especially for a Korean group, but they are still veritable nobodies here, for the most part. I think they have a great amount of potential to really make their name as the artists who really brought the Hallyu Wave to America, but they still have a ways to go. I think they are more likely to be one of the top artists of the next decade. Certainly they have been one of the top artists of the past few years, but I just don't think it's enough. Personally.

I also think a lot of people have had interesting points about artists such as Big Bang, saying that they have really influenced current Kpop music. While that definitely is true, I think that such a thing is quite common. If those artists had been the cause of the type of music seen throughout the majority of the decade, I would agree with you, but this influence is quite recent. While they may have impacted the music of today, there were many other artists who impacted the type of music seen in the earlier years of the decade. I suppose what I mean to say is that what they have done, while very notable, is started a fad which may or may not be lasting. I don't think it's enough to say they really defined this decade. But that's just my opinion, of course.

So, in conclusion... Rain, BoA, DBSK and Shinhwa all DEFINITELY deserve to be on that list, and although I think the Wonder Girls deserve an honorable mention, I wouldn't put them on there. I don't know any other artists that deserve to make the list, though... But I'm sure some of the artists other people here have said should be considered! Good luck with your project! Oh, and I'm sorry for not putting any song choices on here, I really have no idea which songs would be best... :blush:

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Guest mina12


broke in to the japanese market and are new really popular and will known there.

they have been invited to kouhaku twice.

In 06, they won all of the major awards.

they have a strong fanbase all over the would including mexico and south american countries.

they hold asian, japanese and korean concerts/tours every year which still remind popular.

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Guest janejoong

most definitely TVXQ~! they r not only famous in korean but in japan and china. The chinese dont even notice any other artists in korea like big bang or snsd, they only know SUJU, Shinhwa, and DBSK (mainly).

TVXQ had BIG album sales in both japan and korea and they broke many, many records.

Not to mention they have the biggest fan club and they have really great voices and can all sing high notes. lol :D

i say not Big bang because they are mostly known only in korea, where as TVXQ are loved everywhere. lol

im a die hard fan. haha :D

++ dbsk has been invited TWICE to kouhaku!

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Guest Kachia

I definitely agree with most of people here that DBSK, BoA, Shinhwa and Rain should be on the list. I'm not sure this is important or not but I just want to remind that 2009 is not the last year of this decade because this decade started in 2001 and will end in 2010. So we still have one year to go.

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Guest nikki250

I agree with the basic 4 everyone has been saying:

DBSK - song - Mirotic

DBSK is known throughout Asia and they have a huge fanbase all over the world. when ever they release an album, it's always a bestseller.

BoA - song - My Name

She has had a fantastic decade. she started when she was 13 and now she is one of the biggest stars in Asia. She led the way for SM to be popular in Japan. She is huge all over Asia.

Rain - song - Rainism

He is a world star. he is known all over Asia and he has two Hollywood movies, one he stars in. He is just a star.

Shinhwa - song - Brand New

Shinhwa is the longest running boy group in korea. Their songs are great, people still love them, and they have stayed relevant for 10 years. They also are a model for all the boy groups since them. Being dorky and fun on variety shows started with Shinhwa. The individual members have also gone to have successful solo careers while remaining in the group. I chose Brand New because they had just left SM, they won their first dae sang, and it was a great album overall.

Lee Hyori - song - U Go Girl

Hyori was huge this decade. she went solo from fin.k.l., and now she's a huge solo singer, an advertisement must have, and everybody likes her even if they don't want to.

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Guest ikadeepika

SHINHWA is my choice..i've been a part of kpop lover since 2002, almost 7 years, and as for me, there's nothing can compared to them. Their personalities changed according to their environmnet, where they can be dorky, funny and cute in various variety shows, serious in making their music and fight for their rights, and really cared for each other and their fans. i see a lot of changes that Shinhwa has done. they modified the definition of 'boyband' to a standard level, that most of current idols followed now. eventhought almost all of them is in military service and their group activity is on hiatus, their influence are everywhere. I also like other kpop group such as DBSK, SG Wannabe, Suju, Epik High, WonderGirls, and Bigbang, which I like few of their songs, but these group can't surpass my love for Shinhwa. There's a lot of great songs sang by Shinhwa,like TOP, YO, First love, Hero, Wild Eyes, Perfect men, Brand New, Once in a lifetime ( i cried each time i heard this song) , the story we havent told and destiny of love. their heavy-choreo-danced also a trademark from them. their bond as a group are really amazing. Eric was using his money from his acting in bulsae to save shinhwa, and he refused to go solo because he wanted to stay with his group members. and one the event that i will never forget- the geurilla concert. For Andy's sake, the members was giving all they have had to reach the goal. geurilla concert proved how much the members loved Andy, and wanted to bring him back into the group. i admit that most of the kpop lover nowaday more attracted to new groups, but as for me, once a fan, always a fan..

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Guest -quiescent

Epik High - simple, in the midst of those 'catchy & annoyingly repetitive yet addictive songs' they always bring something fresh into the scene. they've been successful - and still are successful. i'll quote off something I agree with seoulbeats.com

You want to know why people in the states don’t take most of Kpop seriously? It’s because, for the most part, mainstream kpop music is a generation behind American music. It’s not because Americans are more judgmental than Koreans, it’s not because Americans take music too seriously, it’s because we saw it ten years ago with N’Synch and Color Me Badd and the Backstreet Boys. Sure, I can listen to them now and reminisce but it’s not because of the quality of the music but nostalgia.

Epik High however is one of the few Kpop acts that can transcend the mainstream Kpop dribble and occasionally dabble to make their music accessible to the Korean audience. So where are they now? They’re independent, without a company or label to tell them what to do. They’re planning on “revolutionizing the album” with “Map the Soul,” a CD and book combination.

link - http://seoulbeats.com/2009/03/can-epik-hig...utionize-music/


- similar to what people have said.

song - girls on top by BOA & Epik High - ONE & LOVE LOVE LOVE

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Guest hyabam

I've been a lurker on here for a few years. This post has finally prompted me to join and contribute.

I am simply appalled at how little people have talked about EPIK HIGH.

I mean, I will admit I absolutely love SNSD's song Gee, and although its embarrassing to say, I can listen to that song on repeat for hours and still love it. I will admit, I love Lee Hyori. She's an amazing dancer, with vocals to match. Not to mention I love watching her shake her richard simmons. I will admit, I DO have DBSK's Mirotic album and I HAVE had crushes on every one of them at one time or another.

But in another decade, what impact will they truly have other than being beautiful faces, catchy chorus', and industry leaders- for the moment.

Epik High is where the future is. Epik High has more than repetitive beats, catchy chorus' (although I have been known to start singing "I can't stop, love love love" on more than one occasions), and cute faces (

[it's a link :)] ) going for them. They are pure TALENT. More than being entertainers, they are ARTISTS, bona fide MUSICIANS.

Tablo's lyrics are powerful. As much as I can't stop singing "I want no body, no body but you, you" at times, the opening verses of "Map the Soul" (i remember my first glimpse of a face, i saw you smile, then i smiled, i was straight blown away, mesmerized by your beauty from your feet to your hands, how could one be so beautiful i don't understand, heaven sent, god's gift without a doubt in my mind...) is simply beautiful. Pure poetry.

You can actually relate to Epik High. Tablo and Mithra rap about their fears, their dreams, their passions, so eloquently. One of my favorite lines from them has to be, "Though alone I am not lonely".

They're REAL. Through their music they're able to express true human emotions, and us the listeners are able to connect with them- sometimes even passing the language barrier.

And I guess the best part of it all is....... they can actually speak English :P

So yea... in conclusion, Lee Hyori is one talented lady with a nice richard simmons, and Epik High will prolly be the one who will revolutionize Korean music, spreading it across the globe.

Rant over lol.

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Guest chopper!

I just want to add this:

god - Lie (3rd album, 2000)

They are the BIG thing in korea at that time (although the newer generation may not know about it)

Their album sold over one million copies and they are like the national group during their prime time.

i agree!!

my opinion ^^

GOD's popularity has risen immensely in the around the early 2000s. Before 2000, other groups like HOT and SES reigned, but after 2000, GOD's album sales blew up, and had tons of number one hits. They made themselves known and popularity has finally given way to them. Even as solos, Son Ho Young & Danny Im did great and not to mention Kim Tae Woo's Love Rain is still a huge hit. True talents.

DBSK, i would give them credit too! they made me love korean music. they actually made me and my friends like korean music and i'm korean myself! i didn't even know korean music existed! LOL but they really made me look more into korean music. Songs like Believe and Magic castle really made me into a korean music fanatic! Though now i'm not a cassie anymore, i do give them props! not to mention, they brought the boy bands and girl bands back on top! important, since practically everything in korea are groups!

RAIN, honestly, i'm not a huge fan, but he really made an impact on artists and became a new role models for inspiring artists! His songs like 'Bad Guy, It's Raining, Escaping the Sun' are never to be forgotten! Esp when he came back with Rainism, didn't fail to impress, having made to number one on charts. He is also acting and producing, expanding his ideas. Though debuting in US to some didn't have a huge impact, i think it did. most of my friends (spanish, black, all non-korean) knows Rain and actually heard his song Rainism. I think he made quite an impressive entrance in this decade!!!

i would also say WONDER GIRLS and BIG BANG too. As WG made a huge dance craze and dance music started becoming well known and now all idol songs have catchy hand and foot work. BB also started a new style with funky, unique clothing, starting a fashion trend on idol groups. Though both groups started out pretty weak when they debuted, their comebacks made a huge impact on idol groups today.

also shoutouts to EPIK HIGH bringing something new to the table and changing up korean music. They are above idol groups.

LEE SEUNG CHUL has tons OST hits & he's still one definite legend even in 2000s, and HYORI with songs like 'U go girl, 10 minutes, Get Ya, etc', fashion trending, and doing MVs, ads, and shows. She's done a lot and expanded her name nationwide. Reminding that she's also most successful artist out of old idol groups after break up.

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Guest emilyXx


HYORI too but it's more because of her personality and beauty, whole korea loves her.

not wg, it's just only their dances and their catchy songs because they're repeating the same word the whole time..

bigbang is just more their fashionstyle with the colour clothes.

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Guest stuff~

Wonder Girls : Since their first hit Tell me many idol group companies have been trying to repeat their success by using catchy lyrics and interesting dance moves aka "catchy & annoyingly repetitive yet addictive songs".

Song: Tell Me


Song: Rainism

Epik High

Song: Fan

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Guest infinityyy

I don't really know how to explain how wonderful these artists were. They contributed so much to the korean music industry (note how these artists have also been around for awhile too--they ain't newbies.) :

Shinhwa, SG Wannabe, Epik High, Seo Taiji, Brown Eyes, Lee Hyori, Wheesung, Bi, G.O.D.

Shinhwa, especially:

Pioneers & Role Models: Shinhwa redefined the Korean entertainment landscape when they refused to renew their contract with SM to keep the group intact. Took SM to court to for the right to their name and won. They’re the first to explore both group & solo activities very effectively and successfully that pave the way for new idol groups. Quite many of their hoobae are looking up to Shinhwa as a their role models.

Due to members serving their military duties, Shinhwa is currently on hiatus, but with their 12th Anniversary coming up, they must be doing everything very right to keep kicking strong over 10+ years and counting. They’re an inspiration, nuff said… :D

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Guest SoLgirl


- music

'lies' and 'last farewell' in 2007 led to the electronic/house trend in kpop, which is still going on right now.

- mini-albums

first artists to ever release a mini-album in korea. mini-albums have now become a norm.

- style

street fashion which not only influenced the way ppl in the industry dressed, but created a huge 'bigbang style' craze among both male and female teenagers/young adults throughout korea

- a new kind of idol image

1) idols can (and should) write and compose their own material (an active process, not just once or twice)

2) idol boy groups don't need to be pretty boys to be popular and successful - 2NE1 is currently starting this for idol girl groups.

3) it works to greatly emphasize each member's uniqueness and individuality despite being part of a group (not just personality, because distinct personalities have always existed in groups, but distinct styles in music and dance as well)

Big Bang for me..naturalhonee said the reasons best..i'm quoting it..thanks.

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Guest iminluvwidHAE

For me..the most influential k-pop artist is non-other than Super Junior....

they've got the style, the voice, the moves and the looks!!!

I love their Sorry Sorry and even found a video onYoutube wherein the Inmates of the Cebu Jail danced the hit Sorry Sorry...

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Guest madcool

My Short List

H.O.T/G.O.D (Shinhwa) - 1st generation boybands that pretty much set up

the whole k-pop scene.

S.E.S/Fin.k.l - 1st generation girl groups, set the bar for future girl groups.

BoA - One of the first foreign pioneers in the Japanese industry, opening

doors for other notable k-pop artists.

Rain - Concerts in the states and a notable fanbase all over Asia, they don't call

him a "world star" for nothing.

DBSK - Has the biggest fanbase and has really showed what hard work really

is when they reached the top in Japan. Pretty much known all over Asia, hence

their name.

Epik High and Drunken Tiger - Birth of mainstream k-hip hop.

Wonder Girls/Big Bang - Set the bar for new idol groups and a new k-pop scene.

JYP - Pretty much wrote major hits. Park Ji Yoon - Adult Ceremony, G.O.D - Lies,

Uhm Jung Hwa - Chodae, etc. Created Rain, WG and Oneday. Has produced for other

Asian and American artists.

SGWannabe/Brown Eyes - Need I say more.

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Guest GoldFork

Hmmm, I really like the idea of this topic :P

In the end, in my opinion the most influential K-Pop artists would be:

JYP- Producer/Maker of 2 of the HOTTEST Kpop Artists as of now (2pM and the Wondergirls)

DBSK- WOW, They have unbelievable talent especially in ballad/acapella. Although I love the JYP Fam, when it comes to slow songs i'd pick DBSK over 2aM anyday =s

Wondergirls- WonderGirls have broken so many barriers and have changed KPOP. 1) They were as previously mentioned the Leader of the 2nd Generation Girl Groups. 2) 3 Hit Singles have revolutionized Korea( Tell Me, Nobody) and have spread KPOP to unprecidented places.3) First Korean Girl Group to reach the Billboard charts, Yes they weren't #1 nor top 10, nor top 50 but they still managed to show up the disbelievers who constantly ridiculed them for having such an ambitious dream, a dream of breaking through into the North American Market

SNSD- Although I dislike their attitudes and image, I've got to hand it to SNSD, like the Wondergirls they to have spread the Kpop wave to many different places of the World

All in all, the groups(and JYP) mentioned above deserve a round of applause =)

Also: WG: They've been active for nearly 3 years, 3 years and instead of promoting in Japan, China, Thailand they chose the most difficult market to break into, they chose North America. Now THAT in itself is Influential, these girls are taking a risk and they're trying their best to do whatever they can to succeed. They and many others want the Wondergirls to come back to Korea not as a group of Ambition but a group of Succession

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Guest xXSujuFTIXx

As k-pop influences, I would have to say the older groups: S.E.S., H.O.T., g.o.d., Shinhwa

They revolutionized what most people mean when they say "idol group"

Without them to introduce the concept the Korea, I'd say it would've been difficult for the new idol groups to reach that feat and adjust to the Korean music industry.

But out of those 4, it would definitely be g.o.d. - although they were not known as being extremely good looking, they had talent, which was all that mattered. How else would you be able to last for so long in the entertainment business? From their group albums to their solo activities, pretty much all have been very successful. They achieved something that probably no other group can possibly achieve: on one of their FULL albums, every single one of the songs topped the charts. That's what I call influential. So many artists have tried to do the same thing but none have succeeded.

On a side note...

As entertainment idol influences, for sure it's Super Junior.

Although there are many artists that outshine them musically (I am sorry to say, as I am a fan myself - although their new album was AMAZING) [Also, aside from their popularity in China and Asia as a whole], they revolutionized the entertainment scene for idol groups. Instead of just keeping a mature and quiet image, they were the first artist to actually begin to stray from the "idol" image and just be themselves on variety shows. Before them, on shows, most idols just stayed quiet and didn't try to ruin their image; however, after them, now most idol groups act funny and are actually entertaining to watch when they're not singing. They made it so it would be okay to pretend that you're not an idol for a little while.

So, those are the ones I would pick. Sorry if my opinion is different from yours but this is what I honestly think. Oh, and by the way, I am a fan of most of the really popular groups nowadays (DBSK, Shinee, 2PM, FT Island, SNSD, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, 2NE1, etc.) so the reason for my choices wasn't because I'm not a fan of the popular groups.

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Guest flyaway.

Boa, Shinhwa, GOD, TVXQ and Rain.

And the reasons have already been listed many times. (:

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Guest Dipyramidal


They really have became the girl group of Korea, everybody loves them and they portray a very innocent image.

They are known in the advertising industry and even a single piece of news could influence the country

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Guest Talesy

So Nyeo Shi Dae Ranks #14 On 2009 Pop Culture Leading Power


Major criteria for the selection includes

▶ Cultural and social influence

▶ Power to move the public

▶ Economic importance and influence in the business of public culture and so on.

Even though the activity made throughout this year had a great influence in the selection, we also carefully considered symbolic power, representation, popularity and so on.

The survey was conducted on 64 businessmen, who are working in the related fields of public culture, for a week starting the 9th of December. Method of the survey was for the subject to select 5 comprehensive "power-leaders" that compositely cover all broadcasting, music businesses, singers etc., and to select 2 people representing each category. "We applied different weights for their ranks, the 'comprehensive' #1 to #5 were each given 5 to 1 points, and each category's #1 and #2 were recorded as 2 and 1 points each. These points were summed up, and hence the best public culture leaders of 2009 were selected."

So Nyeo Shi Dae (in the 14th spot) outranked all other KPop idol groups.

CREDIT : heraldbiz + Sukira of Daily KPop News + mavy @ bigbangvip.net + BB thread + SNSD thread

SNSD and 2PM are definitely the two most powerful groups of the end of this decade. Thinking about it, in my opinion, they should be included because what they achieved is truly amazing.

Rain and JYP are on the list too. JYP should be mentioned. Almost all their songs are huge hits !

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