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This decade's most influential k-pop artists and songs

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Guest shushshuckspui

i won't have the most objective opinions, but there are a few which i feel should definitely be included.


she has to be in the list! debuted within this decade, rose to fame and during the early years of the millenium, when internet was still without wireless and pretty much laggy, she was able to make a name as a korean in many asian countries. granted, not everyone love her, but most people know her name.

As a korean, she should be able to claim herself as the FIRST korean singer to achieve high popularity in Japan.

And as an asian/korean, she managed to collaborate and meet so many famous people that most never had the chance. For example, Britney Spears, Westlife, and many more.


they have to be in the list too. Afterall, who has the largest fanclub in the world? There is not only a massive amount of Cassiopeia, but Bigeast and international fans. TVXQ, no doubt, has a certain influence over their fans all over the world. Their many record breaking moments, domestically and internationally. In Japan, they also made a name for themselves. They should be the most popular and well known koreans in Japan currently, may or may not have surpassed Bae Yong Joon and BoA, but i dare to say they did. They probably opened up a new path for all korean singers to venture into Japanese market.


our international world star has to be one of them too. from the tv drama with Song hye ko to Hollywood Ninja Assasin, rain has definitely done his part as a korean to spread Korea's name. i'm not much of a fan, neither do i know much about him. but as a non korean, rain is undoubtly one of the most famous koreans the world has heard of. why shouldn't he be in the list?


hmm, they may or may not appear in the list due to debut only at 2007, they weren't there for 7 years, and they only really got popular in korea after tell me, which is late 2007. and they only got really popular in asia after their nobody hit which is late 2008. and they only went to america and hit billboard top100 this year 2009. so as a decade's most influential kpop artists and songs, they might or might not be included. But i have to say NOBODY is probably the most famous korean song worldwide this decade. :) i might bet that NOBODY is the most famous korean song.

People who might appear in the list, although i dun really think they deserve it. Because this is looking at a DECADE, and we should review all the past glory and not only the recent years ones.

for example, Big bang. i don't really think they should be included as they're popular in korea, but not that much outside. hence, it's not really considered being influential. they just went in Japan, and in other parts of the asian countries, they have fans, but i won't consider it as a really big deal. **no offence, i like big bang

Super Junior. if big bang gets included, why not suju too? IMO suju is even more influential than big bang. their SORRY SORRY really took taiwan by storm. almost every taiwanese that watches tv must have saw that dance before, i swear. but we have to consider that it was only this year, which is the last of the decade. and before SORRY SORRY, they dont really have anything that is that significant.

SS501. **no offence again but ever since their hiatus after 2006 in korea, they never really get any much popular (wait), but that changed when hyunjoong started appearing in WGM and BOF, suddenly, SS501's popularity skyrocketed. but we have to admit, it's mostly overseas due to the airing of the show, not really because of SS501's songs or music. if we have to give them a recognition for it, why not for the F4 (leeminho,kimbum,kimjoon) instead of SS501?

2NE1/SNSD they're sure popular these days but for 2NE1, they would make it big but probably count them in the next decade? because one good rookie year doesnt put them in decade's most influential kpop artists and songs. many had their awesome rookie years too. DBSK, SHINHWA, BoA, etc..

SNSD, debuted late 2007, similar to WG, they only had a few years. but how could we forget the times when they're the most anti-ed group in korea. i dun think they deserve to be the decade's most influential kpop artist just because of their recent improvement, shrinking antis, and growing fanbase. honestly, they dun really have any much achievements either than GEE craze, which imo could not have been better than the TELL ME craze back then.

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Guest sarah#

My list-

*Shinhwa - for me they are the definiton of IDOL (Brand New/Perfect Men)

*Rain - this guy has charisma that you can't deny (It's Raning&Rainism)

*Big Bang - "new generation" of idol, with G-Dragon as their leader. Setting the trend (Lies/HaruHaru)

*1TYM - Hip Hop idol group, something new to the K-Pop scene back in the days (One Love/Feelin' Hot)

*Fly To The Sky - voices to die for (Like A Men)

& the artist I don't listen that much but should deffo be on the list

*Boa - girl power (No.1/Girls On Top)

*DBSK - 800.000 fans (Mirotic/Purple Line)

*Wonder Girls - Tell Me, So Hot & Nobody craze

*Drunken Tiger - undeniable what they did for Hip Hop/Rap music in Korea, despite being banned still popular & Tasha (Pay Day)

And "young" stars, that raised the bar even higher


& 2NE1

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Guest elley_max


The princess of k-pop, korean wave star, an icon not only in korea but also in japan, millions of fans and sold records - and she's in her early 20s!! Of course you've got to include BoA. She's an allrounder: Her singing is amazing even when she dances hard choreographies (whether or not you like her voice is a different story), her performances are outstanding and her effort and hard work make her very special.

Song: Girls on top


Korea's "world star", arguably the most influential korean artist at the moment: Great singing, dancing and performance skills, charismatic, starred in a hollywood movie, mentioned and recognized by many "western" or american magazines, the korean "justin timberlake". He now even runs his own label and produces his own artists, this guy has talents, skills and is willing to work till he succeeds.

Song: i can't name a song, sorry (maybe it's raining??)


Those guys sold MILLIONS of albums (and are one of the very few to do so), i can't think of ANY other idol group who have this talent, who have those great deep-meaning songs, who i can compare to g.o.d.

they don't rely on their outer appearance (only) and still are one of the most loved singers to date.

Song: Road (at least my favourite song of g.o.d.)

Lee Hyori:

Korea's sexy icon and highest paid female artist (if i'm not mistaken), trend setter and definitely influential. Even when she's not active, you see her on TV, in magazines, people never get tired of looking at her or talking about her. She debuted in a VERY successful group and managed to stay a hot topic (even became a hotter topic) after their break-up.

Song: U-Go-Girl (for that fabulous comeback)


Longest running boygroup (mangroup??), very successful ever since debut. I gotta admit i'm not a fan, so i don't know that much about them, but still i know how much they've achieved.

Song: can't name one


Korean backstreet boys? Biggest fanclub in the world (!!!), gazillions of crazy fangirls, tons of sold albums (especially regarding how low album sales are nowadays), no day without news from DBSK.

Other than that: great singers (junsu and jaejoong) and a perfect package. Probably asia's most successful boy group at the moment.

Song: rising sun or O

Wonder Girls:

People can say whatever they want...Yes, sohee is not the greatest singer in the world...Yes, their live performances aren't always outstanding, BUT: These girls are STILL one of the most successful korean artists ever. They have stage presence and oozing charisma, which makes their stages sooo enjoyable.

When i think of "dance craze", i think of "tell me", the wonder girls are the ones who started the whole "hook song/dance" thing, i call them "leader of 2nd generation of girl groups" xD. They won tons of awards (daesangs, bonsangs...) and are one of the very few female groups who can REALLY compete with boy groups. On top of that: touring with the jobros, entering us charts (first korean artist to do so), their american debut was a lot more succesful than the ones of their seniors boa and seven, probably making them one of the most well-known korean artists in the world. And remember: They're fairly new, they debuted in 2007 and achieved soooo much, there's no comparison...

Song: Tell me or nobody, both equally succesful and popular

Big Bang:

I actually hesitated to include them into my list, but at the end of the day, they're so unbelievably successful. And they are different from the other boy bands, g-dragon - all plagiarism accusations aside - is truely talented and he brings something weird, different sometimes funny and very bizarre into the polish world of k-pop.

Their songs are really great and they (for sure) don't rely on looks but musical talent. They're trend setters (even though we like to laugh at their outfits from time to time) but i can't think of any other artists who can pull off that kinda fashion.

Song: Lies

If i had to name influential artists of today, i'd also say snsd. Not because their music is influential or anything outstanding or original (except for gee) but because they as a group have so much power, at the moment arguably even more than the artists mentioned above, but i don't think that'll last very long. Their great popularity is undeniable, but i don't see which big impact they have on k-pop itself. Compared to let's say wonder girls, tsnsd has more fans (and antis...but whatever), sells more records (because of the fans...of course) and is more present in the media, but they didn't start anything new or great, they didn't won as many awards, their music is replaceable - very enjoyable, but nothing too special, nothing that sets them apart (my opinion, don't kill me). What sets them apart is the way they're promoted: 9 lovely, beautiful girls in nice-to-look-at outfits, that can sing, dance, act, etc... It makes them one of the most influential artists at the moment, but popularity will fade away, and until they come up with something really special (i by that i don't mean sailor outfits), i wouldn't call them "one of the decade's most influential k-pop artists".

Same goes for suju, popularity doesn't always mean you've done anything special. Even though you can't deny there's some talent in that group, i don't think they've brought anything new or great to k-pop.

i predict 2pm and 2ne1 (at least as long as they last) will become very successful and influential, they are different from most of the other groups and already very BIG.

Do you include producers?? Than i have to mention jyp, not only a great singer/songwriter and performer himself, but the producer of some of the most successful and popular k-pop artists and songs ever.

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Guest vizion_

1. Rain: No explanation needed.

2. BoA: Look above.

3. DBSK: Massive fanbase, personally prefer their Japanese releases.

4. Shinhwa: While most of the 90's Idol groups withered away, they kept it strong for the early part of this decade.

5. G.O.D: they have the only million seller of the decade, I believe, their music was too good for words.

6. Super Junior: The original dol+i's, chubby idol, number 13, sorry sorry syndrome, massive fanbase as well.

7. Wonder Girls: Trilogy and now working hard breaking into the U.S market.

8. Big Bang: Not too fond of them because of the cross dresser, but they definitely set some trends in the industry, and TY is just too goddamn good.

9. Hyori/Fin.k.l: Talent wise, I think she pales in comparison to Boa or Ivy, but she definitely got that star factor, plenty of it.

10. Epik High: Very arguable, and I'm biased when I listed them here, but since we are talking about influential, Epik High brought something totally different to the scene, and won.

Honorable Mentions

Brown Eyes: I didn't want to list any ballad singers, because I don't think they were "influential", since ballads was always there. However, these two just have godly voices.

SeoTaji: Last Decade?

Drunken Tiger: Legend.

Se7en: Not a huge fan, but he definitely made some splash.

SNSD: late bloomer, ggggbabybabybabyyyy.


SG Wannabee


Kim Jong Kook

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BoA! She was the first Korean to successfully break into the J-Pop scene, and became super popular in Korea and Japan at the same time. Although not as relevant in the Korean scene these days, she was certainly influential at beginning of the decade, bridging Korean-Japanese relations, and making way for other Korean artists. IMO, her and Bae Yong Joon (irrelevant to this article) brought attention to or even originated the "Korean Wave".

Song: Girls on Top. Or No.1 @_@ Not sure which is her more famous one...

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Guest tazanya

this is a bit diff from others but i nominate

Jang Yun-jeong (장윤정) she is a trot singer but she found a away to make trot music cool and more contemporary leading the way for the resurgence of trot in the main stream (there is also a guy but dont really know him)

her song 어머나 (Oh My Goodness) was like massively popular in 2005 and she is still really successful. i know your request was for a kpop artist so maybe trot does not count.

i would also concur with the votes for rain, boa, and shinwa, and 1tym for all the reasons said above.

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Guest Talesy

I think... Rain is the most influential. I'll only mention him. He's one of - not only Asia - but world's most influencal singer.

Hmm Wonder Girls ? SNSD ? 2NE1 ? As much I as love those 3, they are not influental, or they were only very recently. Their success is/was epic, nobody can't deny that, but that's it. It's nothing beyond that. Wonder Girls and SNSD both had a huge success, nobody denies it, but it's seriously nothing compared to Rain or BoA who sold millions of albums. Currently, I would say SNSD had the biggest popularity, but popularity doesn't mean influence. Maybe in a few years, they will be seen as legends, but for now, they have a long way to go.

WG did well in the US ? Even if they are the first korean artist to appear in the Billboard, they peaked at a low spot (#76 or something ?). It was like... nothing. The song even disappeared the week after (but hopefully, they will do better with their full album). Same thing for SNSD, I can be biased all I want, the popularity they gained thanks to 'Gee' won't last forever if they don't release hit songs after hit songs. In fact, when WG/SNSD/2NE1 will have more successful albums and many hit songs, maybe we should consider them as 'This decade's most influential artist'. :) But hey, let's wait 10 more years, maybe they will be the next decade's.

SNSD and WG debuted in 2007, 2NE1 debuted this year... They're still rookies after all. Let's not compare them to legends !

If we mention groups who debuted in 2007, which is very late in this decade, then we should also include artists who were successful in the early 20s like SES (1997-2002), FinKL (1998-2002), g.o.d. (1999-2005)... who probably had a lot more influence than SNSD or WG.

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Guest daphxzxz

Rain, Lee Hyori, BoA and Shinhwa.

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Most people here have known Shinhwa for their strong bond among the members & being Korean longest running band with all original members BUT there’re more to it that makes them deserve to be one of the most influential K-pop groups/artists this decade

First of, their dances: Shinhwa are known for intricate choreography, technically challenging dance steps and that are hard to reproduce (check out their Wedding performance). It’s back by dance awards that they won over the years.

Awards: Shinhwa has scores of awards under their belt, too many to list. If anyone is curious, check this link for the complete list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Shinhwa%27s_awards

Songs: Perfect Man, Once In A Lifetime, Brand New, I Pray 4 U, Wild Eyes, Angel, T.O.P. are songs that claimed top spots on various Korean and other international music charts

Hallyu status: Their popularity is known worldwide and is one of the few groups that able break into the Japanese market . Shinhwa were also chosen as Korean representative at many international award ceremonies & concerts

Pioneers & Role Models: Shinhwa redefined the Korean entertainment landscape when they refused to renew their contract with SM to keep the group intact. Took SM to court to for the right to their name and won. They’re the first to explore both group & solo activities very effectively and successfully that pave the way for new idol groups. Quite many of their hoobae are looking up to Shinhwa as a their role models.

Due to members serving their military duties, Shinhwa is currently on hiatus, but with their 12th Anniversary coming up, they must be doing everything very right to keep kicking strong over 10+ years and counting. They’re an inspiration, nuff said… :D

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Guest Dorkiee

Though Most of the Reasons are listed, here's my list and a reason.

DBSK: They were the reason I started to know KPOP. No one can deny their popularity and hit singles.

Shinhwa: Though I don't really like any of their songs. The respect other groups have for them is undeniable, plus longest running boy group.

GOD: Sold alot of albums, That's gotta say something.

BOA: Do I even have to say anything?

WONDER GIRLS: Though they only debuted for almost 3 years the achievement these girls have made can not be compare to other girl groups. I believe they started the movement of "Girl Power" we have been witnessing.

Though I like these groups 2PM, Big Bang (achieve popularity but not as much as the other3 boy band listed), SNSD, 2NE1, I don't think they made of an impact till recently. For sure though they will be leading the next decade.

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Guest xclueless

Wonder Girls

Lee Hyori



I know you want 10, but those are the only artists I feel have been the most influential throughout this decade. There are a lot of groups that are EXTREMELY famous (SNSD, Big Bang, etc.) but I don't feel like they made as great as an impact on Kpop as those 4 have.

Hopefully 2PM and 2NE1 will be the leaders of the Kpop wave next decade :) I would love to include them in the list but that's only because I'm biased. However, I do believe they'll become huge stars as the years pass.

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Guest sw8et_vietgurl

I know you want 10, but those are the only artists I feel have been the most influential throughout this decade. There are a lot of groups that are EXTREMELY famous (SNSD, Big Bang, etc.) but I don't feel like they made as great as an impact on Kpop as those 4 have.

Though I like these groups 2PM, Big Bang (achieve popularity but not as much as the other3 boy band listed), SNSD, 2NE1, I don't think they made of an impact till recently. For sure though they will be leading the next decade.

Bigbang definately deserve to be in the Top 10. Why? because this is about influential/ what impact they have on k-pop, it's not about popularity, how many albums/singles they sold, how popular they are outside korea/what they achieve outside korea, or how popular their songs are ect.

Within Korea, they clearly influenced k-pop artist to released mini-album, electronic music/auto-tune, they influenced korean people to follow their dream whether they're goodlooking or not, they influenced people with their fashion style etc.

Just like BB, WonderGirls is the other idol group that deserve to be in the Top 10. Their songs are very popular(but if we just look at popularity of the songs alone then other groups like SnSD,SJ,2pm etc also deserve to be in the Top10). however this is about "influential" and clearly their song Tell Me influenced other idol groups to released hook song/dance. they also started the "dance craze" thing.

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Guest loikyish.

^^ just reminding you about the rule.

2. Just write your own and do not comment or criticize on how other people thinks.

In a random order:





I don't have any other reason to say since almost everyone had already said it. I'm just posting to add numbers.

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Guest suicidal_glamour

I really feel that SHINHWA, Rain, TVXQ and Boa should be on the list.

Shinhwa- for being able to withstand so many years together as a group, where many other boybands and idols have not been able to. I think they really defined what it is to be a idol group. they have shaped what kpop calls a boyband and their biggest hurdle was leaving SM, a major entertainment company, and making it on their own, while showing the Korean nation and many other Asian countries their bond and friendship. They really set the standard for many other idols we see today, such as TVXQ, Big Bang and many others.

Memorable song? Brand New or Perfect Man

It's obvious why Rain, TVXQ and BoA should be on the list, many people have argued and reason as to why they should be on the list, there is no need for me to repeat.

Honorable mention- Clazziquai project.

There is a reason why there has been a max influx of the electronic and dance genre in kpop within the past year, and we can give credit to Clazziquai for making it happen, or rather nudging kpop into that direction. They have influenced the latter few years of kpop with their electronica and dance music, and breaking into the mainstream market without the backup of a major label.

Memorable songs? She Is..

I think Super Junior should also be mentioned somehow, for being the first group with so many members and having such a big reach across Asia, for example their concert tours in many countries.

Also, I think fanclubs have been the major player in what has shaped kpop in the past decade. Without fanclubs, fandoms and fangirls, many of the mentioned arists would not be here today. :)

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Guest camelotava

definitely g.o.d - they have many classic songs, but my favourite is Gil. Such a beatiful and meaningful song, they won 4 daesangs for this song/4th album.

the others: Rain - it's raining, Shinhwa - Angel, Boa - not familiar with her songs, but i know that she one of the most influential solo female singer in Korea, Clazziquai - She Is or Love Mode, Epik High - Fly, Finkl - Now.

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Since almost all the reasons that I can think of have been stated above by fellow soompiers, then I think it will be better for me to just write the nominations :)

(not in any particular order)


2. Big Bang

3. Rain

4. Shinhwa

5. Boa

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Guest *bluebutterfly*

Dong Bang Shin Ki: They are incredibly popular everywhere in Asia. They have the largest fan club in the world and their vocal abilities are just amazing along with their dancing. They had such a hard time in Japan to begin with but carried on and they are now extremely popular all over Asia, with fans of a wide range.

BoA: I agree with what others have said. She is also very popular all over Asia and even getting her way into the US market. She is a lot of people's and even (idol) singer's idol. They look up to as someone they want to be like. She started out as a singer at such a young age and has achieved a lot!

Wonder Girls: 'Tell Me' was very popular and created a 'Tell Me virus' which many copied, danced to and uploaded videos of themselves dancing to the song and then also created popular dance points with So Hot and love bullets with Nobody, which got them to #76 on the U.S billboards being the first Koreans to reach the top 100 on billboards.

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huh, that's weird. My post didn't get posted :huh: well, when I did type it all up, I said DBSK for Rising Sun in 2005 and from that, their careers really kicked off and they gained many many more fans and are just so popular and well known.

And second, Wonder Girls' 'Tell Me' in 2007 which had pretty much the entire nation dancing and singing to the song.

Shinhwa & BoA (other soompiers have pretty much covered it :P)

& I also just wanted to mention Seo Taiji. Although he was a big star in the previous decade, he isn't as active as some of the bands nowadays in this decade. But, I wanted to mention him because his music (like from around 1992) has really influenced kpop and it still continues to show in this decade. The contemporary trends and rap etc. In my opinion, his music is what influenced the kpop this decade :)

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Guest bordishki

Here are the Top 10 Kpop songs of this decade.

Do you all agree/disagree?

And who's do you agree with more?

Personally, I think MTV's is wackalicious!

Kim Jong Gook... Turtles as best of the decade??

MTV Iggy: http://blog.mtviggy.com/2009/12/15/iggy-st...-of-the-decade/

1. G.O.D. — “Lie”

2. Brown Eyes — “One Year”

3. BoA — “No.1″

4. Hyolee Lee — “10 Minutes”

5. MC Mong (feat. Lyn) — “Letter to You, Part I”

6. Kim Jong Kook — “Standstill”

7. Go! Boogie! (Turtles) — “Airplane”

8. Wonder Girls — “Tell Me”

9. Son Dam Bi — “Crazy”

10. Brown Eyed Girls — “Abracadabra”

KoreAm: http://iamkoream.com/the-top-10-k-pop-tracks-of-the-decade/

10. Big Bang’s “거짓말 (Guh Jit Mal)” (2007)

9. T’s “As Time Goes By (시간이 흐른뒤)” (2001)

8. BoA’s “My Name” (2004)

7. J’s “어제 처럼 (Like Yesterday)” (2000)

6. KISS’s “여자이니까 (Because I Am Girl)” (2002)

5. Kim Bum Soo’s “보고 싶다 (Bo Go Ship Da)” (2002)

4. Wheesung’s “안되나요? (Ahn Dwae Na Yo; Can It Not Be?)” (2002)

3. Brown Eyes’ “벌써 일년(Already A Year)” (2001)

2. Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” (2007)

1. GOD’s “거짓말 (Lie)” (2000)

Honorable Mentions:

2NE1’s “Fire”

2PM’s “Again and Again”

Drunken Tiger’s “엄지 손가락 (Thumb)”

TVXQ’s “Tonight”

Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”

SG Wannabe’s “살다가 (Saldaga)”

Hyori’s “10 Minutes”

Rain’s “It’s Raining”

Fly To The Sky’s “남자 답게 (Like A Man)”

Shinhwa’s “Brand New”

What do ya'll think?

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Guest shinchan10

Ok, here's my list and reasons :)

In random order.






Here's my list for the Top10 Kpop songs of the decade.

Wonder Girls ; Tell Me

BoA ; No.1

GOD ; Lies

DBSK ; Love in the ice (This song is not as popular as their others song, but it's effin amzing ! )

SNSD ; Gee

Erm, tht's all i can think of rite now ...

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