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This decade's most influential k-pop artists and songs

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Guest Platinum

anyone listing SNSD or WG... i seriously doubt they're influential for the whole decade...

but I think BoA is one of the few artists who has lasted a whole decade... with her debut in 2000 up until now. although not as active in Korea now... she's definitely one of the first to succesfully sing in Japan spreading the Kpop wave across Asia. She really is the first Hallyu star

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Guest blank_blank_cuti3

This is a good topic first off! LOL...If I were to rate it, this is my choice:

1. BoA - she's the legendary period. I believe that she's the person that started the whole Kpop music wave thing and that's why alot of KPop artists are so well known now throughout the whole Asia.

2. Shinhwa - legendary group! 10+ years together...fight through their own feul with SM and still is together as Shinhwa

3. DBSK - they are like the 2nd biggest star from Kpop breaking through Japan after BoA and have the biggest fanclub out of any group eventhough I am still doubting about their relationship with Sm as a whole group...

4. Big Bang - they are well known internationally in my opinion like the states...maybe it's just who I hang out with (?)..but alot of my friends who aren't Korean know them...They are really the first group who I think can actually pull off that hip-hop style in Korea and changes the whole definition of "normal" idol image. Breaking through the Japan market slowly too...

5. Wonder Girls - "Tell Me" hit, "So Hot" hit & "Nobody" and their BillBoard 100 last month (?)


7. 2NE1

8. 2PM

9. Rain

10. Lee Hyori

After #5, I didn't feel like writing anymore...LOL...but you guys should know the reason why I chose who I did from their hits. And the reason why I put Hyori after Rain because I think Rain is more known in the states and his work is more broader in terms of dramas, music, movies, etc..eventhough I love Hyori unnie...she really just have the personality & sexy figure that people remember about her...

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Holding Back The Tears by DBSK (:

They're the most influential, because they have gained so much and worked hard for every moment ever since the day they debuted in both Korea & Japan. Giving up is probably not and never will be when you describe Dbsk. Through their hard work, they had fulfilled their own dreams, getting #1s on the Oricon chart, performing in Tokyo Dome, having the most pre-orders for their 4th album & winning many daesangs even though it was 2-3 months into their comeback. Also, Dbsk had made a impact and change in the Korean music industry. They went against their company and filed a lawsuit when their contract wasn't fair. They risked themsleves to fight for this contract. Because of this, many companies had their contract looked over to make sure it wasn't a "slave" contract. And during this, Cassiopeia had stuck together supporting the boys, even though 2 members are "sided with SM". Cassies won't loose faith in these 5 talented boys & won't ever will. So, this is why i think dbsk is the most influential? ^^

damn, i wrote an essay it seems T.T

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Guest honeydice

I think there are many artiste which can be considered as an influential artiste of the decade.

1. Dong Bang Shin Ki

From Hug, to Rising Sun, to 'O'-正.反.合 then mirotic, this group have made many history throughout these 6 hard years. With more than 800,000 official korean fans.. also setting many records. Popular in both korea and japan, being one of the top groups in both countries, they've made it so far. They came back with Mirotic last year during last part of the year in october, snagging many awards with just less than 2months promotion, it was not something that can be easily achieved after being away for 1yr7months. Now they're standing tall and considered as korea's top group, i guess they can be considered as one of the most influential artiste of kpop.

2. Epik High

From 2005 till now, to me they're always the best hiphop group. For the 5th ongoing year, they didn't snag much awards and didn't have a wide fanbase despite being in the entertainment field for that long, but they never stop this music career. Continuing to make good music up till today, i really appreciate the fact that they still carried on their love for music even though it may be not recognized by everyone.. The hardwork is too much to be measured, they totally deserve more than they are getting now, much more.

Personally i think that an artiste that can be considered an influential artiste of the decade shouldn't be just because of one or two hit songs.. I hope everyone can stick to the criteria stated to state an artiste that can deserve this.

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Guest jiongxin

Obviously I would say its DBSK! Having the largest fanclub in the world, they sure had great influnce not only in the Kpop world, but internationally. In addition, their recent winning of the Asian's best representative is a prove to their fame.

Others include Rain, BoA, Shinhwa, Wonder Girls...

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BoA - she was the princess of kpop. At the age of 15, she had both Korea and Japan conquered. She definitely deserves a place among top 10.

H.O.T. - they disbanded in 2001 so I don't know if the count, but they're the leaders of Hallyu wave.

DBSK - they're Asia's biggest stars. Their ability to sell 500 000 album when music industry is in decline is admire-worthy. They are biggest Hallyu stars atm, despite the harsh competition. Let's not forget that they were the first Korean artists to sell out Tokyo Dome (for two days). With that said, I think they have their place reserved among top 10.

Epik High - they popularized hip-hop and did a successful tour in USA.


Rising Sun - the beginning of SMJ style

Valenti - huge hit that basically shot BoA to stardom

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Okay, so there's a reason why Shinhwa left a huge and long lasting impression on me. In my opinion, they've really set a lot of standards for many of the new groups. Not only are they talented, they are themselves on and off cam; they don't act like someone else; AND they've been in the industry even before a decade ago, how can they not be included in this list. I mean, yeah they've never sold 1 million albums in a single album, haven't tried to break into the American Music Industry, but they've really got something that is different from other boybands. Plus I know that ALL these new and upcoming boybands must really look up to Shinhwa because of their strong bond; and they are the origantors of a dorky group who do some of the weirdest things and stupidest things too. I guess you can say for relationship-wise in this group, they are influential. I don't know if I'm making in sense, but I really can't say more or in a better tone. I honestly don't know which of there songs are influential.....uh.....Wild Eyes?? I don't know.

They've got a very strong bond, that's why they last so long, maybe you should consider this. A lot of new artists want to follow their path and stay strong and last as long as Shinhwa. ;)

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Guest Siriel

I only want to nominate 3 names:

SG Wannabe and Brown Eyes: for r'b midtempo songs.

Lee Soo Young: for ballad.

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Guest Lindalala

All the reasons were pretty much listed, so i'll just chose. Boa, TVXQ, and Wonder Girls.

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i would make a vote for KOYOTE. they were up there in the early half of the decade racking up hits and in the later half of the decade the members were able to keep the group alive through their own individual activities. plus there hasn't been a mixed group that has debuted to match the success they have had through out the decade. to have been around and active for over 12 years and counting while still putting out hit songs is amazing.

i would also throw in DBSK and BoA just for their sheer popularity and spreading k-pop through out Asia and the world..

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Guest joecesjohncual@yahoo.com


Simply because of this --->

not because im a fan of them but also they help to pave and break the barriers to japan for kpop groups.



not just because they have the 2 records in GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS,

BUT also they break their own records in JAPAN,KOREA AND ASIA.





and also




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Guest asdfhjkl;

^ best video EVER <3

My choices are:

DBSK - Like them or not, their popularity&influence cannot be denied. They are Asia's biggest stars right now. After BoA, they are definitely the most successful korean artists in Japan: They've topped the Oricon consecutively, have been invited to Japan's most important and influential award shows (such as Kohaku, NHS) and have had two concerts at the Tokyo Dome -the dream stage for all Japanese artists. So DBSK has definitely played a HUGE, huge role in spreading the Hallyu wave. Not only in Japan too. In China, kpop magazines are covered in DBSK. They literally have fans all over the world. I think that DBSK definitely has a spot in the Top 10.

Song? Gosh.. so many.. Mirotic, I guess? For ballads, definitely Love In The Ice - really showcases their vocals, and the song itself is just breathtaking.

BoA - No doubt about it. One of the most successful solo artists. Also helped make a bridge between Korea and Japan. Song: Girls On Top

Shinhwa - They're legendary. I don't know a lot about them, but I know that much.

Anyway, I know there are a lot more, but I don't want to write about them since I don't know that much about them. Some other names that come to mind are Hyori, Rain, SG Wannabe, Epik High, Seo Tai Ji, etc.

Groups like SNSD, 2ne1, 2PM.. they're extremeley popular right now, but they just debuted not long ago. So while they're great, I don't think they're the best candidates for most influential artists of the decade.

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Guest qwertify

DBSK. They definitely have made a huge impact on the k-pop world, and you can't deny their popularity and talents. They're not given the title "Asia's Biggest Stars" for nothing. They are the most successful Korean artists in Japan now, ever since BoA i daresay. (Invited to Japan's top award shows, Tokyo Dome, Oricon Charts) Song from them? Either Rising Sun or O Jung Ban Hub or Mirotic ;D

Wonder Girls. I was actually thinking of SNSD too, but then i decided on Wonder Girls, because well.. just look at what Tell Me did. O_O And you can include Nobody too, it brought them to Billboard Hot 100 Chart! And they're pretty successful now in US, which isn't easy at all due to different styles of music.

Shinhwa. I don't really know alot about them, since i'm actually pretty new to hallyu. But yeah, even so, they're really a legendary group ;D

Rain, BoA. No doubt, successful solo artists :) Isn't all that easy to go solo, but they really made it big. Songs.. Rainism and Valenti? Uh not very sure about songs haha :)

There are actually a few other groups that are quite successful and popular at the moment, but they're probably not the most influential k-pop artists of this decade.. Nonetheless i think mentioning them will be good ;D SNSD, Big Bang, 2PM.

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Guest la vifzetta*

H.O.T - I-Yah

H.O.T - Hope

Besides Candy (which was in the late 90s), I think these two songs are very signature of H.O.T. H.O.T has been a very influential group during the late 90s and early 00s, so I think their songs deserve to be on this list.

G.O.D - One Candle

G.O.D - Lies

G.O.D - The Road

Likewise, G.O.D took on to be the most influential boyband in Korea around 2001. I did not include "To Mother" because it was released in 1999 (?). But Lies, One Candle and The Road are songs that almost everyone knew how to sing back then. G.O.D was termed the "nation's" boyband.

Tim - I Love You

I don't know anyone who doesn't know this song. It's a classic ballad and I think Tim's debut marked the return of great solo ballad singers.

Epik High - One

I think Fan was great but One struck and stuck. Especially after the MV, it left a very strong message...

Buzz - Monologue / Coward

Without Buzz, there probably won't be FT Island. Buzz started a trend of rock ballads in Kpop world. Min Kyunghoon's singing is haunting because of his emotions and voice.

Big Mama - Break Away

They broke the stereotype that you need to look hot in order to succeed in the showbiz. These ladies have some of the best vocal talents in K-pop and showed it off with "Break Away". Many artists have covered the song.

Clazziquai - She is...

Clazziquai is a shocker to Kpop. At a time when perhaps Kpop was at its peak with R&B/pop tunes, Clazziquai introduced a new genre to the Kpop world. Their music is refreshing, vocals are beautiful. They also made the best OST songs, such as "She is" for My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

Lee Hyori ft. Eric Mun - Anymotion

It's influential because those two were the most popular artists at the time of the Samsung Anymotion CF was released. It was also the first "music drama" released by Anycall to promote their product. This then started a trend of music dramas used for advertisements. The dance by Hyori was also widely covered by other female artists.

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not in any particular i would have to say the following:

mc mong - most of his upbeat songs 'circus' '180 degrees' 'ice cream' 'indian boy' have brought smiles to many people and unlike many singers not all of them were about 'deep love' but just a song that could be enjoyed anytime

brown eyes - both brown eyes and brown eyed soul because their ballads are touching. each song is deep and seriously makes you think, plus they werent about the idol status but making good music

wondergirls - though im not an over the top fan of wondergirls and though i personally think they cant sing live, all of their hit title songs are addicting and have people all over the world listening to them. though other k-pop artists are known throughout asia, i dont think any of them reached the 'addictiveness' of k-pop like wondergirls

big bang - not only were all of their songs hits, they can sing live, and due to g-dragons fashion sense, created a complete style of fashion in korea.

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Guest hseliz

BoA ; Girls On Top

she's like a jewel to both Korean and Japanese music market, she's successful in both countries and is very well known for her passion towards singing and dancing. She debuted when she was 13 and she has been really successful until now. She is a top singer for both Korea and Japan.


i'm not sure about their songs as i'm not an avid listener, but they sure do have an impact towards the kpop industry. they are probably the longest running boyband group - being together for 10 years+ and ongoing. their strong bond and passion towards music is what that makes them continue even after debuting for so long.

TXVQ ; Rising Sun

They have probably the largest fan base ever with an astounding number of fans beyond 800,000 fans, and that is only in South Korea alone. Apart from South Korea, the boys have stamped their names all over the world including Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and a lot more countries. The boys have all the package: looks, personality and skills. All of them can hold a tune well and dance very well too. During their "O"-正.反.合 days(2007), they swept all four major music awards. THeir Mirotic album was sold at about 500,000 copies as well.

Seo Taiji ; Ultramania

He is a living legend. Everybody knows him. Even when the economy is falling and even when he doesn't do a lot of promotions for the songs(except for attending music shows like Inkigayo), his album sales soars compared to the current artists who promotes their music by attending different variety shows and music shows.

Rain ; It's Raining

He was despised for his looks as he ain't the regular pretty boy or good looking guy and he had been turned down before many times before JYP accepted him. In the midst of boyband craze, Rain stands strong as a solo male singer in pop/rnb genre. His albums sold about a million copies all over Asia. His popularity can be seen not only in South Korea, even countries like Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan. He is now branching to the US and probably already stamped his name as he is involved in Ninja Assassin movie. Not only that, he is included in the Time Magazine's list of The Most Beautiful People.

Other singers which i think should be included in:

Tiger JK, Epik High, Yoon Do Hyun Band, H.O.T, G.O.D, S.E.S

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Guest Hoodwinker

Can only think of two:

Dong Bang Shin Ki Well, everyone pretty much covered it. They do have the largest fanclub in the world, but it's not only that. Their vocal talent is simply amazing, I mean not many groups can pull off intense dance songs, and then sing an accapella without breaking down. Tokyo Dome <-- need I say more? Their performance there was top-notched. 3 hours of live singing and dancing, and to be able to sing songs like Bolero and Love in the Ice at the end, I was simply amazed. Love them or hate them, you can't deny their presence or influence. Love in the Ice <-- one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

Boa Her name speak for itself doesn't it? I know its an extremely old song, but I still love Atlantis Princess XD

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Guest superstar`kiss

Of course, Brown Eyes popped into my mind after reading influential. So many groups have branched off from what YoonGun and NaUl brought into the industry. Especially with all the works that YoonGun has done and written himself. Each and every album the two made together were just amazing. Even the short intro's will take you away. I choose "Already A Year" because it's a song recognized by most and can never be disliked..plus it's still very much being karaokied even today. xD

Though Shinhwa has been listed by most already, I choose them not just because they're the longest running group, but because really, they have darn great songs. Looking back now I wonder why their debut song wasn't such a hit when it was really so good. >.< Drastically, [if you're an avid fan like I] you see that they've grown so much over the years. They were the first group created by SM to move out of the company to explore such wonders. And I think this change has really made them find their true shade of Orange. You can actually see their music style changeeeee. They've matured and has [literally] grown up along with Shinhwa Changjo. No doubt I'm sure they'll be right back in a few short years! My song pick: "Once In A Lifetime"

BoA. She started her career as a child, no? I think we can all agree that she became professional at a very young age. She's been active for countless numerous years and I think is already the representative kpop female gasoo. "Rock With You"

Big Bang. They've started the later half of the decade, but I think their style has set a trend to many starting with "Lies". This song is (I personally think) what started all the techno mainstream style going on.

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Guest Soy

BoA ... she opened so many doors for not only female artists but as well as her SM family. Gotta give this girl the props she deserves. DBSK ... wow talk about an international sensation. WG is making up a storm in America, but when it comes to their extent of being influential, I still think SNSD beats them in the domestic front. SNSD was the first girl group since S.E.S to sell over 100,000 copies of their debut album (not only that but they were the first girl group to get so many songs off their first album as number one hits on the music shows, girls' generation, kissing you, & baby baby, and they were only 1 win away from tying with G.O.D), and ever since then all their mini-albums have gotten past the same mark and that really is something else. Not only that but they were the first artist under SM to get a number 1 hit on Melon's digital chart and broke so many records with Gee that I can't even go into detail. Now they're about to have their own solo concert, that's really unheard of a group (esp a girl one!) that debuted merely 2 years ago and it was sold out within 7 minutes. They've proven that they've been extremely marketable as a group, but members have also branched out and conquered so many other parts of the entertainment industry in Korea. Not only that but their influence has also sparked make fashion trends. It's pretty much bias because I've followed them the most, but that's about it. Actually now that I think about it ... I still think SNSD is too new of a group to really have that much of an influence. In terms of success, SNSD has done a lot and has allowed Korea to have a wave of new girl groups because companies have noticed how successful girl groups CAN be, but in all honesty, they're too new of a group to be of any influence. Maybe in the next few years, but although Gee was a huge hit, nothing was sparked from it. So by default haha since SNSD (well the majority) was influenced by BoA, I guess BoA would overall be my pick :)

Big Bang - Lies is also a must mention just because of how many songs that gained inspiration from it.

Shinhwa is on the list as well for me, haha although I don't listen to their music as a group, they're solid.

DBSK - enough said.


Epik High - So many songs..... they've done a lot for the industry.

Brown Eyes is also <3 Already 1 year will still remain one of my favorites!

Decade = 1999-2009, I believe right?

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Guest Laile

I didnt find her name on here yet and I cant say much about her,

but she deserved to be on the list, since she is one of the most influential rappers in korea~~

Tasha - def. the best female rapper (in the world imo ;P)

Totally loved her performance on MAMA :ph34r:

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