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This decade's most influential k-pop artists and songs

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Guest evelynmieu

s.e.s, finkl, g.od, h.o.t, DBSK - they're pretty much the reasons all these groups exist

as for the future definitely 2NE1 - they are very different from you normal cutesy girl group and i think there are going to be more groups like them in the future

not so sure about the boy bands though

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Guest Tuni-chan

There is no special order (:

Run by Epik High; The story the song tells is just incredible. The boy lost his leg, his girl, but he never stopped running. He knows that he can never escape his past, and how it's impacted him. But he obviously uses that as his fuel to keep going. Plus, it's catch yand Tablo was hot in it <3

Dong Ban Shin Ki; Every single song has a clear meaning of its own. Mirotic: Passion, Wrong Number: Being fed up, Break Out: Haunted House?, anyways, they've been a whole for about 5 years, I believe that even though they are going through rough legal issues, they will always be up at the top of K-pop, that can't ever be taken away from them.

She's Gone by G-Dragon; Everyone hounded on GD for this thinking it was too much, creepy, sickening, etc. Anyone who pays attention to his solo songs--or even just his fashion sense--can pick up that he is indeed quirky, unique, and a person of his own. It was very artistic to me because not many people make songs that are intense like that, you know? As soon as I saw the MV for the first time, I was glued to the screen. Powerful stuff.

2pm; One word: Resilience.

Suju; I can't say I like them all that much, but there are like, what? 13 guys? That's pretty impressive. SORRY SORRY had a strong impact on me for one thing. I'm still trying to learn the dance XD

Wondergirls; Tell Me is just as popular and out there as the Hare Hare Yukai is.

SNSD; I hated them with a passion until I got hit with the Gee-syndrom. didn't take long at all.

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Guest amyoii

I was never interest in K-pop until I know about this boy band. And they got me into K-pop. I'm a really new fan...and I don't listen to many artists so I only have 1 to share

2PM - They are fairly new compare to the other arists like DBSK, Big Bang...etc. They are not even as influential as the other artist. I think their controversy is bigger than DBSK's and all the other ones. They have been through ups and downs & endure many torments and pains. But they still stand strong & keep moving on. I really respect them for that. I though they will disband after the Myspace incident...but no. They will always and forever be the only K-pop artists that I love & respect. I know one day...soon they will be a big hit not only in Korean, but through out all Asia and world wide. They are a talented group of artists <3

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Guest Leto

BoA - "No. 1" & "My Name"

Whether you like her or not, she is without a doubt one of the most influential artists in Kpop history. She paved the way for other artists in Japan like DBSK (because honestly, I don't think DBSK would've made it this big without her). BoA is also an inspiration for many popular kpop group members.


Super Junior - "Sorry Sorry": this song was extremely popular overseas in Taiwan.

SNSD - "Gee"

Big Bang - "Lies" & "Haru Haru"

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Guest nadliyana

for me its big bang :D

not only they dominated the charts as a group, even when they do solo performance, each of them were able to dominate the charts :D

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Guest GlassShadow

DBSK - enough said about them, Seriously, biggest fanclub in the world says it all. Their influence in Japan is phenomenal.

Wonder Girls - First Asian artist to make into the American market

Super Junior - "Sorry Sorry" was a hit. SJM - made so much progress in China. They won the "Hallyu Award" last year, need to say more?

Rain - He was lk the first Korean artist I knew and the fact he made into hollywood

yeah, those are my four choices

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Guest void216

BoA No 1

Rain Rainism

DBSK Mirotic, Hug, O Jung Ban Hap

Brown Eyes Already 1 year, With Coffee

Kiss Because I'm a Girl worldwide known mv, with a ton of covers

CSJH the grace Boomerang 1st girl group to obtain notable success after Fink.l. and S.E.S. broke up, also first group to become successful with the fierce girl group concept. Before the Grace came out there were many girl groups which debuted but with little success.

ShinHwa Perfect Man korea's longest running boygroup, successfully broke off from their parent company after HOT and Sechskies had troubles separating from their own companies, went off to become successful in their solo activities.


SG Wannabe 1st group to focus mostly on talents instead of looks, did not perform publicly until very recently

Wonder Girls Tell Me SNSD Gee KARA Honey Influential for the mass influx of girl groups in 2009 and the kpop revival.

2pm not necessarily because of any of their songs, but because of the Jaebom Myspace controversy, which brought to light, some of the problems which face korean-americans in america and korea.

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Guest candycorn

Wonder Girls.

yeahhhhhh<3 tell me ftw!

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This decade? BoA FTTS DBSK EPIKHIGH BIGBANG and the Wonder Girls. Those were the ones that popped in my head first.

I don't find SNSD influential for some reason and they didn't get really popular until 2009 which was basically the end of the decade.

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Guest pete.ah.bread

Hm... for me, hands down, is 1tym.

I didn't listen to korean music at ALL until 8th grade. I mean all I thought that existed were the oldies my dad listened/watched on tv. Okay.. you're thinking "Oh I don't care about your life; what does that matter?" 1TYM MATTERS. so my friends finally caught on to my lacking of k-pop culture, they sent my atlantis princess, 10 minutes, and the such. It wasn't until I played 1tym's 4th CD that i was hooked. i mean.. everything else in the k-pop scene sounded ... quite frankly.. the same. everyone was mimicking each other. Call BoA revolutionary, but she just copied everyone else, but did it better. 1tym was a hip hop wonder. Teddy and Danny brought US hip hop over and mixed it with Korean-esche flavor. it was TOTALLY different. just the intro to the CD.. beatboxing? who does that? i honestly feel they started the hip hop wave in Korea. While 1tym itself may not have a last amazing legacy. I think the movement they started is more than noteworthy. Not to mention it seems like Teddy and Baek Kyung are doing some producing stuff for YG. That's a fulfilling career as an artist. While they were hot, the created their waves while others tried to create similar ones. And once their wave hit the shore and time was up, they started helping more people create waves. That to me proves that 1tym is the most influential.

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Guest onedaymaniac

wonder girls!nobody!

most people said they are tired of it but

how many groups can survive with only one song for almost 1 year and 7 months?

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I think that in terms of impact and progress, it has to be SNSD. The road they have traveled has been the longest out of every idol group. They debuted with people calling them SM's charity case - chucking the most useless and least talented group of trainees into a massive band and hope the numbers cover their lack of talent. Then in 2008 they faced the silent protest and an army of anti's who dissed them wherever they go. But in 2009/2010 they crushed all opposition on the charts, and proved all the anti-fans and haters wrong to become the first girl group ever to sweep all the end of year awards, sell 200k albums and do a heap of other things no other girl group has ever done.

They may not be the most original group in kpop but they have endured so many hardships, rumours and claims to still come up on top.

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Guest nisya_cutetygurlz

for me the most influential k-pop artists is:

B2ST ;)





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Guest mikimeun

1. Rain

2. Wonder Girls

3. 2ne1 for hiphop music, even in Independent Awarding Bodies, they got nominated

4. who else?hmmm... think think

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Guest shinhdeplol

Groups I think that should be in this list

(sorry I don’t include old groups like SHINHWA, HOT, SES, FINKL…because I hardly know anything about them. I got hooked on KPOP after Big Bang’s debut in 2006 :blush: )

DBSK: Need I say more? They are the best male group right now, no doubt. To tell the truth I used to dislike them, not becaue they were bad or anything,but because people kept comparing them and Big Bang. I was stupid, I know, but that was some years ago. Now Im totally impressed by their looks, vocals and dances, and it saddens me that they are on the verge of breaking up. DBSK FIGHTING!

Big Bang: they are the second greatest group!!!!! That’s something undeniable. Proof? Lets look at the income of them last year…they were not that active in both Korea and Japan, but they earned more than any other male groups (except for DBSK). They are talented, they have many mega hit songs (Lies, Haru Haru, Sunset Glow) and they have their own style. They also set many trends, including the trend of making mini albums. They are also the only one group whose all members’ solo activities work well :) I LOVE BIG BANG WITH PASSION!!!!!! So proud of being a VIP since Aug 2006

SUJU: they should be mentioned too imo. They are a huge group, and they would be even bigger than Big Bang if their style was fierce (like Don’t Don,Sorry Sorry and Bonamana) from the beginning. Too bad in the first years they were following a kinda soft and cute images,which I do not like very much.

WONDER GIRLS: they are the best girl group, because they set trends, not follow them. Like so many people have said, without Tell Me, Kpop would not be the same as it is right now. There would be no repetitive songs with catchy dance routines, which are also rather easy to follow. They are also able to have some certain achievements in the US :)

My opinion on other groups:

SNSD: they are popular,they have the most fans among the female groups right now, but if im not mistaken, they only became super popular after Gee. Their previous songs are great too (especially ITNW and GG), but Gee is the song that brought them to the top, in 2009, and that’s technically the end of the decade already

2PM: umhhm I don’t think they are among the most influential because they are kinda overrated. I have the feeling they are popular mostly because of their bodies and the controversies with Jay. Not hating on them, but I have to say that their vocals are not that great (the only ones that are good are Jun brothers imo), their raps are kinda mediocare and their dances have got worse after Jay left. I have seen many people with the same opinion, but I disagree with someone saying 2PM’s songs are horrible and their lives make their ears bleed. Actually, 2PM’s songs are all OK to me, I listen to them quite a lot, and their live-singing is not that bad. It’s just…not very good, and nothing special/outstanding

2NE1: they have some good achievements since their debuts, but they are way too new to be called “most influential”. Plus, it’s 2009when they debuted….maybe they will become one of the most influential in the next decade :)

Oh and I saw someone mentioning BEAST. im so happy my boys are recognized, but they are also too new. However, I believe they will become the next prominent group in a few years. Right now they already have nearly 100,000 fans on their fanclub (98000-ish to be exact), more than any other groups that debuted last year. Plus, it’s undeniable that they are super talented and have super catchy songs ^^


oh i forgot to mention RAIN, BoA and Hyori as the most influential artists ^^

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Guest gummiii bears

1 ` TVXQ

the name has a definition itself, literally .

i might be biased but im sure everyone gonna agree.

they not only influenced korea and japan` they influenced the whole asia

& even the united states, even though their fans over here arent known, we do exist. alot of us.

their music influenced people to try to aim for their dreams.

their personality makes us want to reflect on ourselves and say we should be more like them

they paved the way for groups to enter the japanese music industry

& im not saying it cause im biased. this was claimed by a professional musician.

he said that if it wasnt for dbsk & boa who broke into the japanese industry, it wouldnt have been so easy for bigbang, 4minute, or kara to infiltrate

their hard work leaves us all impressed, and sad at the same time, worrying about their health

they barely complain about their hardships & are always encouraging the hoobaes

they influenced their fans to try to be better people, contribute back to the society

which is why there are thousands, possibly millions of dollar donated to charity groups & people of the need under their name

they go out their ways to try to help people even when they dont have spare time

the can make you go speechless when you hear of their good deeds

there are countless celebrities that joined their fanclub

or even confessed being a fan of the gods

althought everyone might not be a fan, but i havent encountered an anti yet either

you guys might not agree with everything i said, but im sure you all give them recognition

the boys are making history, and as a fellow cassiopeian` we are proud.

2 ` Bi Rain

he makes rain seem to have another meaning

needless to say, the man is making history

when he goes on variety shows, his introduction is always world star

which can be a little exaggerated by koreans because it makes him seem like he is recognized by the world

which might not be true, but he is definitely carving out his own path

i, personally love him. rain was the one who sparked my interest in kpop

his ability to sing live flawlessly while dancing and still be humble

his fun personality and blunt words that can make a fangirl squeal

& not to mention his state of art body

everyone in korea has recognized rain as one of the korean icons

its undeniable of his talents` hard work` and goodlooks

3 ` Lee Hyori

Again. the name is has a definition of its own

she is a legend. korea's national fairy. the queen. the sexiest female soloist in korea

currently in her 30s but fiercer then ever & more charismatic then alot of younger idols

another national korean icon

her status in the music industry is undeniable

i wrote like a paragraph each

you guys might not read it but i just wanna give out my 2cents (:

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Guest lordangelic

BoA--> only two female artistes ever got the "Most Influential asian artist" award, one is Ayumi Hamasaki from Japan, the other is BoA Kwon. Nuff said, honestly speaking, I think just in this decade, no female Korean artist can probably even come close to her in terms of accolades, sales number, wealth, or diversity of music.

Rain-->Rainism was a hit in all of Asia, and made me aware of Korean male artists as well, he truly deserves this.

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Guest Feenazz07

SUPER JUNIOR : Because they are many members in a group but they still manage to make a huge impact on the industry, they are not only singers but dancers, MCs, DJs, actors, they are talented and also Sorry, Sorry is one of the most popular songs in Asia and Super Junior M is really influential in China, Super Junior as a whole does make a huge impact in Asia

DBSK : Who can deny them? They are very influential, they have the biggest fanclub and also their album sales are tremendously impressive!! ^^

Wonder Girls : One of the best Asian girl groups^^ and Nobody is really famous

Rain: I don't know what to say but he is really very famous as a singer and an actor^^

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Guest beautiful.soul

hi i'm new here!

just checking out what's on this site. hey speaking of influential korean artists. what about rising artists? recently i found out about this all HOT girl band holy mini cooper. they're from america but i think they're called nylon pink. they've got some hot richard simmons asian girls on there. so unusual finding hot girl asian bands. you hear alot bout singers but they're like l.a based or something. have anyone heard of them?

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