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Happy Birthday Gong Hyo Jin! Postcard

Gong Hyo Jin - GRAZIA Making Film (English Subbed)   Questions: 1) Will the styles in TV dramas always become the focus? 2) How did you choose the style for "Ji Hae Soo"? 3) How did you choose the out

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GONGVELY!!!  I'm really excited for mi first time celebrating her bday. Glad to see all of your post and good wishes to unni I made this quick video in honor of this

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Belated update: This drama is gold! :wub:


July 13, 2019


Kong Hyo-jin to Pair with Kang Ha-neul in Upcoming TV Series


Source: The Chosun Ilbo


Kong Hyo-jin (left) and Kang Ha-neul

Actress Kong Hyo-jin will be paired with Kang Ha-neul in a new TV series slated for airing this fall.


It will be Kong's first TV series in three years, since "Jealousy Incarnate" aired in 2016. Fans are already excited to see what kind of chemistry she can create with Kang, who recently completed his mandatory military service and is getting ready to return to the small screen.


The upcoming series is a romantic comedy about a man who blindly loves a woman who has never fallen in love before. It will be aired sometime in September.

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October 4, 2019


Rom-com/thriller 'When the Camellia Blooms' blossoms in ratings

By Dong Sun-hwa The Korea Times


KBS 2TV drama "When the Camellia Blooms" has a thriller element. Courtesy of Pan Entertainment

"When the Camellia Blooms," a rom-com/thriller on KBS 2TV, topped the 10-11 p.m. timeslot ratings on Wednesdays and Thursdays, beating rival dramas on other channels by large margins.

The latest episode, aired on Thursday, hit 12.9 percent to be the most-watched program during the prime TV hour. The 32-part series beat the SBS drama "Secret Boutique" (5.8 percent) and MBC's "Extraordinary You" (3.3 percent).


The first episode of Camellia on Sept. 18 started at 7.4 percent.


The series is about Dongbaek, played by Gong Hyo-jin, a single mother who runs a pub named "Camellia" in a small village. Dongbaek is the Korean name of the flower. Opposite her is Kang Ha-neul, a policeman who is besotted with her and seeking to earn her love, whatever the sacrifice.


A thriller element heightens the tension because Dongbaek has witnessed an unsolved murder at a beauty parlor. Is the killer stalking Dongbaek?


"Realistic depiction of the characters and situations adds to the drama," Kang said during a press event in September.


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October 5, 2019

Kong Hyo-jin Proves She Is Rom-Com Magnet on Both Big and Small Screens


By Hwang Ji-yoon The Chosun Ilbo



It looks like Kong Hyo-jin is trying to prove that she is truly a household name in Korean romantic comedy, as she concurrently appears in a romantic comedy film and a TV series.


Her latest film "Crazy Romance," co-starring actor Kim Rae-won, hit theaters on Wednesday amid much hype, while the TV series "When the Camellia Blooms" has been receiving good responses since its start on Sept. 19.


"These days, I'm more at ease than ever. My TV soap is going well and I have a good feeling about my film," said Kong.


Kong has a charm that makes her come across as a girl next door one can open up to, and this enables viewers to easily empathize with her characters.


The same is true for "Crazy Romance," which portrays a break-up and new relationship between a typical young couple of today.


Kong says romantic comedies are never easy for her despite her reputation and impressive portfolio in the genre. "I get stressed and a lot of things run through my mind each time," she said. One of her biggest fears is repeating her previous roles. "If something seems familiar, I often ask the director or writer to make a change. Some may call me fussy, but I believe that is what brought me to where I am now," she said.


"I especially like playing characters with high self-esteem, who are as committed to their work as they are devoted to love, because that kind of person, be it a woman or a man, seems awesome," she said.

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to Gong Hyo Jin 공효진 - Current Drama: When the Camellia Blooms

October 8, 2019


S. Korean romantic comedy film to make surprise debut in 22 countries


Park Sae-jin Reporter | Aju Business Daily

[Courtesy of NEW]
[Courtesy of NEW]


SEOUL -- "Crazy Romance", a South Korean romantic comedy film directed by Kim Han-gyeol, has scored an unexpected success in the international film scene. The film depicts a story about two office mates falling in love.


NEW, a movie distributor, said in a statement on Tuesday that Crazy Romance has been exported to 22 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong since it opened at home on October 2.


While South Korean fantasy action-blockbuster films such as "Along with the Gods" and thriller films such as "Parasite" have attracted international moviegoers, romantic comedy films have targeted domestic fans who favor light-hearted stories to kill time.


"It is unusual for a South Korean romantic comedy film to be sold to more than 20 countries," an official from Contents Panda, the international distribution wing of NEW, was quoted as saying. The official said the film's comic story has created a code of sympathy.


Crazy Romance starring Kim Rae-won and Gong Hyo-jin has garnered 1.16 million moviegoers in the first six days of its opening, according to the Korea Film Council.

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October 11, 2019


The Origin of Gong Hyo-jin's Character Name in "When the Camellia Blooms"

By William Schwartz on HanCinema.net




"When the Camellia Blooms" has been a huge success on South Korean television hitting ratings upward of 14%. Though many factors are responsible for this, a subtler one is the unusual name of its main character. Dong-baek, who is played by Gong Hyo-jin, literally translates as Camellia. But why is the lead character of this aggressive romance named after the flower?


Both Gong Hyo-jin's agency as well as the drama's production company have confirmed that the lead's name was Dong-baek way back when the drama was still in pre-production. At the time the name was not considered relevant to the story and an explanation was not expected to be forthcoming.


But a person close to the drama's production has confirmed that there is a thematic meaning connected to the name of the flower. As a winter flower, the Camellia is intended to evoke a cold image. However, as the flower blooms, so too does the character in the drama bloom, despite the poor general conditions. The hope was that viewers would be able to make this connection themselves.


However, aside from the thematic connection a literal one has also flowed from the script that delves back into the lead character's unfortunate childhood. Flourishes like this have done much for the drama's reputation and allowed it to reach greater heights in popularity.


Written by William Schwartz

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October 30, 2019


Kong Hyo-jin's Latest Romantic Comedy Continues to Draw Viewers


Source: The ChosunIlbo




Actress Kong Hyo-jin's latest film "Crazy Romance," co-starring actor Kim Rae-won, is on its way to becoming one of the most successful romantic comedies in Korea after attracting nearly 3 million viewers in about a month.


According to the Korean Film Council, the film drew over 2.83 moviegoers as of Tuesday since its release on Oct. 2 and it is still drawing a flock of viewers.


"Crazy Romance" already surpassed the record set by last year's most successful romantic comedy, "On Your Wedding Day," which drew 2.82 million viewers.


The film is a story about break-ups and new relationships between a young woman and a man.

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November 14, 2019

Ratings: "When the Camellia Blooms" Passes 20%


Source: ISplus via HanCinema.net


The KBS 2TV drama "When the Camellia Blooms" rated 17.9% - 20%, which is 1.9% higher than the previous episodes.


The drama has been on a constant rise and setting a new record. With three more episodes to go, attention is focused on whether it'll be able to beat the existing record of "Liver or Die" (22.7%).


At the same time, SBS drama "Secret Boutique" rated 2.8% - 3.2%, which is 0.8% lower than before, and MBC drama "Extraordinary You" dropped 0.5% to 2.9% - 3.1%. TvN drama "Miss Lee" rated 2.5%.


Source: Soompi


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November 14, 2019


Lee Young Ae Picks Gong Hyo Jin As The Actor She Wants To Work With

Source: Soompi by C. Hong


Lee Young Ae Picks Gong Hyo Jin As The Actor She Wants To Work With

On November 13, Lee Young Ae appeared on the V Live broadcast “Actor & Chatter” (literal title) to promote her upcoming film, which is her first return to the big screen in 14 years.


The MC on the show, Park Kyung Rim, mentioned Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Young Ae’s co-star in the films “One Fine Spring Day” and “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.”


Park Kyung Rim said, “The line, ‘Do you want to eat ramyun before you go?’ from ‘One Fine Spring Day’ is still a famous line. Did you know that that line would become so famous?”


Lee Young Ae said, “I was really surprised. Many years ago, a comedy program parodied it, and I was surprised.”


She added that she’d recently run into Yoo Ji Tae at an awards ceremony and said, “I saw him for the first time in a while and he looked good. He looks exactly as he did when we first met. After I saw him, I thought that I should manage my own condition better. Ji Tae, how can someone not change like that? You looked good.”


Part of the V Live show “Actor & Chatter” involves the previous guest leaving a message for the next guest on the show. The previous guest in this case was Gong Hyo Jin, who said in her message, “What do you dance to when you’re at karaoke? And don’t say you don’t go to karaoke.”




Lee Young Ae was taken aback by the question and said, “I haven’t been to karaoke recently. I have kids now, so it’s hard. I went briefly with some other parents from school many months ago.”


Park Kyung Rim asked if she’d ever acted with Gong Hyo Jin and said that a production with the two of them would be good to see. Lee Young Ae replied, “She’s an actress that everyone has a lot of affection for. She’s someone that I’d like to have as a younger sister. If we did a drama together, I think it would look very realistic.”


In another question about a junior that she’d like to work with, Lee Young Ae mentioned Gong Hyo Jin again and joked, “Isn’t she trendy now, too?”


Lee Young Ae’s new film, “Bring Me Home,” hits Korean theaters on November 27.


Source (1) (2)

Top Left Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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I've been watching her latest drama series (In which she is outstanding and lovable, as always!) and have gone back to viewing her classic 2007 drama Thank You while waiting for each new episode of When the Camellia Blooms to upload. A similar story and character development, but what really strikes me is just how little Gong Hyo Jin's appearance has changed a dozen years later. She still looks like the same 'Young Shin' who everyone eventually fell in love with, and became so protective of her and her family on 'The Blue Island.' A consummate actress and an incredible natural beauty. I don't think that we'll ever top that generation of actresses born in the early and mid 80's. In my opinion, Korean drama hit it's artistic peak during the previous decade. I can always go back to some of those classic dramas and still become moved in the same way. :) 

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November 19, 2019


“When The Camellia Blooms” And Gong Hyo Jin Top Buzzworthy Dramas And Actors Rankings

Source: Soompi by C. Hong


“When The Camellia Blooms” And Gong Hyo Jin Top Buzzworthy Dramas And Actors Rankings

On November 19, Good Data Corporation revealed the weekly rankings of the dramas and cast members that generated the most buzz over the past week. The results come from the company’s analysis of news articles, blog posts and online communities, videos, and social media for 28 currently airing and upcoming dramas from the week of November 11 to 17.


For the third week in a row, KBS’s “When the Camellia Blooms” topped the buzzworthy dramas list. Compared to last week, its score jumped up by 9.76 percent, encouraged by the new plot developments that occurred during its broadcast. Of the cast members, Gong Hyo Jin topped the list of buzzworthy actors and Kim Kang Hoon and Kang Ha Neul also made the list at No. 5 and No. 6 respectively.


Also for the third week in a row, MBC’s “Extraordinary You” ranked No. 2 on the list of most buzzworthy dramas. Three of its cast members were also included in the buzzworthy actors ranking: Kim Hye Yoon at No. 2, SF9’s Rowoon at No. 3, and Lee Jae Wook at No. 7.


In third place is KBS’s “The Tale of Nokdu,” with both of its lead actors, Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun, also ranking on the actors list at No. 4 and No. 8 respectively. This is an improvement from last week, when the drama ranked fourth.


Jumping up several places from last week is JTBC’s “Chief of Staff” Season 2, now in fourth place. This is the second season of “Chief of Staff,” a political drama that focuses on the behind-the-scenes dealings of political aides and staff members at the National Assembly. Of its talented cast, Lee Jung Jae ranked at No. 9 on the actors list.


Finally, tvN’s “Catch the Ghost,” which stars Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho in a story about subway police trying to catch a serial killer, also broke in to the Top 5 this week, seeing its score rise by 1.63 percent.


The top 10 dramas that generated the most buzz this past week are as follows:


1. KBS2 “When the Camellia Blooms” – 24.92 percent
2. MBC “Extraordinary You” – 18.29 percent
3. KBS2 “The Tale of Nokdu” – 11.98 percent
4. JTBC “Chief of Staff” Season 2 – 4.42 percent
5. tvN “Catch the Ghost” – 3.7 percent
6. tvN “Melting Me Softly” – 3.41 percent
7. JTBC “My Country” – 3.23 percent
8. SBS “Vagabond” – 3.18 percent
9. tvN “Miss Lee” – 3.09 percent
10. tvN “Pegasus Market” – 3.02 percent




The top 10 drama actors that generated the most buzz this past week are as follows:


1. Gong Hyo Jin (“When the Camellia Blooms”)
2. Kim Hye Yoon (“Extraordinary You”)
3. SF9’s Rowoon (“Extraordinary You”)
4. Jang Dong Yoon (“The Tale of Nokdu”)
5. Kim Kang Hoon (“When the Camellia Blooms”)
6. Kang Ha Neul (“When the Camellia Blooms”)

7. Lee Jae Wook (“Extraordinary You”)
8. Kim So Hyun (“The Tale of Nokdu”)
9. Lee Jung Jae (“Chief of Staff” Season 2)
10. Ji Chang Wook (“Melting Me Softly”)




Source (1)

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