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Gong Hyo Jin is stunning in red for 'Clio' makeup


Gong Hyo Jin's charming smile can be seen in a new cut dropped by makeup brand, 'Clio.'

On March 14, the new picture shows Gong Hyo Jin boasting her perfect skin, smooth and radiant complexion, and intriguing smile that will draw anyone toward her.  The white of her skin and the red of her dress all serve to accentuate the burst of color on her lips.

Gong Hyo Jin revealed that she often used the 'Virgin Kiss' tinted red because she could be quite free with it to match her mood and style on that day.  Looks like there's a great versatility to the color!




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Happy Birthday Gong Hyo Jin! Postcard

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GONGVELY!!!  I'm really excited for mi first time celebrating her bday. Glad to see all of your post and good wishes to unni I made this quick video in honor of this

Gong Hyo Jin - GRAZIA Making Film (English Subbed)   Questions: 1) Will the styles in TV dramas always become the focus? 2) How did you choose the style for "Ji Hae Soo"? 3) How did you choose the out

Gong Hyo Jin is the perfect model for St. Patrick's Day on the cover of 'ELLE'


Actress/model Gong Hyo Jin is getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? 

Maybe not exactly, but she's definitely rocking that floral patterned green suit on the April cover of 'ELLE'! 

The actress also gave her thoughts on being a fashion icon through the unique pieces she chooses in her acting roles, saying, "I'm getting a better sense of what people are more willing to accept, what they feel more comfortable with, and what they like, as well as what they feel are more difficult to try out. It does feel a little rewarding when my fashion pieces end up becoming trends." 

Are you willing to try out Gong Hyo Jin's green-goddess look?

Source: Allkpop



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March 18, 2016

Film pairs vets Gong Hyo-jin, Lee Byung-hun

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

Actor Lee Byung-hun is set to star in the new film “Single Rider” (working title) alongside actress Gong Hyo-jin and entertainer An So-hee, formerly a member of the K-pop group Wonder Girls. 

The production crew announced the news on Thursday, and shooting is expected to begin Monday. The film revolves around a man who disappears after a nationwide scandal. 

“Single Rider” is the debut film of director Lee Ju-yeong. 

Lee Byung-hun will play the protagonist Jae-hoon, who is the impetus for an event that brings chaos to the whole country. 

Gong will play Su-jin, a former violinist who lives in Australia with her son. Singer An will feature as a hard-working student on a work-holiday visa in Australia who has yet to return to Korea. 

The trio of stars reportedly expressed excitement over their casting and collaboration. Veteran Gong and Lee have appeared in a number of films over their careers, but up until now, they have never appeared together on the silver screen.

“I am well aware of Lee’s acting capabilities,” Gong said. “This is something I am looking forward to.”

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters in the second half of the year.

By Jeong Byung-ki

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March 18, 2016

Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin to star in upcoming thriller

by Mysujung Dramafever.com


Get ready to go down under with Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin! A new thriller film, tentatively titled Single Rider, will begin filming on March 21 and is due to come out sometime this year.

The movie will feature Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin as the main leads and will take place in Australia. While the details of the plot still remain a mystery, Lee Byung Hun's character is a man who has lost everything and Gong Hyo Jin will play his wife. 

Along with Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin, former Wonder Girls member Sohee will also play a key role in the film. 

Keep your eyes peeled for this film! A movie with Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin together can't be anything but worth the wait!!! 

Source: (Via

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Here is just a summary of a small part from Golden Fishery. I just thought it would be relevant since she's in Australia right now :) hehe. The show, Golden Fishery is translated from Korean to Vietnamese and English by Gong Hyo Jin Vietnam Fansite. I just summarized part 2 of it because there are no English subtitles yet. Because this has been translated twice, there might be a lost in translation. 




- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- I used to have a boyfriend before going abroad. We broke up like in the movies. We cried and put on couple rings for each other. "Goodbye, I will go study abroad and come back". We also wrote letters to each other. 

Q: When the airplane arrived at Brisbane, how did you feel? 
- I didn't know where Brisbane is and only realized that it is part of the country side. From up high looking down, there are only green grass. After getting down the airplane, I saw that everyone was bare feet. The place is very clean. People walk into the restroom bare feet. People also walk bare feet at the shopping center.

- At school, there are often koala bears wondering around. During lunch time, there was a koala bear embracing a baby koala bear. It climb down the tree. Other friends said "oh it's a koala bear" and then went back to what they are doing as if nothing happened. It's a koala bear country. 

Q: What else did you see?
- I was walking and someone said "be careful!" I turned around and saw a snake crawling on the brick wall. I was surprised and said "Oh!" and then keep on walking. On top of the roof, there are a lot of lizards. One time, I caught one and put it in my pencil box, and then later let it go. There's also a lizard as big as an alligator climbing a tree. You can say that I came here to watch the wild life.

Q: Can you talk about your school life in Brisbane?
- I didn't want to wear uniform so I went to study abroad but in Brisbane, it is more strict than in Korea. I have to wear the school's hat and if I don't wear it, I will get in trouble. The uniform must be the school's uniform. The skirt is even longer than the skirt in Korea and they like the socks to be as high as the knee. Even the backpack and the P.E clothes must follow the rules of the school. I actually wanted to do all the things that I couldn't do in Korea in Brisbane. I wanted to dye my hair and not wear uniform. At that time, I dyed my hair a little and got a warning from a teacher. Here, all the kids have yellow hair but why can't I have yellow hair? There was a lot of things that I couldn't imagine happening and I thought I should write a book about certain situations that I encountered while studying abroad. 
In grade 9, the other friends did not let me play with them. Sometime the teacher speak very fast and I couldn't catch up. At that time, I only learned English for about 6 months and went straight to school. I couldn't hear what the teacher said and look over at my seat mate's notes and that friend covered up the notes. Brisbane is a place that does not have a lot of Asian. One day, the school announced that we will go camping. Going to school was already difficult but now we have to go camping and sleep together. At that time, there was one other female friend that is also Korean. Luckily she is in the same class. We have listened to what the teacher said. Which class, what day, location, and what to prepare. Both of us were in the same class and listened carefully to what the teacher said. We told our mom "My school is having a camping trip, the teacher said the school will prepare everything so we don't need to bring food with us." That's why we only brought snacks and Cola. We arrived at location and saw other friends bring an icebox as if they are moving house. The both of us begin to worry "This is a big problem, we will probably stay hungry during the 4 days 3 nights camping trip". The place is an island without people living there. 

Q: How come you didn't directly say "Hey friends, I mistakenly heard the teacher said to not bring food, can we share the food?
- I also play well with a few female friends from Taiwan and Hong Kong. I was so embarrassed that I didn't tell them. I misunderstood the teacher and that made me feel very embarrassed. At that age, I was very sensitive. We decided to sneak and steal some food from the bags that are left outside. We were shaking when we took some of the bags but all the food in the bag were the same exact snacks that we bought with us. For 3 days, we were starving. When the teacher call us to go outside, both of us had no energy to stand up. There's another story. Me and my friend set up a tent. That day, it was very hot and we were tired. Outside of the tent, there was someone that kept on hitting our tent as if they want to make us angry. "Who is it?" I open the tent window and saw a footprint of a kangaroo. Out of all the tent, why did the kangaroo choose to find our tent? At that time, we felt sad and wanted to cry. We thought: "We have to return back to our country!" Kangaroo is the symbol of Australia but why did it choose such a bad timing to approach us.

- In grade 11, me and the other friends started to get along with each other. Making friends with a foreign friend is important. At that time, there was a boy in grade 10, he is Taiwanese. There was a dance party and it required a dance partner. I asked:"We have to have a dancing partner?" I decided to join the dance party. That boy have asked me to be his dance partner first. He is older than me 1 years old, he's Taiwanese and very good at English. He asked me first and I thought about it, and then agree. From then on, we started dating. He called everyday. If we talked directly then I might hesitate but when talking on the phone, I can learn English faster. When the phone rings, I didn't know what to do. I picked up the phone and open a dictionary in front of me.

Q: So is this Taiwanese boyfriend still in your heart?
- No. We have broke up cooly. This is the reason. Every time he came over to my house to hang out, I on videos of music programs from Korea. At that time there was a song titled "Mosquitoes" by Cola. He asked "what is the meaning of this song?" I didn't understand why out of all the songs he could've asked about, he asked about that song. I said it's about mosquitoes. He said, your country don't have anything to talk about? Even to write a song about mosquitoes. He laughed. I also thought it was funny but also felt frustrated. "What? That's right, my country has nothing to talk about and that's why we sing about a mosquito, so what?" From then on, we started arguing more. I have brought many pictures of Jung Woo Sung when I went to study abroad. I also like Andy Lau. He knows I like Andy Lau so he asked me "In Korea, who is the celebrity that is famous like Andy Lau?" I took out Jung Woo Sung's picture and said "this is him! he's the most handsomest!" He said "Andy Lau is more handsome!" I was angry. "Yah! Jung Woo Sung is more handsome!" We kept on arguing and end up breaking up. When I happen to see him at school, I just said "hm!" and walked away. When you live in a foregin country, you will love your country more.

Q: Why did you return to Korea?
- Because of the IMF crisis, my  dad was having a tough time. I also wanted to return to Korea. 

Q: How did you feel when you were on the airplane flying back to Korea?
- I was kind of tired of the life of studying abroad but when it was really time to go back, I felt regrets. My English wasn't super good and I asked myself what have I been doing? 

Translated/Summarized from Vietnamese to English by Paradicez. 
Full credit to Gong Hyo Jin Vietnam Fansite

Not all part are translated from the video but I tried my best haha. If you want to watch the first part of Golden Fishery with English Subbed, here is the link (x


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Enjoying and appreciating all the fabulous pictures and updates of this amazing woman. ...Shes in Australia now is that right.... OMG, excited much. ..Forgive me, miane for my ignorance,  but does anyone know exactly where here in Australia,  they are filming ......OMG! 

Nice to see you here again  @mabelialong, its been so long. ...GHJ looks absolutely amazing and beautiful in Elle as well as Cosmopolitan. ...green is such an awesome color on our GHJ, Bravo absolutely! 

Looking forward to  all the great work we are going to embrace this year, thank you kamsa for all that you do.....GHJ FIGHTING! !



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Retrospective: Gong Hyo Jin’s Designs for LA Project From 2012 Remain Fashionably Fresh and Fun

Posted on March 18, 2016 by ockoala


I love Gong Hyo Jin as an actress, and admire her as a fashion icon and occasional provocateur. I was going through old photos of her and came across her pictorial modeling the clothes she personally designed for LAP (LA Project), an indie brand with shops and an online store. This was back in 2012 around the Best Love days, and she even wore a few items in the drama. Clearly the collection is now heading towards vintage status, but looking through the styles it struck me exactly why I like Gong Hyo Jin’s eclectic fashion sense so much even as sometimes the clothes look unattractive to me and most of the time I couldn’t imagine actually wearing it. Gong Hyo Jin is basically the Korean Kate Moss, with the body type and casual confidence to wear even the weirdest outfits with model strut. That translates to their personal style as well, and for Gong Hyo Jin it permeates into dramas, for example I thought her outfits in It’s Okay, It’s Love must’ve gotten her input because so many exhibited her tastes perfectly. I think it’s so cool to have a personal and identifiable fashion stamp, even if there are occasional misses at least it’s not cookie cutter.









Source: (koalasplayground)
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  • Jillia changed the title to Gong Hyo Jin 공효진

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