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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GONGVELY!!!  I'm really excited for mi first time celebrating her bday. Glad to see all of your post and good wishes to unni I made this quick video in honor of this

Gong Hyo Jin - GRAZIA Making Film (English Subbed)   Questions: 1) Will the styles in TV dramas always become the focus? 2) How did you choose the style for "Ji Hae Soo"? 3) How did you choose the out

Happy Birthday Gong Hyo Jin! Postcard

Guest marikolah

Your pictures are so lovely! @moonjin I hope GHJ gets to collaborate with Hyun Bin someday. 
The same goes for Gong Yoo. Frankly, I was kind of underwhelmed with 'Hello My Teacher' - it started out really fun but it just kept getting progressively sappy towards the end. I always thought they overdid it by making Gong Yoo tear up so much, and I just didn't care to watch any scene with the even-more-sappy boring second male lead. It's honestly a drama I never care to watch again. :D But I definitely want to see them together onscreen again. And when that happens, I hope it'll be a hong-kong-gong collaboration. She can still work with the Hong sisters one more time, right? 
On a related note, why hasn't there been a Hong Sisters drama this year? :|

Dramabeans News Bites: by awcoconuts

  • Gong Hyo-jin (It’s Okay It’s Love) has selected something new for her next project: She’s been cast as the lead in her very first play. Educating Rita, the 1980 stage comedy by British playwright Willy Russell, will be revived by Jo Jae-hyun, whom the actress worked with on Snowman. The popular play has remained on stage globally, spawned an eponymous film, and been brought to Korea before, but with Gong’s commitment, its return to a domestic stage is garnering fresh buzz. The two-actor play is about a disillusioned hairdresser, Rita, who seeks self-improvement under the tutelage of Frank, a literature professor. The production company will double-cast both characters, and another favorite, Kang Hye-jung (Marriage Plot) will be pitted against Gong in the role of Rita, while the middle-aged Frank has yet to be cast. First performances will start in December, and the play will run for approximately two months. [OsenStar News]

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Guest clalenny

Kong Hyo Jin... [FanArts]





Cr : 潶-Pork尐丶 weibo
@moonjin @mabel Oooomg...I love your fan arts ♥U♥ and I just adore them so much :-bd \m/thank you so much and for all update... keep it up and happy weekend all GongVelyans ^^

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finally I rewatch Family Ties yesterday and daaaaang, I had missed one of onnie best performance!
before I watched Family Ties while pressing FF most of time... hihi

and few weeks ago? I've been wanted to rewatched since I read one of melusine's old post where she wrote that Family Ties is one of best movie at thats year release and now, I can say that I'm agree with her!

there is 2 different story at beginning and later the third story relate the two previous stories. And seem that onnie have the longest duration :D also her part is my most favorite :x
at first I got annoyed by her attitude but later I heart her painfully. She is truly great actress, so real, so natural, dont know how much I've kept saying those words, kudos to her, no wonder she won best acting award for that role.

Also, I'm happy because the actress that portray her mother is one of my favorite korean senior female actor. She is for me one of strong senior actres, I think she maybe have similarity personality with uri gongvely, the actress that have this kind of cool personality and lifestyle :D

SO, for you who curious to see great performance of Gong Hyo Jin or and wanna watch a movie that have extraordinary  massage about an ordinary life trough simple story-telling, then you really should checking out Family Ties!

other than GOng Hyo Jin onnie, there is also jung yumi, one of best actress too for me and Uhm Tae Woong, the bad guy but not really the bad guy character :P ah also RSB, he has his own charisma though he only had short screen time :)


:x :x :x

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Not only Family Ties, I rewatched another onnie's movies too last night : Crush & Blush.
I've watched it before but just like Family Ties, I didnt watch it wholeheartedly, most of time I just fast forwarded. It's said as Onnie's best performance to date and after rewatched it last night, I feel so bad that I didnt watch this movie since long ago! because in crush&blush as yang mae sook, onnie gave one of a masterpiece performance!

Yang Mae Sook, a freaking ugly woman, most people call her. I tell you, she is ugly even until end, she is still ugly, YET I feel her, my heart hurt and pain because of her, I cant help but root for her, and through all of her ugliness, she is just an innoncent woman, just an ordinary woman that beautiful in her own way, a poor soul that when she finally meet someone who accept her for what she is, she can be a wonderful and extraordinary person too!


One of many lessons that I got from this movie is : the friendship between a naive teenager and an ugly woman is one of most wonderful relationship in the world. :)

Yang Mae Sook : such is life!
Jong Hee Suh : Thank You!

Jong Hee Suh : They even throw us toilet paper and stones! hahaha I Wonder what part we did so good! hahaha

Yang Mae Sook : We were so cool all the way! hahaha

Yang Mae Sook & Jong Hee Suh : hahahahahaha

behind their ugliness, those two are outcasts in their school, but they perhaps.... have the most wonderful friendship among all students and teachers in the school. :)

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Portraying such ugly woman in Crush&Blush, onnie got her wish came true to be recognized highly and won many awards, and I love the most when Onnie won best actress in Korea Film Award 2008,



1st. She was accompanied by Ha Jung Woo (which is also hot rising actor of that year)

2nd. The award was presented by Korean Top senior actor Ahn Sung Ki and senior actress as well as one of her co-star in Family Ties, Moon Soo Ri.If you watch the vid, when onnie go to stage, she is still dont believe as she ask moon soo ri if it's really? so that moon soo ri showing her the card written her name :D

3rd. Two of her competitors are none other than her close friend : Kim Min Hee and Son Ye Jin.

4th. Onnie got totally overwhelmed, immediately go to the director-nim, hug her tightly and her little co-star even couldnt help but crying for her, I can feel that onnie truly have great time with director nim and her little junior on and off screen as well :x Kim Min Hee hugged her too and Shim min Ah even teary during onnie's speech. And Seong Yoon Ah, also one of korean senior actress, congratulated her specially after that.

it's like that the moment is truly special award winning for onnie because at that time she was truly surrounded by many close friends from beginning when she accompanied by Ha jung Woo at the red carpet then being nominated with friends, being congratulated by many friends, and after winning still get special congratulation on stage from close friend :)

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