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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GONGVELY!!!  I'm really excited for mi first time celebrating her bday. Glad to see all of your post and good wishes to unni I made this quick video in honor of this

Happy Birthday Gong Hyo Jin! Postcard

Gong Hyo Jin - GRAZIA Making Film (English Subbed)   Questions: 1) Will the styles in TV dramas always become the focus? 2) How did you choose the style for "Ji Hae Soo"? 3) How did you choose the out

Guest cassia_lela

thank u @readlead oh no, unni dance =)) it's not good of course, but it's cute :x
oh, there is also MV of this song right? I remember watched it...
oh, today so many news of unni, start from the shoot of CF, unni news as a model for that cute hat and unni not being MIA again :x 
thanks @antisocialnot oh, unni so cute pose like that, and glad to see that unni still in touch with the crew, maybe it's like replacement because unni can't go with the crew after the drama
is that the hite jinro soju? =)) 

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still from TGL, btw this is the link if you want to check all makings that I've found/watched so far

and this 2 gifs from pres conference, first onnie with CSW (damn, he is truly hot, cool and handsome!!!)


and the second gif, onnie with YKS, the mr. perfect, and this really remind me of ehem ehem.. you know who he is right? :D

are you notice the difference between onnie-CSW and onnie-YKS? ;)

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Guest popcherrypop

Translating from a Mandarin translation of a fan message/query left on Soop board today:

Title: Forest-/Soop-lovely, QueryTime14-01-27 12:05 
Message: Does this week's "fortune" include the news of GHJ being a spokesperson for Hat's On? Please do upload a behind-the-scene photo of the Hat's On commercial the next time round! Last but not least, when will this week's "present" be given? Thanks!

Soop: This week's "fortune"? Includes Hat's On (note: presumably the announcement?) and the soju BTS photos I just uploaded... GHJ will be shooting a CM for Hat's On soon - I will try my very best to stick closely by her side while she's on scene and snap some photos. 

Note: Background info behind the meaning of this week's "fortune" here.

Source: Soop via Amy0211@Baidu

Throwing in a chibi capped GHJ for no reason:

Source: Baidu GHJ Page

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Guest popcherrypop

I now firmly believe gangsta!GHJ is her dominant personality and the rest are just figments of my overactive imagination. See GHJIF 1 and 2 for irrefutable proof:

Please don't cross-post this on Soompi (send them a link to GHJ's thread instead) or share these on social media sites like Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr because a) I posted these outside Weibo without asking for permission and B) They clearly contain content from the additional NG/Making footages and I don't want the DCGallers to throw yet another hissy fit (which will result in another issued warning and that will stop people from sharing stuff we haven't yet seen). 

Saving them for your own personal consumption is fine though :D



Credit: 安努德烈_Kingdom@Weibo

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  • Guest changed the title to Gong Hyo Jin 공효진

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