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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GONGVELY!!!  I'm really excited for mi first time celebrating her bday. Glad to see all of your post and good wishes to unni I made this quick video in honor of this

Happy Birthday Gong Hyo Jin! Postcard

Gong Hyo Jin - GRAZIA Making Film (English Subbed)   Questions: 1) Will the styles in TV dramas always become the focus? 2) How did you choose the style for "Ji Hae Soo"? 3) How did you choose the out

Guest netongg

@CiaraE it's coz  i'm not using "netongg" as my id ;))  yes..yes the logo absolutely i'm nomu nomu want to see it pleeaaseee  >:/ ;;);))

@christine138 hai dear welcome back, miss your update post of unnie here
>:D< :)

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Guest anitabi

popcherrypop said:



@readlead hahaha u know me so well muaahhh  :-*

@popcherrypop lol i've watched TGL like 18765x and i remember almost all scenes of the show. you know, TGL never fail to entertain me just like i watched it for the first time,,too funny  =))  

Agree with you, TGL is better written than TMS moreover about the ending :D. until now, TGS is still number one for me. my fav k-drama and my fav ahjusshi CSW was there too lol

and i've watched that bts and i always get amused by CSW over his ability as Dok Go Jin :D


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GHJ new news!

Me : From what i understand about that news, GHJ chosen to be a Hat model of famous brand.
We will see her picture in mid-February! Yay! New picture!
\:D/ \:D/ \:D/

Who can translate all of article? he...
Because i was worried make mistake if translate everything. (Tool translate don't help me). :(( :((

공효진, 햇츠온 모델 발탁 이어 CF러브콜 쇄도

배우 공효진이 햇츠온의 뮤즈로 발탁됐다.

햇츠온은 30여 개 이상의 세계 유명 브랜드로 구성된 모자 전문 멀티샵 브랜드로, 올 한 해 브랜드를 알릴 모델로 공효진을 선정했다.

대 한민국의 대표적인 패션 피플인 공효진은 다양한 스타일을 소화해내는 센스로 입고 착용만 해도 완판이 될 정도로 패션업계에서는 독보적인 존재다. 특히 과거 종영된 화제의 드라마 ‘최고의 사랑’에서 햇츠온 모자를 착용해 선보이자마자 높은 화제를 일으킨 바 있어 공효진은 이번 모델제의에 선뜻 수락했다는 후문이다.

공효진을 새로운 뮤즈로 선정한 햇츠온은 공효진이 가진 패션계의 독보적인 패셔너블한 이미지와 더불어 다양한 스타일링을 통해 브랜드 특유의 위트 있는 감성과 함께 시크하고 감각적인 이미지를 보여주어 브랜드의 이미지를 확립할 예정이다.

또, 드라마 ‘주군의 태양’ 종영 이후에도 주류광고 모델에 이어 패션 모자 브랜드까지 줄줄이 광고 모델을 꿰찬 공효진은 각종 분야의 광고제의가 줄을 잇고 있어 신중한 선택을 앞두고 있다.

공효진이 함께한 새로운 햇츠온 이미지는 2월 중순 공개될 예정이다.

조성경기자 cho@sportsseoul.com

from SOOP

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Guest netongg

@yumenas, Google translate said:
Gonghyojin , Hatfield picked cheuon model followed by a rush of CF love callsGonghyojin actor was picked as the muse of the hat cheuon .
Cheuon Hat World-famous brands in more than 30 consists hat shop specializing in multi- brand, the brand come to inform the gonghyojin was selected as a model .
Gonghyojin hanminguk representative for the different styles of fashion people digest sense to wear out enough to be worn alone wanpan this unique presence in the fashion industry . Ranking in the history of the topic , especially drama 'Best Love' wearing a hat in the Hat cheuon showcase it as soon as the bar high sensation gonghyojin readily accept that the back door on this model is proposed .
Gonghyojin selected as a new muse of the fashion world with Hat cheuon the gonghyojin this image , with a variety of unique fashionable styling with the unique brand of wit to seek emotional and sensual images with the image of the brand showed plans to establish .
In addition, the drama ' lord of the sun ' already ceased advertising models followed after the mainstream brand fashion hats gonghyojin kkwechan advertising model to tow the line in various fields of Advertising Festival is the careful selection ahead of a tie .
This new Hat cheuon hamkkehan gonghyojin image will be released in mid-February .

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Thank you ^^
Actually i use two tools translate. But still there are some words that feel weird. hihi...
So i dont dare to translate all article. hihi.. I was worried make mistake.
Hmm, this condition make me want to learn Korean languange! Hwa... Hwa.... :(( :(( :((
But thank you. ^^
At least with google translate, we can understand the contents of that article. :D;)

GHJ unnie picture from Soju CF Making!

credit : SOOP

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Guest netongg

here's the latest info of unnie, thank you @hanipg i quote your post on SOGONG thread here, hope you dont mind :D
hanipg said: class="headline"Kong Hyo Jin Becomes New Muse for Hat Muti-Brand Shop, ‘HATSON’bnt newsbnt news – 3 hours ago

  • [*]

[by Chloe Yun] Actress Kong Hyo Jin has been chosen as a new face of ‘HATSON.’ 
‘HATSON’ is a hat multi-brand store that sells various hats of more than 30 different global brands. As a new spokesperson, Kong Hyo Jin will introduce various styles of hats.  Kong Hyo Jin is one of the biggest fashion icons in Korea. She once wore a ‘HATSON’ hat from her previous drama ‘Best Love’ and it was completely sold out after the episode aired.  
The official of ‘HATSON’ said, “Kong Hyo Jin is the best model who can express the brand’s fashionable, chic image. With her great sense of fashion, she and ‘HATSON’ will introduce various hat styles this year.”
Meanwhile, Kong Hyo Jin’s ‘HATSON’ Ad campaign will be revealed in February. (photo by bntnews DB)
link here

For more: bntnews.co.uk contact: news@bntnews.co.uk 

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Guest popcherrypop

Woooo spokesperson for hats, me gusta. It's quirky and in line with her passion for fashion, much more so than money-making soju or Samsung ads. I have no idea what HATSON/HAT'S ON is, so I went over to have a quick look at http://hatson.co.kr/:
So they sell hats, caps, clothes and backpacks, hmmm. Ooh, spotted a very familiar cap! Those who have watched TGL, here's a refresher:


The cap in question at the site:
The cap in detail (this is the first time I have actually seen it this up close and personal):


Weeee, can't wait to see her in cute hat ads! Thanks @yumenas and @netongg for posting it here :D
Sources: HAT'S ON, AmyWing@Weibo, rarapop

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Guest cassia_lela

aww. happy that unni got new endorsement, and it's hat... omo, unni so fashionable and so chic... the hat is so fashionista, more used by the member of boyband and girlband...


oh,... that's why we can't see unni's tattoes... so they covered it


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popcherrypop said: anitabi said: readlead said: btw, I am still in TGL's case right now, bad me or poor me, I didnt fully check TGL's thread before, now I feel a little regret... since there is so many treasures! :D

hope you all wont mind if I repost here some of very intresting pics, can I? please... :D

credit to @Eja... thank you so much for posting it years ago in TGL's thread, hope you wont mind I repost it in here... :)>-

Poster Shoot 


the result


I remember very exactly that when I saw this poster the first time 3 years ago, I really love it! Onnie's style is really jjang! her expression and her pose, daebak! :-*

reminder/warning : there will be more posts from me related TGL soon! please prepare your self to bear with it >:)  and please prepare too your shipping heart/radar! B-)

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Thank you ^:)^ ^:)^
Hugs for you >:D< :D
I was curious about it. :-/
The first time, i read that article which written with Hanggul. I was confused!
Because tool translate interpret the brand name is Cheuon? :-/ :-/ Huh?
So i don't dare to translate that article. But... but it turns out that correct brand name is Hat's on.
=)) =)) Seem much different! Hihi...

Edit : In korea, hat is cheu??? So Hat's on become cheuon? hihi... (using translator).

The lesson that can be taken by me :
Although i'am use of two tools translate. Still, there are some strange words can be translate.
So don't believe fully to translator! hihi...
But at least it can help me understand a little article though, than not get it at all. :)) :))

Previously i didn't pay much attention to detail hats was worn by GHJ in TGL.
I just see it's cute. Hwa... Thank you for that detail picture!
And Thanks for the link!
Omo...omo... The hat was cute! @-) :-O ;;)
Many models and types too. Hwa....
Now, i hope have one! Hwa... hwa...
:(( :(( :((
Of course, i also can't wait to see GHJ unnie be model that hat brand!
:(( ;)

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This is my adventure to know Hat's on! :D:)>-

For the year 2014, which became a model Hat's on is Gong Hyo Jin, Park Jae Bum and B1A4.
credit : DC
edit : This article about new models for Hat's on Brand from blog Hat's on. But i can't read it! heu...

According DC, this is a limited edition hat for former model that brand (B1A4). Maybe in future will be GHJ version? hihi...
Ps : Sorry, if i make wrong translate. For make sure, please check in DC.

How is Hat's on store?
It was one of new store!
Me : Hwa... Many cute stuff. I want have one. :(( :(( :((

But the interesting thing, i found a picture GHJ friend (nayoungkeem)
In one article, there are pictures of NYK with a man who was GHJ friend too.
Because i can't copy that picture, you can see in here.

Apparently, these Hat brand are often worn by many artists even appear also in Running Man!
@-) @-)
But the most interesting, i found "legendary yellow mantle".
:)) :)) :))
It seems that Hat's on brand is also working with pushbutton?
Me : GHJ unnie realy lucky to have a friend of designer PB.
They friendship can benefit each other! hihi... :D
credit : Hat's on Facebook

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Guest netongg

@missinginactionnomore i'd answer ur question on SOGONG thread  :)) :)) okay i'll copy paste it here
GHJ is Jisub's girlfriendGHJ is Jisub's future wife ideal typeGHJ is Jisub's secret admireGHJ is Jisub's womanGHJ is Jisub's collectionGHJ is Jisub's heartGHJ is Jisub's idolGHJ is Jisub's girl flower next doorGHJ is Jisub's museGHJ is Jisub's one day secretaryGHJ is Jisub's 10 milion radarGHJ is Jisub's sun of his lifeGHJ is Jisub's .....   =)) =)) =))
@yumenas i dunno should give your post awesome or LOL so i choose give you insightful :)) :)) ohh that "bumblebee" coat xixixixix ... ;)) ;)i'm clearly remembering @dems and @popcherrypop convo :)) :)) 

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Among all her movies, there is one movie which is stared by Cha Seung Won where onnie as cameo, well, just her voice tough.. :D and here the making of onnie's recording her voice along side with other actors too... and even long time before pasta, onnie has been really lovely :D

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  • Guest changed the title to Gong Hyo Jin 공효진

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