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Happy Birthday Gong Hyo Jin! Postcard

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GONGVELY!!!  I'm really excited for mi first time celebrating her bday. Glad to see all of your post and good wishes to unni I made this quick video in honor of this

Gong Hyo Jin - GRAZIA Making Film (English Subbed)   Questions: 1) Will the styles in TV dramas always become the focus? 2) How did you choose the style for "Ji Hae Soo"? 3) How did you choose the out

@popcherrypop...I sense that with her too...more like someone who needs to inspire though. A giver, maybe? But, she also knows when to nip it in the bud when someone is hinting/interested for more and she's not. It's honesty and a sign of someone who knows herself so well. OT, hubs loves DDAO and I like Passion Pit's Take a Walk and Sleepyhead. ;)

It's been silent. GHJ, Take your time. :)

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Guest netongg

hi everyone, been missing you all guys, thanks for post and comment, i cant stop smiling and giggling reading that "underwear bumblebee coat"  ;)) on my company kick off meeting schedule, i've to re-read twice where's "bumblebee" word appear and there's @popcherrypop, and  @dems @shisuisen @everyone, thank youu :x :-* the convo was so fun and all of us enjoy it so much, right?? :)glad so much newcomer here, hope not late to say my greet, welcome everyone >:D< feel free to share your thought comment and post here as long as we keep respect to each other, ppl on this thread was so nice, friendly, and frankly sometimes right @readlead?? r u not miss me girl?? :-L [-( :)>- ;))  and for today post i'll share this article class="at_ttl" style="font-size: 30px; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; list-style: none; line-height: 35px; letter-spacing: -0.03em; clear: both; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"K-Drama Actors Who Are Good At Comedy And Drama65088959.jpg

So Ji Sub is an actor who never tried comedy before "The Master's Sun." Before that comedy, he played the dual roles of police detective/hacker Kim Woo Hyun and Park Gi Young in "Phantom." Although he carefully created the comic character of Joo Joong Won, he was surprised to discover that he was funny.

"I worried about how well I would do in a comedy and how others would see my performance," said So, who credits his co-star Gong Hyo Jin with bringing out his comic side.  He called her one of the finest comedic actresses he had ever seen.

Although she is best known for her comic roles, Gong Hyo Jin also does drama. She played an angry young woman in the film "Family Ties."


previously i'm confuse to put this article here or sogong thread but yeah it's abt GHJ, so i put it here :)

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i just want to remind you that all of my pic that I post will be expired and cannot be seen within a month coz I'm using share.pho.to .  but if you maybe want to watch or save back the pic that will be lost... just visit my facebook page and my fanpop page in spoiler.. I never post using my fb link coz the size will be reduce...




sorry Mod... need to mention this in case if anyone want to save any particular pic that already expired

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  • Guest changed the title to Gong Hyo Jin 공효진

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