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[Music] Show! Music Core - Mbc Gayo Show

Guest xeudaemonic

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^i hope not. i didn't know about the mandatory live singing but i actually like that rule. lets you see who really does have talent and who doesn't

TT.TT I miss the name Musiccamp.....TT.TT~~~~~~

yeah music camp does sound a lot better.

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Guest tvxqbuzz7921

YAY! that is such good news. i'm so sick of only being able to watch music bank (i rent from my local korean store...)i went to three different locations and no one gets inki gayo and stopped getting it over a year ago. music camp was my best source for music...i'm sure music core will be just as good. good luck to them and hopefully nothing else will happen...

ehh, i don't really like hong soo-ah though. i wish they could bring mc mong and shinji back....music core...just sounds weird. eh...i'll get used to it.

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musiccenter (:

Music Core.

Go to the MBC link, it says Music Core.

중심 can mean both, center and core.

They're really not too clever in coming up with names.

Music Camp -> Music Core.

BIG difference... :rolleyes:

If they're gonna try to cover up the fact that they're basically replacing Music Camp with the same exact show, they could have at least come up with a name that wasn't so similar.

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okay...this is the samething with a different name, what a waste of time and money. like just cuz you make a new show doesn't mean the same thing can't happen again.

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Here's the official website: Music Core

This weeks lineup:

- 1위 후보 - 동방신기 vs 에픽하이: dbsg vs. epik high

- Come Back Special - god: god comeback special

- Power 리사이틀! - 드렁큰타이거 + T: drunken tiger + t (I can't wait for this one.. fan of both and it's been a while)

- M+: m

- 아름다운 사람들

▷ 2005 대학가요제 대상에 빛나는 5인조 모던락밴드 Ex! : ex

- 코어 스타일 (Core style) - 서문탁 * 이루: suh moon tak * eru

- 음악의 발견 - 몽니: mongni

동방신기 / 에픽하이 / god / 드렁큰타이거 & T / M & 전진/ 서

문탁 / 이루 / Ex / 몽니

dbsg/epikhigh/god/drunkentiger & t!/m & junjin/suhmoontak/eru/ex/mongni

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