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Credit to sandramoon who started the thread in 2006.

Lee Jin Uk 이진욱



Name: Lee Jin Uk Hangul:이진욱 Hanja: 李阵郁 (Li Zhen Yu)

Birth day: 16 September 1981 (sun sign Virgo)

Birth place: Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do

Blood type: A

Height: 185 cm (official profile)/ 182 cm (as said himself)

Weight: 71 kg

Family: Parents and three older sisters

Education: Cheongju University (Environment Department)

Talent Agency: Will Entertainment (2014 - present) | HB Entertainment (2004 - 2014)

Official Website: http://www.leejinuk.com/

After dropping out of his Environmental Engineering course at Cheongju University to pursue acting, LEE made his debut in 2003 as a print model for Panasonic. His roles include a good-natured stalker in "Alone in Love", a baseball player in "Smile Again", a private investigator in "Someday", a plastic surgeon in "Before and After", and a North Korean spy in "Spy MyeongWol". LEE became well known by his recent drama “Nine: Time Travelling Nine Times” with his charismatic and intelligent character.




Goodbye Mr Black (MBC / Mar 2016) - Cha Ji Won

The Time We Were Not In Love (SBS / 2015 ) - Choi Won

The Three Musketeers (tvN / 2014) - Crown Prince So Hyeon

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (tvN / 2013) - Park Seon Woo

I Need Romance 2 (tvN / 2012) - Yoon Seok Hyun

Spy Myung-Wol (KBS2 / 2011) - Choi Ryu

The Road Home (KBS1 / 2009) - Lee Jin Wook (cameo, ep 21-22)

City of Glass (SBS / 2008) - Kim Joon Sung

Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic (MBC / 2008) - Han Geon Soo

Powerful Opponents (KBS2 /2008) - Kang Su Ho

Air City (MBC / 2007) - Kang Ha Joon

Smile Again  (SBS / 2006) - Yun Jae Myeong

Someday (OCN / 2006) - Lim Suk Man

Alone in Love (SBS / 2006) - Min Hyun Joong

Resurrection (KBS2 / 2005) - Steven Lee

Best Theater 'Bad Girl' (MBC / 2004)



Time Renegrade (2016)

Beauty Inside (2015)

The Target (2014) - Lee Tae Joon

Miss Granny (2014) - Han Seung Woo

My New Boyfriend (short film, 2004)

Radio, Variety and Other Shows

Three Meals a Day (October 2015)

Boom's Young Street (SBS / 2013) | episode 13/09/13 |

Strong Heart (SBS / 2012) | episode 125-126

Ep 125 Eng Sub (Cr: Daebaksubs & Kshowloveholic) |

Ep 126 Eng Sub (Cr: Daebaksubs & Kshowloveholic) | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Star Date (KBS / 2011)   please add in the www for this link - youtube.com/watch?list=PLqqZ6vj8izvn5faZ5-15TaFDi5yMud4ne&v=RK7laJY5PJk

Family Outing (KBS / 2008) | episode 11-12

Ep 11 Eng Sub (Cr: Kshow Love) | Full

Ep 12 Eng Sub (Cr: Kengsub) | Ful

Happy Together (KBS /2008)

My Style Road (OnStyle / 2008)

I ♥ Broadway (OCN / 2007)  Oct 26 - Vol 1: Dream in Broadway,  Nov 02 - Vol 2: Musical in Broadway, Nov 09 - Vol 3: Korean in Broadway, Nov 16 - Vol 4: Hot Place in Broadway, Nov 23 - Vol 5: Style in Broadway 


Awards and Nominations

2013 APAN Star Awards: Excellence Award for Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (Nominated)

2013 Korea Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Daesang) for Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (Nominated)

2013 Korea Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Jo Yoon Hee for Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (Nominated)

2013 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards: Drama Star Award for Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (Won)  | Videos:

2008 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award  for Glass Castle (Nominated)

2006 SBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Award




Black Yak, Veronica For London, Samsonite, Audi Korea


XTM, Schweppes Hongkong, Audi Korea


Coca Cola 'Schweppes' Korea, LG's Fashion Brand 'TNGT' BTS Photos | LookbookSalomon Outdoor ,Shu uemura



2013 SERIES | F/W 2013 Pictorials

2012 Descente 

2009 Levi's 

2008 Puma



Nov - Women's Central     Sep - Cine 21, Esquire Korea (Cover)

2014 (All photos)

May - Cine 21 May - Elle Korea Apr - Geek Korea (CoverMar - GQ Korea Jan - Vogue Korea

2013 (All photos)

Dec - Elle Korea 'Share Happiness', Arena Homme+, GQ, Geek, Grazia, Men's Health (AVEDA's advertisments), FtoF Japan, Hanryu Senpuu Japan, Asisute Japan

Nov - Star Gravure Japan (with Park Hyung Sik) , URBÄNLIKE

Oct - Marie Claire Korea, W Korea, L’Officiel Hommes Korea

Sep - COOL China, Sep - 1st Look Korea Vol. 53

Aug - 1st Look Korea Vol. 51, Aug - 1st Look Korea Vol. 50

Jul - Marie Claire Korea, Jul - Geek Korea (Cover) |

Jun - W Korea, Jun - Grazia Korea, Jun - 1st Look Korea Vol. 47

Apr - Marie Claire Korea (with Jo Yoon Hee), Apr - Dazed & Confused Korea 'Rene Friends', 1st Look Korea Vol. 41 'Time Slip Mr. Lee' (Cover)

Mar - Allure Korea, Cosmo Men Korea 'Wanna Be Spring'

Feb - Esquire Korea (with Lee Dong Wook)

2012 (All photos)

Nov - Harper's Bazaar Korea, Oct - Arena Homme+ Korea , 

Sep - Singles Korea (with Kim Ji Suk), Aug - Harper's Bazaar Korea (with Jung Yoo Mi), Instyle Korea, 

Jul - 1st Look Korea (with Jung Yoo Mi), Jun - L’Officiel Hommes Korea, W Korea

2011 (All photos)

Audi Magazine Winter 2011

Dec - Sure's Men (with HB colleagues), Nov - Singles Korea (with Lee Dong Wook), 

Oct - Elle Korea, Sep - Cosmopolitan Korea, Aug - Instyle Korea (in Dynamic Duo's Gaeko's wedding pictorial), May - High Cut Korea

2009 (All photos)

May - Nylon Korea (with Lee Shi Young), Arena Homme + Korea, Apr - Men's Health (cover)

2008 (All photos)

Dec - Nylon Korea, Apr - Singles Korea (cover)

2007 (All photos) Sep - Esquire Korea,  Jul - Cho Sung Ah, Apr - Harper's Bazaar Korea

Other Activities

Jul 9-11, 2013: Special mentor @ 'China TOTO's Workroom'. Photos P67, 68, 69, 70, Promotional video

May 26, 2013: 'New Race Seoul 2013' marathon 


May 25, 2013: 'DESCENTE Trail Race' marathon. Video


Oct 28, 2012: 'NIKE We Run for Seoul 10K' marathon | Video 

Apr, 2012: 'NIKE Women's Race Seoul 7K' marathon | Video 

Oct 23, 2011: 'NIKE We Run for Seoul 10K' marathon

Apr 27, 2009: Aveda’s Walk for Water walkathon with the slogan

Nov 26, 2007: Andre Kim's Fashion Show (with Choi Ji Woo)

Jul 2007 - Jul 08: Publicity envoy for the anti-corruption 'Clean Wave' Campaign (with singer Younha

Youtube: Check out a comprehensive collection at sandra moon's channel here



Fun Facts

He is the last-born and has three sisters.

When he was small, his parents told him he had so many different facial expressions. And now he is a grown-up, he can see it’s beneficial to be able to display diverse expressions.

He was studying Environmental Engineering at Cheongju University when he decided to become an actor.

He served his two-year mandatory military service from May 6, 2009 to March 7, 2011 at the Defense Media Agency of the Ministry of National Defense.

His best friends are Kim Ji Suk and Lee Dong Wook. Besides, he is also close to Lee Dong Gun, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Jae Won, Boom, Andy, Yang Se Hyung, Dynamic Duo since the army time.

The friendship between Kim Ji Suk and him has lasted for more than 10 years (since about 2002). They lived together, travelled to Hongkong, Thailand… and did many things together. In their trip to Thailand, they had an experience in the police station because they were topless while riding scooters.

He grew close to Lee Dong Wook when they were in the army. Their friends call them Wook brothers. With the hope that Lee Jin Wook would continue to act till 60 or 70 years old, LDW gave JW the nickname ‘Lee Jin Sam’. Since JW was worried and cared about DW as well, he named his friend ‘Lee Dong Chun’. However, due to their quite similar names, LJW once jokingly said that LDW should rename in order for people not to mislead between them any more.

Lee Jin Wook has attended several public events with Kim Ji Suk (Audi, Aveda events…) and Lee Dong Wook (W, Gucci events …). He also appeared in magazines with KJS (Singles September 2012) and LDW (Singles November 2011 and Esquire February 2012). Whereas LJW and LDW were the 2 models of SERIES in 2011, LJW and KJS played as male leads in I Need Romance 2012. LJW and KJS also appeared in Strong Heart to support LDW’s MC debut in 2012.


LJW shows that he’s such a loyal friend since he attended birthday – fan meeting of many friends such as Lee Dong Wook, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Jae Won or concert of  Shinhwa (Andy).

He has unique ears which can move when he’s angry or upset.

He tried smoking once but he didn’t enjoy it, so that’s why he doesn’t smoke.

He has a low alcohol tolerance and scarcely drinks. LDW told that when they hung out together, they couldn’t drink alcohol because of LJW so they often had coffee instead.

He is allergic to crustaceans.

He enjoys cooking in real life. His forte dishes are curry and kimchi jjigae.

His favorite singer is Britain singer, Roo Panes. They met once at a Burberry event in Seoul, 2013.

Korean actresses he would like to cooperate with are Ha Ji Won, Son Ye Jin and Han Hyo Joo.

Chinese actors and actresses he would like to cooperate with are Tony Leung, Tang Wei and Liu Shi Shi.

Sometimes, he visits the Fan Café and leaves some messages there. Though he just says hello and logs out, being connected with fans like this makes him rejoice.

He was one of very few guesses who could drive MC Yoo Jae Suk nuts when he appeared in Family Outing in 2008.

He is a fan of Chinese philosophy and literature. He admires Confucius, a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history and Lu Xun, a leading figure of modern Chinese literature.

He really loves traveling and has traveled to many places such as Hongkong, Thailand, China, Czech… But US may be the place he has visited the most (more than three times).

He has an unconditionally passionate love for kids. He will hug, hold, pamper and play with them if he sees them.

He is a truly romantic guy that loves human and nature. He often writes letters to his friends (and ???). He even wants to make a cherry blossom way for the one he loves…

When he looks at a woman, he only picks the good points on her. So if her eyes are pretty, he will say “Her eyes are really pretty ~~!” or “That woman’s fingers are really pretty~”.

After meeting on the set of ‘Air City’ in 2007, he began dating actress Choi Ji Woo. The couple broke up in 2011.


In his fan meeting in 2013, he chose Lee Yeon Hee as his ideal type. Later, he also chose Suzy as his ideal type (LYH wasn’t nominated) in a radio show.

2008 Olympic silver medalist in badminton Lee Kyung Won, Sistar’s Hyorin, actresses Nam Bora and Lee Yeon Doo admitted having a crush on him. Among them Lee Kyung Won and Hyorin had opportunities to meet him in person and even received hugs from him.

He sometimes loses his temper and gets uselessly excessively mad while witnessing wrong actions such as smoking cigarettes at the top of mountain or driving carelessly…

He’s an athletic man who often goes jogging around Hankang and takes part in marathon events every year.

He’s quite adventurous and courageous. He likes running along the narrow mountain path. He also did dangerous scenes in Nine without the stuntman.

He is really bad at doing impersonation.

When he appeared in some CFs before debut, people thought he’s a foreigner.

He’s a great kisser. He was chosen as one of 5 best kissers in TV dramas by High Cut magazine in 2013.

He has the ability to nurture the desire to consume of people around him. He explained he read a book and thought that he wouldn’t live much, but living while being happy was pretty important. So if his friends want to buy something, rather than worrying, he hopes them can enjoy the happiness this thing can give them. Because, as time passes by, you will see that there will be a lot of things you didn’t enjoy because of unnecessary worries. However, he doesn’t make you spend more that what you have, only the income that you have gained.

In 2011, after discharge from military, LJW came back to small screen in drama ‘Spy Meong Wol’ as an elite officer in the North Korean army, Choi Ryu. Nevertheless, ’Spy Myeong Wol’ had trouble when the main actress left the production mid way and the drama ended up in harsh criticism from public. "From an actor’s viewpoint, this was the project I wanted to forget the most. In spite of that, right now I reckon that by dint of such experience, I can understand how important the harmony and cooperation among actors and staffs are. Thanks to that I could fulfill my role in NINE completely. I was so happy to meet great crew of NINE and really want to meet staffs like them in my later projects", said LJW.

After playing stereotyping roles, he lay in hiding. And he met himself in the character Yoon Suk Hyun of ‘I Need Romance 2012’. Each time Suk Hyun had problems, he sneaked in his room and didn’t show up. The same to LJW. At that time, he had the feeling that the whole world confined him. Yet, when Suk Hyun stepped out of this room, LJW also grew up without any notification. He learnt too much from that character who truly was a friend he should pay gratitude.


He received the script of Nine in US and found that it’s was an excellent script with touching and moving story. He told his agency to accept this by all means and met up the Nine's team only three days after he came back Korea.

He said Park Seon Woo and his personality shared some unusual/odd traits. And like Seon Woo, he will always think first of how he can let the person he loves finds her happiness.

When he first met Jo Yoon Hee, she didn’t even look at him that made him quite sad. JYH said that it’s because he looked scruffy with long hair and moustache. But the next time they met up he got clean-cut and shaven and became really good-looking.

There weren't much NGs while filming kiss scenes in Nine, except for the first one. Lee Jin Wook and Jo Yoon Hee had to do kiss scene on the first day of filming before they became close to each other. They had a lot of troubles with this scene and even needed a male staff to guild LJW. Yet it turned out to be a really long kiss since the director just let them go on, without giving the cut sign.

The most unforgettable kiss scene giving him deep impression in Nine is the one in the rain at the playground.

In Nine’s wrap-up party, LJW & JYH wore 2 pairs of Nike shoes which are same in style, only different in size and color. To the question about dating scandal Lee Jin Wook wittily replied: "My target is to make viewers believe that we are a real couple. So receiving the question whether we date in real life or not is our success, isn't it?". About the shoes, he said "I was surprised, too. When I just came to the party, I saw a pair of sports shoes similar to mine on the shoe shelf. I bought this one because it's a new model with nice design and today is the first time I wear it. Yoon Hee also said the same thing to me".

In an interview after Nine, the reporter said many people wished JYH and LJW would become a real couple like Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo. He said that they had many happiness cooperating with each other. If he has a relationship in the future, he would like to keep it silent.

When asked to choose between two female leads of I Need Romance & Nine, he said Jo Yoon Hee is bubbly and friendly while Jung Yoo Mi is shy but cute. So his ideal type may be a combination of these two.

When asked if he was more like Yoon Seok Hoon or Park Seon Woo, though both have strong qualities that he shares with, the character that he can possibly associate better with is possibly YSH since PSW is a type that is unlikely to find in reality.

Many co-stars praised him for his friendly, considerate and warming personalities. For instance, Kim Ga Young, his co-star in Spy Myung Wol said that “Jin Wook oppa has a way of making everybody feel so great about themselves. He always smiled, shared so many great stories, and always took care of us so well!”. Also, Seo Woo Jin (Nine) claimed that JW's a really good friend who often took care of other people on the set. They had to film 7-8 hours for a run and chase scene during cold weather with their legs in pain. But JW not only tried his best to fulfil this scene but also cared about Seo Woo Jin like giving WJ the heater…

If he has a chance to go back the past, he will use it to return to his childhood.

If he has a chance to meet his future self of 20 years later, he will just ask if he (the future) is happy. He would prefer not to know about the rest since if he knows, the future will change.

In a press conference for his movie 'Miss Granny', his co-star Kim Hyun Suk said that "If we (the movie) record 5 million viewers, I will marry Lee Jin Wook no matter he wants it or not". She made everyone burst into laughter by adding that she is serious. It ended up that movie even attracted more than 8.6 M and she said she's sorry for not being able to make it happen. 

On May 19, 2014, Sports Seoul broke the news that he is currently dating actress Gong Hyo Jin, which their agencies confirmed

On September 17 2014, both agencies of Lee Jin Wook and Gong Hyo Jin announced their break up..                                                                                                                                           



Will Entertainment's official site | Will Ent Twitter

Official : http://leejinuk.com/

Fancafe at HB Entertainment (Former Agency)

Gall DC Inside

Daum Cafe 'Bobasea2'

Naver Cafe 'Snow in Jinuk'



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I just can't wait for him to EXPLODE in korea. ^___^ he's a great actor.. I love his eyes for some reason, they really draw me in.

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ohhh cutee mr stalker from alone in love .~ he has such a nice simle it was kinda of sad when he sort of only appear for a few esp .~ ...so he is doing well in his new drama ..~ ..........hope to see more of him....

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^ i watched the first few episodes of smile again..

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ohh anymore info abt his new Cf ? ~ ah tht gurl's so lucky ! ~ :lol:

anyway , the more i look @ his pics , he kinda reminds me of tis actor frm my country ~ :P

some angles he looks like Qi Yuwu (i guess only those frm Singapore may knw him haha) ~

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