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Hello to all the Yoon Si Yoon fans here! 


I would like to introduce our Twitter and Instagram page we opened for international fan projects. This page is only for fan projects, we won`t be updating any information about him or his activities. We already have our very first project, which is the International Scrapbook Project! ^^ We have opened a poll on Twitter to see how many people is interested in the project. If you are only an Instagram member, you can send us an e-mail if you are interested. The details can be found on our Instagram page. :) For more information, please visit our Twitter page`s pinned tweet or the second post on our Instagram. ^^


I hope we can all work together to make a beautiful, heartfelt gift for this amazing man.♥


Our Twitter page:



Our Instagram page: 




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Hello everyone! I've been a silent reader of this forum for a few days now and I can't help but share some thoughts. I'm trying to back read all the post up to the very first one. I'm a new fan, it's

Yesterday and today marks the 1st year since The Nokdu Flower premiered. Baek YiHyun was one of, if not the best performance of Shiyoon as an actor. :lol: 




Also, a big congratulations to the show for winning bronze medal in 2020 New York Television and Film Festivals

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From Kstyle

Excerpt: DVD-BOX 1 & 2 of Dear Judge will be released on May 2 (Sat), while the exciting slapstick romantic comedy "Dear Judge" starring Yoon Shi Yoon is popularly rented on TSUTAYA and pre-delivered on TSUTAYA TV.

To commemorate the release of the DVD, an official interview with Yoon Shi Yoon has arrived! In addition, there is a handwritten autographed signature from Yoon Shi Yoon! Two people will be picked by a draw.


I love this hairstyle. :blush:

















Promotional greetings



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Kstyle interview for Dear Judge











Interview is quite long. Q&A below:


--Please tell us about your impression of winning the  Excellence actor Performance Award in the mini series category at the 2018 SBS Drama Awards.

I think the award has two meanings. There are awards that will be sent to excellent people, and awards that will mean working hard. I think this award is the result of believing in me. I feel that it means that we can show a better performance and that we have high expectations for it. So I have to work hard. You shouldn't let anyone down by this award. I would like to become Yoon Shi Yoon who does his best not to waste the prize. Despite the fact that there are many star-like actors and actresses , I think it was really lucky that I was still young and won the award for acting.

--Why did you decide to appear in this work?

It's very important for the actors to choose their work. I need my own standards. I think acting is the best thing to shine when you keep on going. It was that time for me, and right after I was able to finish the work of "Grand Prince" very happily, I was offered a very wonderful work, so I thought taking a break is a luxury for me. It was I feel that being able to continue acting without a break is the biggest advantage. I was very excited because it was the work of my favorite screenwriter teacher.

--What specifically made the characters Han Kang-ho and Han Soo-ho attractive?

I thought that Soo-ho had many similarities to me. It is a very cool character in the drama, but I think it looks even more so because the drama is drawn from the perspective of Kang-ho. He is a very rational, rational, with sense of responsibility who can see the flow of things from a broad perspective. There were many things I could relate to.

And the judge must be fair and not be carried away by emotions. Judges' decisions may change the social paradigm. Issuing a non guilty verdict may lead to similar crimes again, and a conviction may prevent recurrence. I don't think you should be overwhelmed by your emotions. From that part, there was something I relate with Soo-ho. But I tried to express it as a cold person in the drama.

On the contrary, Kang-ho tried to express a free spirited figure that I had never experienced. Although I didn't have much of it, I was able to enjoy it. Soo-ho resembles me, but it was Kang-ho who enjoyed playing. Isn't it funny? He ransacked in court and tried to blame him for not getting the money, or sent someone to jail. It was a very unlikely situation, but it was a lot of fun.

Is it difficult for you to play dual roles? "It's the exact opposite character ..."


--Kang-ho, who committed 5 crimes, and Soo-ho, an excellent judge. The characters were the exact opposite, but do you have any particular points of care or effort in playing each character?

The first word that came to my mind against Kang-ho was "dissonance." In a typical story of a court drama that we know, I wanted to be the person who played the dissonance. I performed as out of place as possible to give a sense of inappropriateness. Soo-ho was the exact opposite of Kang-ho, so I decided to make a character called Kang-ho perfectly first and then make a character Soo-ho.

In terms of acting, it was rather difficult to play Soo-ho. For an actor, expressing something is rather easy. There is always the pressure to express something. However, Soo-ho had a hard time because it had to endure it a lot. Emotions must be suppressed and patience must be maintained. Actors always have the feeling that they have to show something. This is especially true for actors, like me, who are still learning a lot. That's what I feel. 


--Especially, Soo-ho is an excellent judge, so you have come up with a lot of difficult technical terms, but was there any knack to learn?

Sometimes, there's something I always do as a rule. I have my own routine. I always make sure to memorize the lines by heart two days before we start shooting. Be sure to memorize the script, even if it is a temporary script. I think that memorization is very important to us. I forget about 24 hours after I memorize it completely.

However, if you forget it and memorize it again, you can really memorize it by turning it into long-term memory in your brain. I always take the process of forgetting it so that the lines naturally come out of my mouth when I match motions and perform. So I try to memorize them as quickly as possible, not as accurately as I can, so that I can learn them before I forget them. And finally, when I remember the line I forgot, it becomes my line. I'm always trying to protect that routine. Even if I have only one day, I check it by remembering that day and then remembering it again the next night.

Earlier, Professor Lee Seung Jae said this. Dialogue is the basic of the basics. To be honest, even if the lead actor makes a NG, the staff around me say he's busy, but it's really embarrassing. It is the basic of basics. If you don't prepare your lines, you can't play the main character. This is not my words, but Lee Seung Jae's words. It's basic. Whatever way you use it, you must remember the lines.


Do you like women with a strong sense of justice like Soeun? "I like women who work hard"

--Are there any similarities between Kang-ho and Soo-ho who were played and yourself?

I have been told by others that if I become a real judge, I will look like Soo-ho. He is rational and acts according to the manual. I thought so. I think that's why I was able to enjoy playing Kang Ho as if he was someone else. Actually, I think there shouldn't have such a judge like him (laughs).

The judge is open and honest, and must not be swayed by emotions. Even if you discipline a bad guy under the name of justice, this method is wrong. But I hope that I and the viewers although these aren't real, I'm hoping for a funny person like Kang-ho to make a worse judgment and take revenge than the bad guys. I mean, I wanted to show you a cool development. So I tried to play a messy character when I played Kang-ho.

Soo-ho really acted as the ideal person I think. I think Suho and I have similar manual appearances. Kang-ho was a very different person, that he acted as he wanted. I think there is a manual for everything.

There are manuals that can fix you when you get off the road, not a manual that binds you. Everything comes with responsibility. It reminds me of responsibility, but it can also lock me up. It's not possible in reality, but it was fun because Kang-ho realized that. I also want to defeat the bad guys in the world, but it was fun because Kang-ho did it for me.

--How did you feel about acting with Lee Yoo Young, who played Song Soeun?


Until now, I've been blessed with actresses who I've acted with. Although the strengths vary depending on the person, I think the best compliment is that she is good at acting. If you are good at acting, it is interesting to watch your conterpart's acting even when you are shooting, and I am wondering how you will perform.

Even if the camera is spinning, it is not the tension of the camera, but the sensation of the other person's performance is interesting and exciting. That makes me nervous. It's a wake-up feeling. I get nervous when the other person plays in the first shot in the morning. Yoo Young was an actress who made me feel the joy of acting. It gave me the most basic fun.

--Kang-ho and So-Eun had the worst meeting. As you were working together, a special feeling emerged. What do you think Kangho was attracted to Soeun?

I think it's just a sense of justice. Her strength. Kangho doesn't really look strong, but he pretends to protect himself. I lived while defending myself like a hedgehog so that I would not lose even if someone bullied me. He met a really strong person.

And I was fascinated by the beauty inside of that strength. I think Kangho was attracted to her belief that was full of conviction. Rather than feeling lovable, the person who pretended to be a strong person met a really strong person. He is also the person Kangho depends on, so in the poster, Soeun is back hugging the law while looking back at Kangho. I felt it was their love.

--Soeun endured the harassment from senior prosecutors, had a brave side, and was impressed by her earnest and hard work. Kangho relied heavily on Soeun, but do you like hard-working women? I want to support you when I see you like this! What do you think?

I like it very much. Everyone is weak, isn't it? I am the same. I want to be a strong person. I think that in order to become stronger, it depends on what you have to protect, your beliefs, and what is in your heart. People are weak, but when they show their strength, they are shining and wonderful. Not in a rough and aggressive sense. I also fluctuate many times a day, so I think it would be cool to meet a strong person. I want to be next door and I want to learn together. So even now, when I look at a strong person or a person who is unshakable, I crush.


――Are there any scenes you were looking forward to playing?

The scene I was looking forward, that was both fun and worrisome was the little stupid scene in court. I was really curious about what it would look like. It was so funny when I read it in the script. There was also pressure that I had to act well. For my performance in that scene, I was disappointed because it was my performance, but I felt relieved because it looked so stupid.

What if there were two of you? "I want to to take turns while doing activities (laughs)"

――If there is another person who looks exactly like you and you can ask him, what would you like to him to do?

I'd like you to help when shooting all night or when I'm in the main scene. In the meantime, I'd go to bed and go to the bathroom (laughs). When I'm  in the action scene, I want him to replace me. Sounds good. Two people work together. One is a character with a bad personality, the other is an angel character. One person lives on his own and pretends to be one when I don't want to manage the image. I can't do that in reality, so I want to live humbly. Always be kind and humble. Always be thankful for what I have and I want to live while reflecting on myself 

――Please tell us your favorite scene and why.

In front of the court, there is a scene in which Kangho was crying for an apology while self reflecting for the first time. We always reach out to the law to "help" when we are in crisis of our lives. The way we think is always calm and cool. But that's how Kangho sheds tears.

If the law makes you shed tears, this may not be the right answer, but there are times when you want us to cry for us or be a parasol in the hot sun. It's a very fantasy expression, but I felt relieved in that scene. It touched my heart, and I wanted to cry as much as I could. I wanted to see him that way.

――Are there any lines that left an impression on you?

In the ending of episode 1, there is a scene where the line saying "I will make a judgment" will be heard when I'm sweating and nervous. It's a scene that changes to the expression "I can do whatever I want", and I think that was the point of this drama. That he should do it as he thought.

--Are there any ad libs? What kind of scene is it?

Adlib is an essential element in a drama. However, I think that different people have different perspectives. My priority is how well I understand the script and how to express it in depth. I'm still trying to concentrate in that aspect. Right now, I want the ability to understand the script 100%. But one day, I also want to become an Adlib king like Sung Dong Il.

--Please tell us about the shooting, such as the story behind the scenes and memories of your free time.

It's a scene of climbing on a roller coaster. It was over 20 meters high, but I actually went up to shoot it. I went up with the camera director, myself and the substitute for Yoo Young. The director would go up and went up together. Yoo Young came up because he was fine in high places, but I stopped. Yoo Young shot in a slightly safe place, and I was the only substitute. It's a trivial episode, right? (Lol). That's how I filmed.

I couldn't get up with a big camera, so there are actually scenes I took with my mobile camera. Looking at the whole scene in the highest place, the image quality was a bit rough because it was taken with a smartphone camera. This is the behind story of the drama. It was so high that I couldn't get up with the camera. I don't usually bother to ride on screaming attractions.

Do you recommend it to Japanese friends? "I love monjayaki..."

--Please tell us the highlights of this work.

It's like breaking all of the courtroom dramas after they've been thoroughly made. It is an action drama of Kangho in which talented actors who have a sense of trust, authority, profoundness and power that can make you feel like a real court, creates drama and destroys it. I think that is the key point.

――You often hold fan meetings in Japan as well. When you come to Japan, do you have anything to eat and places to go?

I like monjayaki. It takes a lot of work, but the taste makes you want to eat it. It's delicious, but it takes a lot of time. I have to wait until it's baked and then eat it little by little. I wanted to eat the rice cake below, not the one above. You also have to eat it little by little rather than peeling it off at once. Sometimes, I, a Korean, show them around to Japanese friends who are not from Tokyo. "Don't you know about Monja-yaki?" Let's go eat!" I like Japanese food in general. I like okonomiyaki too. In Korea, I like spicy stir-fried chicken, but even if it's a little troublesome, I like to cook and eat together. Monjayaki and okonomiyaki. I like that kind of food.

--Please give a message to all Japanese fans.

I'm actor Yoon Shi Yoon. This time, we would like to say hello to all of you, "Dear Judge." It's a work that happened many times. It contains sweat, effort, tears, and stories of many actors, all of which are expressed through Kangho. I think you can enjoy the fantasy of bad judge, which doesn't make sense or is impossible in reality. Please enjoy the thrilling and refreshing court battle drama "Dear Judge".




Source: https://news.kstyle.com/m/article_amp.ksn?articleNo=2141552&articleNo=2141552&

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korea_mof IG update:

I am actor Yoon Shi Yoon,  K·FISH ambassador. Appointed by Minister Moon Sung Hyuk of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. 


Who are committed to responding to Corona 19. For your hard work, we express gratitude and respect. ⠀ 

And, you are having a hard time with Corona 19 We will always support the marine fisheries.






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1 hour ago, _gillianne19_ said:

It's Children's Day yesterday


Oh thats why his kfans were posting his childhood pics... the video is so cute. He still has the same expression :lol:


MOA Ent IG update:

"After a long time, Yoon Si-yoon's paparazzi cut.
What is cool about this?"


Finally an update. Everything is cool! This is Train filming, most probably.


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MOA ent IG update:

"Yoon Shi Yoon, a man with camera!
Though you can't see his face, but you can still see his handsomeness."

Definitely they shot a scene for Train. There's fake blood on his head. Siyoonie really likes taking photos ;D


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  • Jillia changed the title to Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤

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