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Sorry if I had to put this without the spoiler tag as it's Off topic, but I nearly had a heart attack when Google asked for my email add when logging in to Soompi. I thought I lost my account. Feel free to answer me in spoiler tags or maybe PM. I just really have to post this cause I didn't know if it's just me.

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Honestly this show is on an obscure channel and weird time so I am not sure we will get Eng subs on it. Will see how it goes I guess.  :huh:



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Hopefuly after near about 1 year  from gp broadcasting the news about it are fresh and still hot. The events show the leads both like to attend in  and always they both are present at them. 

Even the detailes are attractive to get followed by the communities and medias as below article about their style while departing to Japan. ♥️



part of the article:

*Yoon, Shi Yoon and Jin Se Yeon "Airport Fashion" Couple version, still after the end of "Grand Prince" *
Yoon Shi Yoon and Jin Se Yeon, the leads of "Grand Prince", showed once again shining chemistry on their departure for Japan promotion on the 28th. . 
Yoon Shi Yoon in light and Jin Se Yeon in a heavy and cold sore look. The temperature difference is divided into pole and pole.






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Yoon Sik-yoon "When I'm dating, I'm stupid and obsessed


Enter the article 2019.02.19 3:35 pm
[Seoul Newspaper En]
Part of the article:
YoonSiYoon boasts the aspect of 'straight man'. 
Yoon said, "Yes. I seem to have an obsession that I have to do my best when I am dating. " "Regardless of the other person's thoughts, I think I'm going straight to fighting alone," he adds. 




I hope someday he could date with someone who deserves and recognizes his loving spirit.  ♥️

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Talking about Your Honor.  Footage also from Masquerade (Redone now in The Crowned Clown which is currently airing).  Not about Mirror of the Witch. 


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Yoon Si-yoon "Bathroom event for girlfriend, bathing cherry blossoms in bathtub" Confession of MC Yoon Si Yoon


Part of the article about MBN's new entertainment program Love DNA:


MC Yoon Si Yoon confesses, "I had a bathtub event for my girlfriend." 

At the time of recording, Yoon said, "My girlfriend wanted to see the cherry blossoms, so I put a bag of cherry leaves that fell off at dawn." "I filled up the water in the house bath and laid the leaves of the cherry blossoms. . 

Yoon, however, confessed that "the problem was that the sewage was blocked because of the petals and the water was drained." 




Haha lol , he is such a romantic lover though maybe the result would be embarrassing and unexpected! :))


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Hi ! Another Yoon Shi Yoon fan .






Yoon Shi Yoon Talks About How Romantic Surprise He Prepared For Past Girlfriend Went Wrong

Feb 20, 2019
by E. Cha

While filming the premiere of his new variety show “Dating DNA Laboratory X” (literal translation), Yoon Shi Yoon shared an amusing story from a past relationship!

“Dating DNA Laboratory X” is a new MBN talk show about dating and romance that will give viewers the chance to send in concerns about their love lives. Actor Yoon Shi Yoon will be hosting the program as the show’s main MC, while Boom, Dal Shabet’s Subin, Shin Bong Sun, Hong Hyun Hee, GREE, and more will serve as celebrity experts who will discuss the guests’ concerns and offer dating advice.

During the show’s very first shoot, Yoon Shi Yoon responded to one of the viewers’ stories by revealing that he had once prepared a special surprise for a girlfriend—only to have things take an unexpected turn for the worse.

“I once had a similar experience preparing a surprise for a girlfriend,” he recalled. “My girlfriend said that she wanted to see the cherry blossoms [in the park], so I went out late at night and gathered enough cherry blossom petals to fill an entire bag.”





He went on, “I filled the bathtub with water and dropped in the cherry blossom petals that I had gathered. [When she saw it], she was so happy.”

As the other hosts expressed their amazement at Yoon Shi Yoon’s thoughtful surprise, Yoon Shi Yoon added, “The problem was that after the surprise, I drained the water, but the flower petals clogged up the pipes.”




To hear more about Yoon Shi Yoon’s love life, tune in to the premiere of “Dating DNA Laboratory X” on February 20 at 11 p.m. KST!

Source (1) (2)


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It seems this pic is in a cafe and as always his handsomeness and youthful face and more his nice and warm manner surprises the people who meet him in person...:blush:


A pic from "Immortal Lover" program :wub:


Siyoon in Gag Concert show... :heart:


Very welcome @shiillaah ... thanks for the article... :thumbsup:


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I want to know more! 
Interview with Korean TV drama vol.89 Shi Young starring the drama "The best one - 
Time and space (beyond)" "posting subscription The postcard is also 




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