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@nemokama Problem with movies is that it is often a long wait from production to airing on the big screen.  Most take over a year. So I won't hold my breath for it to appear any time soon.  :mellow:


"I hope we can keep cheerful atmosphere here".


O yes - we're one big happy family :D. No doubt about that. Now that order has been restored and rules restated I am sure our shared love for Mr Yoon will heal all wounds :).


Mung Bean Flower is building momentum as more are added to the cast.  The bulk of which were from the original cast of 6 Flying Dragons (same PD) and that drama was highly successful.  Let's hope it translates to Mung Bean Flower too.

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Hello everyone! I've been a silent reader of this forum for a few days now and I can't help but share some thoughts. I'm trying to back read all the post up to the very first one. I'm a new fan, it's

12 hours ago, nemokama said:

Hi guys!, Been on hiatus on this forum for a while.B) Well, In any case I keep myself updated and I hope we can keep cheerful atmosphere here ^_^. By the way guys, is there any news about Yoon Shi Yoon's movie Private Woman? When will it air?


By the way, i don't know if this been shared in this forum but I still want to share it. :D
Warning: It's an old video.




THANK YOU for the video. YSY looks so younger and cute. Yup, though being along with some trauma it was WORTH it and we didn't let more DEVELOPING of created TENSIONS. 

d.dabong :thumbsup:


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@nrllee same names can't be helped in SoKor entertainment industry I guess. Having limited names to give to their child, I'm not wondering why some Kpop group's members opting to have stage name like single letters or their English name. Like Lee Minho of Boys over Flowers fame, there's also a Lee Minho a younger one (1995) who I guess was used to be in a kpop group, he was in Moon Embracing The Sun. I wonder where he is. And Kim Soohyun, there is Claudia Kim (her English name) and screen writer Kim Soohyun.


Waiting for the new episode of 2d1n to be available here. It's been 3 yrs? So it's been 3yrs for me too. The Cha siblings made me watch more of 2d1n even the previous episodes then but then came YSY and I haven't watched the other older episodes of 2d1n


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Actors Who Boggled Our Minds With Their Dual Roles

Feb 1, 2019
by L. Kim

It’s hard enough playing one character in a drama/movie, let alone two.

However, there are some actors who portrayed two characters so perfectly that their characters seemed like two different people.


Here are a few actors who did full justice to their double roles:


8. Yoon Shi Yoon

In “Your Honor,” Yoon Shi Yoon played both Han Kang Ho and Han Su Ho, twins brothers with different lives. The former is five-time-convicted criminal-turned-judge, and the latter is an intelligent judge who has disappeared. Thanks to his brilliant acting, the drama often aired No. 1 in its time slot.






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2 hours ago, stroppyse said:

I would think that this younger Yun Si Yun would be disadvantaged to the more established actor Yoon Shi Yoon of this thread. Perhaps if this younger YSY starts to get some success, he will consider changing his name to something else since that is pretty common to do amongst Korean entertainers.


Or you could argue that perhaps wannabe idol YunSiYun was born with that Hangul name (to be verified) seeing our Yoon ShiYoon was originally Yoon DongGu until debut:lol:.


Nice of you to drop by.  See you in the MBF drama thread.   :)

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Haha...What a lively coincidence! ... when I saw below posts I was in my winter break and the scene motivated me trying similar snowslipping and having indeed a warming exciting experience :blush: ... I owe this memorable holiday to lovely Mr. Yoon who always causes possitive feelings and motivations... :star:


As such motivation that made@Jelve edit this musical post of his heart delighting slipping ... :heart:



His warming smile makes you not feel the cold... :wub:




Though maybe I'm late, Happy Lunar New Year for those who celebrate this holiday.:)


@kamila01 what a good news... Congratulations my dear... thank you sharing your happiness with us ... wish all your exams have such perfect results... :):kiss_wink:


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@Maryam THANKS, yup it was a GREAT achievement but there is still a long way for MORE. YSY was HELPING. :lol: His HARD WORKING, everyone say. 

Such a BEAUTIFUL winter holiday! I can imagine your EXCITING SCENERY. THANKS for SHARING , It is MOTIVATING! I'll  try in my break too.  YSY is smt EXHILARATING!:D



My babe has WARM SMILE, and ENORMOUS CHARM ! :wub:




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Thank you @Go Seung Ji for wiping the slate clean.


It is a well known fact that YSY loves to cook.  And he likes to cook for his friends, often inviting them over to his place to whip up a meal for them.  I wonder if he can cook Japanese/Chinese dishes too?  :)  



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  • Guest changed the title to Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤

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