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Wow, seems he's improved his dance skill ... I think in below vidcut he's dancing arabic and did that great :D ... Haha , when his naughty mood gets awake he reveals  much more of his funny performance skills ... :tongue:


Welcome dear @majic , most of us have  the same experience of falling in the magic of Mr. Yoon as you ,making  us addicted to him and feeling hard passing even one day without about him ... :wink:   :wub:

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Hello everyone! I've been a silent reader of this forum for a few days now and I can't help but share some thoughts. I'm trying to back read all the post up to the very first one. I'm a new fan, it's

From Huangjisoo   He's going back to Korea tonight!

I rewatch barefoot friends ep which they did an audition for their special concert last nite..

Still made me laugh with his antics..even the judges gave harsh comment he can gave witty remarks..

He has talent for variety and i hope many can see that 

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19 hours ago, blackberrypie said:
YSY in China. Think he's flying back Chengdu->Korea on 31st Aug. Wonder what he's doing in China? Is it the same project as his India and Japan trip?


Hmm really a mystery!

Anyway the IG poster is so cute saying YSY is still very good looking.

He is kind and nice to the fans and even ask where they are from. I guess they must have said where in China.

YSY then jokingly said he is from Korea, the furthest of them all! :lol:





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Wow! Thank you for the updates.

He is looking great as ever! :wub:

Chinese fans said that he is shooting something like a travel documentary. Maybe his recent trip in India has something to do with this project too. I'm so excited to see him in a different light, like a documentary. I hope subtitles will be available.

Have a happy and great weekend everyone! :)

Well, surely our weekends are always great, because we get a dose of him on 1N2D every Sunday. :D


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Wow... I guessed he would seem gorgeous in such style, but now i find him even much better than my expectation! :flushed: ... just there is one fault ; the absence of a beautiful bride next to him ! :tongue: ... haha really  he lookes like a very good looking groom , of that kind that any girl dreams of and wishes for ... :wink: :wub:



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