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Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤 | [Upcoming Drama 2021] You Raise Me Up 유 레이즈 미 업


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[Mung Bean Flower], Full-scale blackening of Yoon Shi Yoon, the world made a boy into a blood beast

SBS Captured photos 





Finally Yoon Shi Yoon And Jo Jung Suk Broke Apart


SBS captured photos 






"Revenge, more desperate revenge" ... 'Mung Bean Flower' , Yoon Si Yoon's Creeping 180 degrees reversal


Broadcasted screenshot photos







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Captured photos of MBF ~ the intense scenes are growing up :o







Unfortunately the rating is dropping down :(


Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2019-04-26 1 7.2% - 8.6% (9th) 10.1% (8th)
2019-04-26 2 9.5% - 11.5% (5th) 13.2% (3rd)
2019-04-27 3 - - 6.5% (15th) 7.3% (12th)
2019-04-27 4 6.8% - 8.6% (9th) 9.5% (6th)
2019-05-03 5 6.7% - 6.6% (14th) 7.2% (12th)
2019-05-03 6 8.3% - 8.8 %(6th) 9.8% (5th)
2019-05-04 7 6.2% - 6.8% (9th) 8.1% (6th)
2019-05-04 8 7.4% - 8.1% (6th) 9.4% (3rd)
2019-05-10 9 6.8% - 7.4% (9th) 8.6% (8th)
2019-05-10 10 7.7% - 8.6% (7th) 9.9% (5th)
2019-05-11 11 7.4% - 8.1% (6th) 9.9% (5th)
2019-05-11 12 8.0% - 9.1% (4th) 10.9% (3rd)
2019-05-17 13 7.0% - 7.0% (13th) 8.2% (10th)
2019-05-17 14 8.2% - 8.4% (7th) 9.5% (6th)
2019-05-18 15 6.3% - 6.5% (14th) 7.4% (9th)
2019-05-18 16 6.8% - 7.7% (8th) 8.6% (5th)





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@Minoo Maani don worry,  according to this article the rating respectively has raised :thumbsup:


[DA: audience rating] 'Mung Bean Flower' obtained Highest rating



The ratings for the 17th and 18th broadcasted episodes were 7.1% (nationwide 6.0%) and 8.3% (nationwide 7.1%), respectively, based on Nielsen Korea's metropolitan area. The highest audience rating reached 9.23% at the end. 




MBF OST part 3


moa_ent update



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Rediscovering Yoon Si Yoon without end of 'Mung Bean Flower'


[TV report = Shinnara reporter] 'Mungo flower' Yoon Si Yoon's eyes are catching the audiences. 


The audience responded to Yoon Si Yoon who is playing hot in the cruel fate, saying, "Yoon Si-yoon is so good, he acted so well", making the person horrified . The deep acting of Yoon Si-yoon caused viewers to engage and immerse emotion with the drama. 




Some captured photos of ysy in Mung Bean Flower 











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Our playful ysy at the background made a rap-like motion in front of a fan~ he makes entertaining performance at break time :lol:






Actor Yoon Shi Yoon encouraged the shooter. 
He takes a rap-like motion and makes a laugh. Yoon, who does not lose his laughter in hot weather, catches the eye.




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Baek Yi-Hyun (Yoon Si-yoon), who was in danger of losing his life and was on his way to death could run away in a hurry and was saved by his brother.






Other captured pics of ysy in Mung Bean Flower 










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Mung Bean Flower/ Nokdu Flower episode 13 preview 




I can feel his emotional damage :cry: :heartbreak:


Silent but too sad :tears:



Other scenes






I don't know just I have this problem with loading soompi or others have too? It is very heavy and slow.

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'Mung Bean Flower', Yoon Shi Yoon is catching a good reputation for his delicate acting in dramatic change. 


He who had cool face on the gun  as if he doesn't feel any emotion at all, in this scene shows deep sadness and his broken heart :((





The stronger the wind, the stronger him



So heartbreaking his crying face :'((




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