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Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |♥| Upcoming Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in May 2021

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, what's in a name? I love discovering the stories behind a person's name and why their parents chose it. sometimes, these stories can be very interesting.

To the most handsome guy in South Korea, wishing you a very happy birthday! Always be happy and healthy! Good luck on your upcoming drama! ❤❤❤❤     https://www.

OH MY GOD!! Thank you so much, dear @Lmangla chingu!!! I love how you re-organized his info in an interesting manner. I am so happy to see my love on Thread Spotlight!!! We are so grateful to you!!! R

2 hours ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:


Whats ur favourite moments of daniel and eun bin??? Like the sweetest moments @gm4queen @Pyar @gladys0710


Srry for the late, dear!! :) I had to prepare my answer for your question & finally here I go!

These are my fav moments of Daniel & Eun BIn!! :blush:


  • This is my very 1st fav scene of them! He is looking so softly at her :) His eye gaze is full of emotions!!! And you know what he must have been thing there..??!! "You are the cure to my broken heart".... Oh realy, Dan..??! :D



  • This my 2nd fav scene of them! I think in here, we can see her affection for him in her eyes :love: They are sparkling in his presence before her! OUr guy is so looking rascal here, isn't he..??! :D



  • Wow... This is my most fav scene of them! Their eyes are saying it all! :huh: They can't live without each other! And she can't live without him.... :heart: But he's afraid of getting close to her because he's not a human anymore :tears: Both love & sadness in one frame!!! 



  • And I love both angles in this scene! Their side profile & their front profile... They match each other effortlessly! And he is madly in love with her & isn't afraid anymore of letting her feel his love for her!!!! :heart: What a beautiful feeling..???! 





  • This is the last fav scene of my list, dear!! His facial expressions are excellent & it's so clear in his eyes that he was longing to be with her!!! :) Holding her so tightly in his arms & never let her go away from him!!! :love: 






And now, I want to ask you something, dear... Is love this beautiful when it actually happens..??! :heart: With these two lovebirds, I think it certainly is!!!! :) I can feel love in the air.... :love:

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32 minutes ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:

No its okay @gm4queen


I love ur decisions its soooooo excitement and beautiful 

Yes it would be sooooo beautiful if daniel cast in man who bake cake as a lead man and its would soooooo cute

if they r dating later soon i hope sure this is definitely the beautiful moment ever. They are perfect match to each other and i really love it. These two couple are very different to other couples idk why its feel sooo different

And im certain when daniel says during 'radio apart' i will tried to answer that later on next time on radio apart. When the fan ask him if he was a girl and would date lee dail and i remember

u posted something last 4 pgs on this site 


Thanks a lot for liking my long comment, dear! :)


And of course dear... You are so right! Dan & Eun Bin perfectly match each other & they are so different from other couples or we feel something different about them more than anyone else! :heart: I am also surprised that why we are so addicted to them like crazy.... ! I think they are like a drug, the ore you have the more you get addicted!!! :) I think that's the problem with us!


And for the past few years, songsong couple were the lead but they are an older couple. Song hye kyo is nearly 40 now but Eun Bin is only 27 :o Both Dan & Eun Bin are so young in age & at heart!!! :love: And that's one fact that I love so much about them.....  :) Young love is the most passionate love in the world!!!


And hehehe.... Our boy is smart at skipping questions.... When he was asked by a girl fan whether he'd date Lee Da Il if he were Joeng Yo Wool, then he simply said, "I will tell you the answer next time... Just wait" :w00t:

And why do I feel that he himself knows something about his heart..??! By chance, is he really in love with her???! I really sense so dear... I dunno myself why! :lol: :o :heart: ! 

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50 minutes ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:

@gm4queen same song hye kyo is so much older than her husband song joong-ki, i d like when she is way too old than him. Between eun bin and daniel ages are not sooo bad they are perfectly fix. I know they r young love 

Yeh i really want to know what he is saying what do u mean next time..... when next time just say it now. Plus i want him to say something from his heart what he totally want. Cant wait in future


Of course dear..... :lol: 

Oh YYyayYY!!! This is really hopeful, isn't this..???! :love: We will definitely have a hint from the man himself in the future!

We really have to persuade him in to another Vlive Radio Apart & we are all done!!! :D


And thanks a lot for this gif dear.... You are so sweet! :heart:

And guess what, she is in danger & he was with her!!! And then she assured both with holding his hand that he can protect her from ham & she's yearning for him to protect her!!! :o

What a beautiful moment that she depended on him even though he's not a human, but a ghost who can't even touch anyone & anything! :ph34r:

She really wants to be with him & not to let hurt him! :love:




And I love this as well dear.... :)

She just pull her shoe towards her a bit & he had to come even more closer in order to tie her shoe laces!!! :heart:

She is so in love with him.... :love: :love: :love: :love:

And what if he disappeared forever at the end of the series...???! She'd gone mad looking for him :unsure:

 So it's a relief that he returned to her even as a ghost!!!



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11 minutes ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:


If he was disappeared i would cry and felt sorry for eun bin bc she just says she can't live without him. Yes its relief that he returned to her but its okay as a ghost. Also daniel is sooo sweet to her bc he wanted her to live a normal life and sleep and eat well he  doesn't wanted her to involve in this dangerous case. But eun bin still caring for him. She only wanted to care for him. 


So so so true dear!! I totally agree with you on this one....

She wanted to protect him at any cost because he was the last living person that she loves!! :bawling: I am so crying here...!!!!


9 minutes ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:


This scenes is funny when daniel told her there r 4 reason u cant come with me. @gm4queen what if eun bin would go with him what would happpen will eun bin get hit by the hammer. 


He he he.... That's why we call him a detective, dear!! :D

He has a great sense of humor & instinct which is fully fit for a real detective! :rolleyes: 

And oMo... He is talking nonstop as he's giving her 4 reasons!!! :hushed: How can he remember all those lines at once..??! 


3 minutes ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:



Why r u guys like this :love:

Didn't u guys already touches each other. :joy:



Ooops... I am laughing so hard for your words dear!! :D Don't you think it's too harsh for our lovebirds..???! :w00t:

Seriously, she wasn't expected that the guy she believes would turn out to be a murderer!!!! :ph34r: Then she left his hand...

She only wants her innocent love, not a villainous love!!! :tears:


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6 minutes ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:

So true, "its too harsh for our lovebirds" i was just joking its just sooo cute:joy:


He he he... It is dear!! They are so cute & how can we ever blame them..???! :)


And you are a super funny fangirl of Daniel, dear!! :lol: I am extremely happy that I invited you here...

And we rock this thread!!! Only 40 pages for 200!!!!! YYAYYY!! :heart: I love this happy vibe so much!!!!

Let's have so much fun here & you have to do your studies well too... Please don't let this joy interrupt your studies ever dear!!! :) Then I'd be broken down because I am the one who invited you here!!... :bawling:

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  • gm4queen changed the title to Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |♥| Upcoming Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in May 2021

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